1,000+ Money Saving Ideas From The Great British Public

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The BBC recently asked visitors to its website for their best money saving ideas, and the Great British public duly responded.

But as is usual with these sorts of request to such a wide audience, not only did the BBC receive some decent money saving tips, but they also ended up with many humourous, silly, anti-Government, anti-pretty much everything else rants, almost to the point of making the whole exercise a little pointless, as it’s difficult to filter the proper tips from the rubbish.

But fear not – some poor BBC moderator has been through the 1,000+ “tips” to highlight some of the better ideas.

If you’re interested in reading the whole thing, you can view it here – there’s even an RSS feed of new additions if you want to keep up to date with the latest entries, otherwise, just cut to the chase and view the best money saving ideas the British public can come up with.

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