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Many people have used eBay to either buy the odd cheap item or sell a bit of unwanted stuff.

But if you want to do some serious eBaying, either in looking for items at a bargain price, or you want to be a power seller looking to earn a few more quid through the auction site’s marketplace, then the chances are you’ll want to use some of the many eBay tools that are available to you to help you out, either helping with item searches or automating some of the manual processes.

TechRadar has listed the 10 killer apps for eBay sellers and buyers, some are little-known free tools provided by eBay themselves, others are third-party applications that can cost money. But even where you’re paying out, in the long run they should help you save or make even more from your buying and selling.

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5 thoughts on “Top 10 Ebay Tools

  1. Online shopping is fun and eBay is a great place where we get the chance to bid but except for smaller goods I’ve still not tried the bigger ones because of shipping hassles. Thanks for the apps I’ll definitely check the sites.

  2. I thoroughly recommend

    I enter the details of an item I am looking for, and the site will send me an email (or SMS) as soon as an item is listed (for a buy it now) or within 5 minutes of an auction ending. This allows me to then go and grab a bargain.

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