Think Christmas Comes Too Early? Join The “MCC”

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There seems to be a growing number of people getting fed up with the onset of Christmas shopping from about August onwards, and quite frankly, who can blame them?

It’s a bit of a cliché that Christmas items appear in the shops earlier and earlier each year, but that’s probably because it’s true. I’m one of the people who thinks all talk of Christmas should be banned before November (or 1st December, if I’m really honest), but it’s not for religious reasons – who really wants to have to deal with wrapping paper and tacky Christmas decorations when we’re still trying to enjoy the last few weeks of our summer? Not me.

Plus with kids it just adds another excuse for them to go on and on about what they want us to break the bank to buy them, along with the destruction of the Argos catalogue as they circle everything from Barbie dolls to ironing boards.

Anyway, there’s now a mystery militant movement of anti-early-Christmas campaigners calling themselves (or possibly his/herself, as it could be just one person) the “Movement for the Containment of Christmas“, which has so far taken action against a few Leeds businesses.

Whilst many would agree with the sentiment, the nature of the action the movement has taken against the businesses won’t win many friends, as they appear to have hit charity shops and smaller retailers, when there’d be more support if some of the bigger retailers were targeted.

From the Daily Mail, via Bitterwallet.

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