Kublax Lives!

It would appear that the stories of Kublax’s demise were greatly exaggerated, as they’ve today announced that they are to continue trading thanks to an injection of cash from SimplyFinance.

Kublax was due to delete all customer data today, after it went into administration earlier in the week. But they’ve just sent an email to their users including the following:

We are very happy to report that we are currently in advanced discussions with a UK based consumer finance website, SimplyFinance, to find a way to keep the Kublax site up and running. As a result, our service will not shut down today as we had initially feared, and we will be working very closely with SimplyFinance to arrive at a long term solution which will allow us to keep the Kublax site and services available to you indefinitely.

So have SimplyFinance managed to pick up the site for a fraction of its previous price? And how will current users take the news that they’ve been rescued – I should imagine that those who haven’t already moved elsewhere will be a little apprehensive about continuing with the service.

More news is due on Monday.

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