Money4Gold Told To Change Advert

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Money4Gold have had one of their lovely adverts criticised by the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA), who have asked them to change it before it can be shown again.

The ad in question (not sure whether it is the one from Youtube below) received 6 complaints; 3 queried whether the amount of money shown next to a handful of gold was exaggerated, 1 viewer challenged the claim that Money4Gold pay more than any other national advertising gold buyer, and 1 viewer questioned the claim that Money4Gold will send you a cheque within 24 hours (not sure what happened to the other complaint, perhaps it was something to do with the awful dubbing of the ad?).

Sadly, only 1 of the 3 issues was upheld, although because of this ruling the ASA have told Money4Gold that they can’t show the advert in its current form.

Read the full ASA adjudication on the Money4Gold complaints.

Creative Commons License photo credit: BullionVault

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