Have Money4Gold Stolen Your Gold?

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You’d have done pretty well to miss the growing number of websites and shops offering to buy up your old gold for cash, and it’s fair to say that either because of the nature of the offer or the way these companies advertise themselves, none of them appear particularly trustworthy.

On our post Sell Your Gold In The Post, Mary left this less than complimentary comment on Money4Gold :

Having sold odd bits of gold locally, I decided to try “Money 4 Gold”. I had my gold valued by a local dealer first (valuation £400), Money 4 Gold were advertising that they double all valuations. I sent my gold off on 18 September 2009, and received a cheque for £91. I refused this cheque and requested that my gold be returned. I have been waiting for my gold to be returned to me ever since. I have been telephoning this company constantly since I returned their cheque, trying to get my gold returned to me. On my last phone call to Money 4 Gold I was offered double their valuation! But I again declined, and they stated that my gold was being returned to me – I’m still waiting. Why are these companies allowed to trade this way? They are effectively stealing from people, well they have stolen from me as they will not return my gold.

We’re hoping that this is just a case of a postal delay causing the delay, although on their website, Money4Gold say, in their “12 reasons to trust them”, that your items are traceable at every step.

We’d be interested in hearing about any other stories of problems with these cash for gold websites – after all, trust is everything when you’re sending valuables to a little known company. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

UPDATE 10/11/2009: Following the large amount of extremely useful comments we’ve had on this post, we’ve opened up a forum thread on the new Money Watch community forum.

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475 thoughts on “Have Money4Gold Stolen Your Gold?

  1. I too was interessted in seeing what money4gold would give me for some of my jewelry. The pieces I sent had been evaluated at just over 300 pounds for insurance purposes. I sent it off and within a few days received my cheque for 25 pounds! I was disgusted so immediately returned the cheque (by recorded delivery on the same day) On the 21st September I received an email saying that they had received my cheque and what had I been expecting for the items. I told them what they were valued at but said that I want the items back as i was appalled at the amount they had sent me. To date I have heard nothing from them. I have emailed them every single day, and phoned everyday (I can only get through to an answer machine and they have not returned one of my calls yet). Something should be done about this company. How can BBC allow them to advertise etc when they are clearly a huge scam. Basically this company has stolen my jewelry, and the police should begin an investigation regarding this. I have posted this to warn any one else of this scam and to perhaps find out what I can do to recover my jewelry.

  2. I used money4gold and received my cheque for £66.01 well below what I was expecting for at least 31grams of 9k. I have emailed them and informed them I will be sending the cheque back even if they did phone and offer me double it would still be well below what the scrap gold price per gram is. This company is offering well below the value. Go somewhere else to sell your scrap gold.

  3. Please do not use Money4Gold to sell your scrap jewellery. I recently sent them a 9ct rose gold bracelet valued at £166 by my local jeweller. I received an email from Money4Gold telling me that there was no precious metal in the package. I have tried to phone them and email them numerous times and following their USA phone line directions got Ulsterbank who had never heard of them! Following phone calls to the Police and Trading Standard and two recorded delivery letters (which they have signed for)my bracelet has not been returned. They have effectively stolen it. My only recourse is to the Small Claims Court. I also looked at their address on Google Maps and it is a derelict-looking building in the middle of countryside. Be warned.

  4. Sorry to hear you are also having problems with Money4gold. As said in my previous post, I have returned their cheque and have spoke to someone this morning at m4g she has told me they will send back my gold (approx within 10 days) via special delivery as soon as they have received the cheque back, their are stories all over the web of people trying to get their gold back without success, one of the suggestions I have read is to tell M4G you are going to contact BBC watchdog, the tonight programme, Working lunch, basically cause a stink through the media. If I do not receive my property back from them I’ll be causing as much of a stink as possible. In regard to Watchdog the more people who complain about the company the more chance they investigate it and the less chance of others being ripped off.
    Wishing you all the best!

  5. I eventually got through to a human being on their phone line Wednesday last week – was told that a manager would phone me back withing 2 days!!! well surprise surprise – no one has phoned yet. I feel that in this scenario we should all stick together and as Sharon said – contact as many media places as we can – they just cant be allowed to get away with this – we’re talking a lot of money at stake here. I’m going to email as many places (watchdog etc) as I can and hopefully something will be done about this bogus company. All I want is to have my jewelry returned to me and its disgusting that I cant even get that.

  6. From experience (Farepak campaign)I know if you want anything done you have to keep shouting. I would also suggest anyone unhappy about M4G then complaining to OFT is also a option, as is complaining to your local Mp, use the they work for you website because the site follows up to check your Mp is responding. Hopefully we will all get our property back and can warn everyone else not to use this company.

  7. Thanks for all of your comments everyone, we’ll do what we can to highlight the problem.

    To be fair to Money4Gold, if you do get your gold back or you manage to find out what’s been going on, please let us know.

    It would be good if they were monitoring the web to react to this kind of feedback, but so far they’ve been silent, so we can only present this (negative) side of the story.

  8. I sent several item’s of jewelry off on the 16th September to M4G and recieved a cheque back for £6 something!! could not believe the insult! sent the cheque back immediatley and have not heard anything since, dispite several phonecall’s.don’t know where to go from here after reading the other storie’s, perhap’s watchdog could take the case up for us?

  9. Caroline I would phone them again, ask if your gold has been posted, ask for the tracking number, see what they say. Mention you will take further action if you do not receive your property back.
    I phoned yesterday morning and was told they will return my property within 10 days of receiving the cheque, which should arrive there this morning (recorded delivery) They told me they send out the gold by the way it was sent, which as we all know is special delivery.

    @ Rob I will post on here every step of the way, I feel its the only way other consumers will learn about this company and its actions and the more of a stink we cause the more chance we have of getting back our own property.

  10. Thanks Sharon – “within 10 days of receiving the cheque” just sounds far too long to me – no wonder people are worried about what’s happened to their gold.

  11. It does seem a long time Rob, if it is true and they send it via special delivery as they have told me, it would be able to be tracked if they gave customers the ref no. I am going to email them this morning and ask for the number to be forwarded to me once they have despatched my property. In my view this gives them a fair opportunity to respond and act accordingly. Unfortunately in many cases it appears from reading other posts that 10 days has passed and customers have not received their property back.

  12. Yes, Sharon I agree with you and will be doing the same – posting every step of the way. @Rob, I sent my cheque back on the 18/9/09 Recorded delivery – they received it on the 21/9/9! Thats almost a month ago!!. I have still not got my jewelry back and cannot get anywhere phoning them etc. The bottom line is this company have stolen my jewelry and at this moment I dont hold out much hope of receiving my items back. I have sent an email to watchdog and am about to contact trading standards.

  13. @Rob Just been checking their website which says 15 days to receive back your gold. Royal mail tracking informs me the cheque was received by M4G today. So fingers crossed!

    Can I just also say I also sent some gold to a different company recommended by a few people on Moneysaving expert forums and have today received a payment for over £200, not all these companies are rip off merchants. If your desperate to sell your gold, check out MSE forums for other people’s views.
    @ Kathy I have to give M4G fair chance to send back my gold but did notice on their site they have JVC logo on their page, not sure if this covers the UK but maybe worth looking into, please let us know any responses you get from trading standards, watchdog ect.

  14. I contacted consumer direct yesterday to ask them to confirm which part of consumer UK law would cover this sort of transaction and subsequent problems. Our contract with money 4 gold is governed by the supply of goods act 1982. Your argument is that the trader has failed to use reasonable care and skill by failing to return the gold, as is the procedure described by their guarantee. To pursue the matter further you need to send a further recorded delivery letter demanding that they return your goods within 14 days. Consumer Direct have sent me a template letter if anyone needs it.

    They have also asked for Money4Gold’s trading address so they can report the matter to the relevant trading standards. However as said I still need to wait the 10-15 days as their guarantee states to allow them to send back my gold. This is obviously not the case for Kathy, Caroline and Julia or anyone else who is still waiting for their gold. Therefore can I suggest each person contacts consumer direct individually, the more complaints the better in my opinion!

    Tel: 08454 04 05 06

    Web: http://www.consumerdirect.gov.uk
    Their is a online form if you’d rather not phone them.
    Open: 8:00am to 6:30pm Monday to Friday, 9:00am to 1:00pm Saturday

    Hope this helps!

  15. Thanks Sharon. I also contacted Consumerdirect and was told to send a letter via recorded delivery which I have done this morning. I phoned Money4Gold once again and once again – answer phone!! I am waiting for a reply from trading standards and watchdog, but I only hope that there are enough people aware of the problems with this company to complain too, otherwise they will not take up this matter. This is so frustrating and upsetting to have to deal with a company who are obviously in breach of their contract. I just feel the same as if I had been burgled, actually worse because if that was the case I could have claimed against my insurance. This is so frustrating, I have a good mind to physically drive to their address and investigate as to what is going on there. I think in this case we really do need a lot of media coverage, as I wonder how many more people are going through the same as us at the moment. I will keep everyone posted on any replies etc that I receive.

  16. At least Kathy we know Consumer Direct have at least 2 complaints and they will pass the details to trading standards, although legally at present I can’t complain but I am going to reword the template letter and state that I expect to receive my gold back within the time stated otherwise they will be in breach of the 1982 act and I will take further action. Hopefully this will be enough in my case.
    I used money4gold via Quidco (cashback site)so I have also informed them of possible future problems for Quidco members who also used Money4gold, obviously its up to Quidco what they do in regard to the information I have given them. I have noticed a few other sites offering incentives to use money4gold and their are a lot of sites which ask for reviews of companies which would help in getting the message across to members of the public.
    Kathy I understand how frustrated and upset you feel, some companies do think they are the “big fish” and they can do whatever they want. However Consumers are much better protected by law, the sad thing is many will just accept how they have been treated and not fight back. In time Farepak customers will prove little fish do bite back, it can work and it may encourage others to do the same when they feel they have been unfairly treated.
    I do hope the letter you sent this morning works and you receive your property back. Got my fingers crossed! If I can help in anyway just give me a shout.

  17. I have just had my email from money saving expert, which mentions selling scrap gold so I went visiting their website and have read a post similar to what we are experiencing. I have left a response, suggesting contacting consumer direct.
    Unfortunately I am a newbie on that site so could not post a link to here so if anyone is a member and able to post links it would be a good opportunity to inform others of Money4golds actions.

  18. Mike, thanks for pointing that out – I haven’t noticed them, but I guess it’s a little hypocritical of me to have them on here, so I’ll try to filter them out.

  19. to put it bluntly… its quite obviously a scam isnt it. these adverts are popping up all over the place. take your gold to the jewellers, and sell it there. cuts out postage, and all 3rd party costs= more money in your pocket. i wouldnt trust anything valuable in the post, especially to a company that has only just started popping up!!

  20. I have published some of this this elsewhere, but thought that it may help those of you who wish to sell your gold.

    Firstly, shop around. As you have seen, certain postal firms are being accused of ripping customers off, so if you can have a price in your mind before approaching a gold buyer, then you have ammunition that will reinforce your haggling (for haggle you must)

    Okay – here’s how to make sure you don’t get ripped off. Go to any one of the websites (or Google apps) that tell you the daily price of pure gold. This will tell you the value of 24 carat gold per Troy ounce. There are approximately 31.1 grams in 1 Troy ounce, so if the price is (for example) £665 per Troy ounce, divide 665 by 31.1. This gives you the figure of 24 carat (pure) gold per gram. In this case it is £21.38. Then, if you are selling 9 carat gold, this is 37.5% pure, so multiply 21.38 by 0.375. In this case, this will give you a figure of £8.018 or nearly £8.02. Any gold buying institution that offers you eighty percent of this (£6.41) or over is (IMHO) playing very fairly indeed. They have to make their profits too or they would not be there to pay you for your unwanted jewellery.

    The same calculation can be adapted for 18 carat (75% pure) or any other carat – just know what carat gold you have, use your calculator and – above all – be prepared to haggle.

    I have to admit that, before becoming housebound, I used to buy and sell jewellery and antiques. This formula was invaluable to me and you would be surprised how many other dealers approached me, annoyed that I was playing fair with what had been – up until then – their customers.

    I despise those companies who rip customers off and will follow this site and others in the hope that someone somewhere forces the hand of at least one of these companies and compels them to play fair. Good luck to you who are trying.

  21. Thanks for that Mike, its good to know how they are supposed to work out the value of the gold. However, I think that the problem here (well I for one) is that Money4Gold wont send the items back even though in their Terms and Conditions it clearly states that the items will be returned if the cheque is returned to them within 10 days. I sent the cheque back on the same day I received it via recorded delivery so I know that they received it (3 days later), so they are in breach of contract here. The problem I am still having is getting them to return my items to me. I cant get hold of them on the phone, they dont return my messages and my emails are ignored. As Sharon suggested I contacted consumer direct and upon their suggestion I posted a letter to money4gold via next day recorded delivery (posted yesterday – I have tracked it and it was signed for at their address today) so lets see if I hear any thing from them. I’ll keep you all posted as to what happens. @Sharon – thanks again for all the advise and the lovely words of support. I really hope they keep to their promise and send your jewellery back.

  22. It is heartening to read that so many people are standing up for themselves. The gold and jewellery market was once dear to my heart and it upsets me to see so many companies preying on people.

    I would be inclined to approach the media with this problem and encourage one of the more flamboyant presenters to doorstep the companies. Try Watchdog or The One Show – Dominic Littlewood and his ilk seem to get good results.

  23. Hi Kathy

    Glad money4gold have received your letter. Lets hope that gives them a kick up their butt’s and they get your gold posted back to you straight away.

  24. i sent 18 grams of 9kt gold, i had it valued before i sent it at £78 someting, i sent it of to money4gold and they sent me a cheque for £6.45! i have sent the cheque back with a letter demanding to know what they think they are doing, ill post back if or when i get my gold back.

  25. Hi Joanna

    Sorry to hear your unhappy with money4gold like the rest of us.
    Can I ask if you sent the letter and cheque back recorded delivery? So you knew that it has been delivered and within their 10 days as they state in the guarantee.

    For example purposes only another company I’ve used would have paid on today’s price for 18g 9kt scrap gold £133 plus odd pence.
    Which shows how much of a rip off money4gold is.

    I’m sending off a letter tomorrow to money4gold, quoting the 1982 act as above even though the 15 days are not up yet, hopefully it will be enough of a warning shot to get them to return my property.

    Hope you get your gold back!

  26. Hello to all,

    I am feeling quite sick after reading all of your comments. I too have been taken in by this company. Eight days ago I sent them my gold. I work in a laboratory and have access to balances accurate to 0.000g. I weighed my gold very carefully, I sent in both 9ct & 18ct gold, and a small quantity of silver. In total weight 9ct 37.81g, 18ct 10.95g, 52g silver. Today, I received my cheque for £99.41. That is about 25% of current value of gold prices on offer from various other co.(approx). In other words I should have received over £460. I telephoned to complain, I asked for their calculated weight of the items. This DID tally with mine. After 10 minutes I called back, and said that I would like to have my gold sent back to me. The same lady answered the phone, and offered to double the price. I said that I was still not happy. She said that she would escalate my complaint and that they would call me back. They did with another offer of £298.23. I declined this offer too. I said that I was sending back my cheque by Special Delivery to ensure that it arrived with the 10 day return limit. I asked how long would it be before I received back my Gold items, she said 10 days.

    The cheque was already 2 days in from them sending it to me. This will be guaranteed delivery by Monday,19.10.09.

    I am now really worried about this situation. However I do have another telephone no. to offer to anyone who has not had any luck from their freephone no. This no. was from the last price offered to me. 0207 0700230. Good Luck!!

  27. Hi Lisa To be on the safe side I would write them a letter send it recorded delivery detailing the phone calls and the fact you have sent the cheque back. (keep a copy) I have read somewhere that if you don’t call them but return the cheque your gold may not be returned. However from my point of view their is nothing to stop them saying they have no record of a call.

    Fingers crossed for you as well

  28. Thanks for the alternate tel number Lisa – as I cannot get through on their free number – it just goes to answer phone. I really hope they stick to their promise and send your items back. I’m still waiting to hear from them – but believe me I am pestering them in every way I know how to. I only wish that I knew more about computers so that we could publish something warning people of this company and finding out how many more people there are out there that are in the same boat as us. As Sharon said the more of us that take this up with Watchdog etc the more likely we are of getting results. I for one cannot let this rest as this is blatant theft and it sickens me to think that they are getting away with it.

  29. Hi everyone,

    It was strangely comforting to read all your comments as I don’t feel quite such a fool as I did!! I thought I was the only one who had been scammed.

    A week ago, I received a phone call from M4G saying that they had ‘made a mistake’ and had had to involve ‘management’ to reassess my jewellery. I asked why it had taken so long to come back to me and the girl again said that it was their mistake and they were really sorry. She gave her name as ‘Joti/Joty’.

    She then said that my cheque was in the post and I have now received a cheque for £50.61. My bracelet was weighed by a jeweller before I despatched it and I was offereed £166 which equates to £5.35 a gram. This means that M4G are offering me £1.63 per gram, a derisory amount. I will now send their wretched cheque back to them by recorded delivery and hope that I receive my bracelet in return. I will also email Watchdog and the One Show as suggested. Will keep you updated re the outcome. PS. It’s worth having a look at the address on Google Earth (satellite picture) if you really want to frighten yourself!

  30. Hi Julia.
    I do know what you mean about it being “strangely comforting” to read other comments. I think its also a comfort knowing we are all here, not only trying to get our own property back but trying to stop other people from being affected also. We’ve got more of a chance collectively.
    Julia please ensure you phone them and tell them your sending back the cheque, in their faq on their site it does say:
    ” Q – What happens if I forget to call and return my cheque?
    A – In the event we do not receive a call from you and our cheque is returned within ten (10) days, we will process the property you have sent to us. Once processed, the property cannot be recovered.”

    They will probably use every excuse under the sun not to return property especially as they will be sitting with their cheque safely back in their hands.
    I also sent off a letter recorded delivery on Saturday reminding them of their obligations. They have absolutely no viable excuse not to return my property but I am sure they will think of something.
    Has anyone else complained to consumer direct yet?

  31. Hi everyone. Well I have still not heard anything from M4G!!! Julia I know what you mean – I too feel that I’m not alone and as Sharon said – collectively we might be able to get somewhere.I just hope that everyone on here thats having the same problems have contacted Consumer Direct. This company have to be stopped! Its heartwrenching to me that I will probably never see my jewelry again. BuI will not give up without a fight. Julia – I did look on Google earth (last week) and your right – its scary – their address looks like an abandoned farmyard! I feel that the police should be involved in this but I don’t know wether they will get involved. I’ll let you all know if and when I receive a reply from my last letter to M4G

  32. Thanks Mike your support is much appreciated. The only thing I think we haven’t done yet is see what and if the police would do something, from my own experience I know I can not go down this route until the 15 days have expired in which they could return my gold.
    However it would be handy for us all to clarify what steps we’ve all took so if anyone would like to confirm who they have contacted, we could then check if we have missed anything.

    I have received this morning a email from Money4gold, now before anyone thinks this maybe a positive please remember Money4gold have had several emails, phone calls and letters plainly explaining how I feel about their service. It is probably a standard email but I’m not one to waste a opportunity.

    Dear Sharon
    On behalf of the Money4GoldUK team we wanted to thank you for choosing Money4GoldUK to process your precious metals transaction. We sincerely hope that Money4GoldUK fulfilled its commitment to you by making the process fast and simple and that you were satisfied with the amount you received for your precious metals items.

    We hope that your experience using Money4GoldUK was a positive one! On a continuous basis we try to improve our process to make it better, faster and more user friendly. Your comments and suggestions help us do this. If you could take the time to reply to this email sharing some of your thoughts with us, we would appreciate it. Good, bad or indifferent, we want to know what we can do to better service our customers.

    Now that you see how easy it is to convert your unwanted or broken jewellery or precious metals items into cash, you will hopefully use our service again or refer a friend to us. If you have more items you would like to receive money for, please visit our website, http://www.Money4GoldUK.com or call our toll free number 0800 043 GOLD (4653) at any time to request another G-Pak.

    Money4GoldUK truly appreciates the opportunity to have completed your precious metals transaction. We hope you feel the same way and will use us again in the future.


    Needless to say I will be replying to their email!
    The question is do I include a link to this site and Mse or do I leave them oblivious to the action we have taken so far? As said previously the 15 days for them to return my gold has not expired yet. So apart from their low level of payouts I can’t complain about not receiving my property back, YET!
    Would it be better for you guys if they were unprepared when trading standards, watchdog or anyone else knocked on their farmhouse door. Or do we give them the chance to put things right by giving them a warning shot?
    Let me know your thoughts.

  33. You know, Sharon’s predicament clearly demonstrates that the British way of life conditions us to automatically assume honesty from business people. This perhaps is the reason that these people (the Internet/postal gold buyers) make so much from so many in a manner that is ultimately offensive.

    The email rang alarm bells in my head for a number of reasons. The first one was a particular phrase: “call our toll free number”. This Americanism screamed from the page and so I did a little detective work.

    I found that the major buyer in the USA is http://mygoldenvelope.com/. This, along with others is responsible for littering the Internet with complaints. It may or may not be connected with Cash4Gold – I will leave it to you to determine this.

    One of the biggest, however, is Cash4Gold. See the USA’s Fox News report here: http://cashforgoldreports.com/.

    This shows clearly that the “scam” has been operating for many years in the USA and Canada.

    My thoughts are that these companies do not care whether or not you include links to websites, neither are they worried about exposure. As you can see in the video report, their attitude is one of self-justification. If anyone wants to expose these people, then I think they should just go ahead. I know that if I was accused of buying low and selling high, I would happily show anyone my paperwork to prove otherwise.

    I also know that my friends who are still in the local gold buying business would do the same. I have one friend who carries the daily newspaper with him so he can show that his prices are fair. He does not assume that Joe Public follows the gold fix, he shows them the price and makes an offer based on it. This generates more business than a low price and a fake smile.

    Finally, I recently sold my van and bought a second-hand car. The engine proved to be faulty and so, even though I made only one telephone call of complaint, the garage has replaced it. I suppose that, in law, I would have had a shaky case, as buying a twelve year old car automatically has its risks, but the garage owner told me that he had a reputation to maintain and he wouldn’t want me causing trouble and ruining his four-year-old business just when it was getting going.

    If a small local firm can behave in such an upstanding manner, why can’t the national and international companies do the same without coercion?

    Go ahead. Tell every consumer TV and wireless programme, write to your MP and send an email to your local newspaper – get these people off the streets and back into the holes they came from. The sooner you do, the sooner you save other consumers from being ripped off. I will be following this with interest and hope to see you all on TV exposing this problem and so putting these people out of business. Good Luck.

  34. Thanks Mike. I contacted Watchdog (via their web address) a couple of weeks ago – so here fingers crossed that they sit up and hear our please! I have also contacted Consumer Direct. Not heard anything yet but there again – perhaps only one or 2 people contacting them and complaining won’t help. @Sharon hiya hun – and yes that is a standard email – I received one like that a few weeks ago. I replied to it stating how upset and angry I was with them – to date – no reply!! I dont think they care whether we have contacted trading standards etc – I told them that in the letter I sent them – oh and by the way – still no reply to that. I honestly dont know whether we should let them know we are onto to them or not.

  35. Hi,

    Just wanted to let you know that I have contacted the police. Although sympathetic, they advised me that this is a civil matter as it is a contract between me and M4G. Trading Standards have told me they have a file initiated on this company but this may or may not be pursued depending on the number of people they receive complaints from. Yesterday I sent the following letter, Recorded Delivery, and await their response – if any.

    15 Wrotham Business Park
    Wrotham Park
    Barnet Hertfordshire
    EN5 4SZ

    Dear Sirs,

    RE: ##### [ref number removed by admin]

    On 21/09/2009, I sent you a G-Pak containing a 9ct rose gold bracelet weighing 31 grams. The bracelet was valued by a jeweller before it was sent to you, with a scrap value of £166.

    At 00:15 on 26th September, I received an email from you informing me that the items I had sent did not contain any precious metal and advising that my item would be destroyed within 10 days should I fail to contact you. I received several other identical emails from you.

    Following two recorded delivery letters from me, I received a phone call from one of your agents, Joti/Joty on Saturday, 10/10/2009. She advised me that your company ‘had made a mistake’ and incorrectly assessed my bracelet as having no precious metal in it. She also informed me that ‘management’ had been involved and that a cheque for £10 was ‘being raised’ and a further cheque, offering me cash for my gold, was in the post.

    I have now received your derisory offer of £50.61 (equivalent to £1.63 per gram) which I reject. I am returning your cheque and expect you to return my bracelet within 10 days of the date of this letter.

    Should you fail to return my bracelet, I shall contact Trading Standards again and email Watchdog and the One Show. If you care to look at the following website, you will see that I am not alone in my intention to pursue this matter. http://money-watch.co.uk/5732/have-money4gold-stolen-your-gold/comment-page-1#comment-91683.

    Yours faithfully,

    Another couple of thoughts – I have tried the number suggested by
    Lisa (0207 0700230) and got an unobtainable tone.

    I followed links from the USA number and eventually ended up at the ‘mygoldenenvelope.com website. The customer number there took me to Ulsterbank. The customer adviser said she had some calls from people trying to contact M4G and she would report the matter.

    Does anyone think that the postman really goes to the deserted industrial estate at Wrotham Park or perhaps the mail is redirected elsewhere?

    Look forward to hearing from you all.

  36. I eventually got through to a human being on the phone. What an interesting conversation. Was told that according to their systems my items were put on hold, when I asked were they were he couldnt tell me. I told him that Watchdog were onto them and he said that he really couldnt help as he only works for the call centre in Hertfordshire and that the jewellry that people send is sent to America!!! When I insisted on speaking to a manager he told me that they dont have one! Omg I have never ever had a conversation like this in my life – I was being fobbed off from pillar to post. Suddenly I was put through to a woman who then told me that according to their systems the items were put on hold at their refinary and should have been posted back by now. Take note that first the man I spoke to told me that my itmes were posted back on the 6th October – when I asked him how it was sent – he said he doesnt know but he thinks 2nd class royal mail. At this point I was almost laughing. Then the lady I spoke to told me that – no it hasnt been posted yet – only showing on their systems as put on hold! Interessting enough though – at first she couldn’t find my details on their system even though the man I spoke to had all the details up in front of him! Then I was told that it will be fast tracked to a ‘manager’ (even though earlier in the conversation they dont seem to have one) and he/she will call back this afternoon. I’m not holding my breath regarding this but have to say that now I really am truly fed up with being fobbed off by this dispicable scam of a company.

  37. Hi Kathy, Thanks I thought it was a standard email, my thoughts at the minute are to include the link from here with my reply.

    @ Mike Thanks again. I have done quite a bit of searching myself as well Mike, interestingly I found a pdf document which outlines Money4gold being sued, will try and find it again later, a basic outline from what I have read is Cash4Gold CEO Jeff Aronson filed a suit in America against Money4Gold on Jan 6, allegedly Money4gold has been deceiving consumers into thinking they are going to Cash4Gold sites but instead going to Money4Gold sites. Their is another link here which also gives some of the same details http://www.cashforgoldscams.com/scam11.htm The pdf would prove interesting reading I am sure.

    I am in contact with my MP in regard to another matter Mike, however I also have had dealings through the Farepak collapse with the then minister for Trade and Industry, although we now have a new minister for trade and Industry I am sure a few complaints in that direction would also bring some much needed attention to Money4gold.

    As has been said the more of a stink we can make the better chance we all have.

  38. Consumer Direct have just replied again.

    Thanks for your email. Please note your case reference number is now xxxxxxx

    I have notified the information on the trader’s to the relevant trading standards. Please come back to us if you are no further forward after sending your letter.

    Andrew, Consumer Direct

  39. Just been reading the posts since my earlier comment previous to the update from consumer direct, Keeping my thoughts to myself as they are mostly swear words, good job I am in on my own at the minute as the air is rather blue!

    Julia, Just to be on the safe side hun, contact admin Rob and ask him to remove your tracking number from your comments. The tracking number will give you a update on the money4gold website on the supposed return!

  40. I am glad to see that the cash4gold/money4gold spat shows that there is no honour amongst… Well, I’d better not use the word I was going to, but you get the idea :-)

  41. Mine is on hold 13/10/2009! Kathy hun
    Sending back your property by 2nd class royal mail is totally irresponsible and would basically give them the excuse that the items have been lost in the post. In my opinion this would be in clear breach of the supply of goods act 1982. I have just tried to phone them, got the answering machine but left message in no uncertain terms demanding they send back my gold by special delivery otherwise they will be in breach of said act and the information has been passed to trading standards. Who I will keep informed.

  42. I am also waiting for my gold to come back – my gold was worth £500 and I was only offered £99.00. What a Cheat! I had sent back the cheque as soon as I received it. I made many phone calls and now currently on the telephone while I’m writing this email. Just making me wait. The hours they mention are incorrect and I could hardly get through – Oh! that is no surprise I have been disconnected after waiting for 18mins.

    I am so worried about not getting my gold back.

  43. Hello Samina Sorry to hear your also having trouble with Money4gold. We all understand how worried you feel as we are all suffering because of this bunch of *******.

    Firstly I would suggest you check the Money4gold website using the box and your tracking number on the homepage to check at what supposed stage your gold is at! If your over the 15 days they say to wait for the return of your gold, then I would also suggest you contact Consumer Direct explaining the situation.

    I think we can safely come to the conclusion telephoning this company is a waste of time as I don’t think any of us have got satisfactory answers or seen any appropriate action. Would love someone to correct me if I am wrong. A glimmer of hope would be nice for us all.

    I am hoping one of the organisations we have contacted gets on the phone to them and we start to see some positive results.

    I have also emailed the Department of trade and industry with a link to this site.

  44. Hi Samina. This really breaks my heart that you are in the same boat as us. Just goes to show that there are so many of us out there, but at least – the glimmer of hope is that we all know about it and can stand together against this company. @Mike – I owned my own business for over 12 years as a customer service consultant – basically we were the ‘watchdogs’ of branches of companies and reported back to their head offices etc thus allowing them to see where they were excelling and where they were falling short, plus we offered training of their staff to bring them in line with competitors. So this whole scenario with M4G has just left me livid! I just cannot accept that there is a company out there ripping off so many people and I for one cannot let them get away with it.
    Samina I really hope they keep their promise hun and send your items back. Sharon I hope they keep their promise to you too hun, maybe with all off us on their case they will eventually sit up and listen. Will keep you all posted as to what’s happening from my side – if they contact me back and if i ever receive my items back
    Chin up all – I’m sure that with us all sticking together against this disgrace we will get something sorted.

  45. OK another one going through the standard money4gold run around, OK we should have known better but posts saying we should have known better don’t help.
    I am in contact with consumer direct/trading standards and have written to watchdog and advertising standards, the more of us that do this the better, don’t forget if you communicate with these people keep records and copies and use recorded delivery.
    My primary aim just now is to stop them or at least generate enough publicity to make everyone aware that it is a scam and their promises are worth nothing. If and it’s a big if I get the gold back it will be a bonus
    Lets generate a stink!

  46. hi to everyone, i am sorry to see that i am not the only one who is dealing with M4G. i also sent the cheque back and requested to have my jewlery sent back . still haven’t received anything, when i have called them a girl answered and i have told her that i’ve seen a lots of complains on the website, but she was not very surprised, she didn’t say anything back. it was like she didn’t hear what i ‘ve just said. they don’t really care about complaints. i think the only thing that we can do is to stick together and contact consumer direct and watchdog as many as possible. and i know that someone will help.

  47. Hi Ray, Your right comments as you suggest don’t help. Unfortunately we’ve all been bitten by these particular parasites, however not all the companies on the web are like this one, the problem is unless people like us highlight this company, others are not going to know which are reputable.
    I have had a successful transaction with another company which I had researched and if I ever do get my gold back, it will be sent off to this company.
    I never thought of advertising standards so Thanks for that, its another avenue for people to contact. Like you its about highlighting this company, although getting my property back is equally important after a particular bad couple of year’s financially, I had decided to sell the scrap gold to help give my son a Christmas he deserves.

    Hi Ramona, Welcome to what is becoming a popular club! I got no reaction to the mention of complaints either, obviously they are blatantly aware of what is going on.

    I have phoned M4G this morning and got straight through and transferred to a different department, spoke to Rianna, who stated head office had informed them to tell customers 10-15 days for return of their property. Rianna once again asked me what price I was looking for, she got a not so polite, take a run and jump reply. To which she said then its a definite return of your gold which I will action today! Once again asked her how my gold will be returned, firstly she said recorded, which I questioned, then she said it will be returned the way it was sent, special delivery! Apparently the M4G site will be updated and I can check with the tracking number.

  48. In all fairness to Rianna just checked their site and here is what it says:
    Return Status:
    Definite Return: 21/10/2009
    Hold: 13/10/2009

    Rianna did say the site would be updated! Keeping my cynical thoughts to myself for the moment, on the bright side I am wondering if trading standards have had enough complaints to make a few well placed phone calls? Time will tell!

  49. Hi all

    I am having exacly the same problems as all you guys – i have an e mail drafted up and have copied in Watchdog, Consumer Direct, GMTV, Trading standards and Rogue Traders. I have been waiting for a month to get my gold back and have been told the same thing over and over again – it’s on definate return within 14 days – i was even told it had left their warehouse and was on it’s way – then called yesterday and was told it had been put on hold?!?!

    I asked the lady why it was on hold and she didin’t have an answer – i asked where in their terms and conditions it says they can hold onto it and she said “I have never read the terms and conditions, so i can’t answer that for you madam”, she then went on to say “i’m only a customer service adviser”

    I am at boiling point with this company – i feel i have been mugged. I think we need to get as many people as possible together to make everybody aware……

  50. If anyone has any significant gold holding in either 22 or 24 carat gold — simply DO NOT SELL IT. It’ll be worth more in your pocket and keep appreciating rather than what Money4gold is offering. Money4gold is basically a precious metal refining company based out of Florida which has its eye on the main chance..ie: your money.

  51. Hi, Guys
    Me too, what a rip off company, this needs to be followed by watchdog and trading standards!
    I am a motor dealer and if I sold a car with a dodgey starter motor trading standards would knocking on my door at 4am in the morning with half of the uk police force! But M4Gold can get away with ripping people of by millions! (But i am british of course and pay taxes!) It is not right that this company can ripp all you genuine guys off and at a time we all need that extra few pounds.

  52. I was just about to send my gold to m4g after reading your posts have decided against it. But it occured to me if everyone sends for the envelopes and puts any rubbish you can find in them so they are paying for the postage both ways they may sit up and listen.

  53. Hi Julie
    Pleased to hear you read our posts before sending off your gold! If you check out the Moneysavingexpert forum their are some good recommendations there if you still want to sell your gold. Please be careful though.

    I’ve just had a look at companies house – (webcheck) according to their records:

    Name & Registered Office:
    EN5 4SZ

    Different to the address on the website and the paperwork.

  54. Hi,

    I have nothing but good things to say about these gold buying websites. I went through http://www.sellmygold.org.uk/ and got a cheque for £276 for some unwanted stuff that had been sitting in my drawer.

    I guess there are always good and bad experiences with everything.

  55. I posted a complaint off to http://www.bbbsoutheastflorida.org (They are the Council of Better Business Bureau and as they state ‘What a company does to resolve complaints is part of the information we report to the public and individual companies) I have just received an email from them, with the complaint id etc. This is what M4G have said in response:
    ‘Thank you for the time to help mediate this complaint. We have carefully reviewed Mrs Lewis’ file and want to resolve this matter to the best of our ability. We received a package at our refining facility on September 15th 2009 from Mrs Lewis. We immediately sent a cheque to Mrs Lewis based on the liquidation value of the items she sent us. Liquidation value is purely based on actual Gold content; it can be much less than a retail value (what the consumer originally paid for the item) and it can be much less than what a random Jewelry store might pay for a finished piece of gold jewelry that is aesthetically pleasing. Again, liquidation value is based on GOLD contents – nothing else. Mrs Lewis requested her items to be returned to her on September 21st 2009 as she is not satisfied with our payment. As we clearly state on our advertising materials, if customers are not satisfied with our payment, we will gladly return their items at no cost to the customer. Mrs Lewis’ items are scheduled to be returned on October 21st 2009. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you need further information regarding this case. We truly thank you for taking the time to mediate this complaint. Cordally, Money4Gold Customer Service
    Initial Response Summary
    Mrs Lewis items are being returned.

    Then there is a block to enter a consumer’s rebuttal.

    I’m sorry but I had to laugh at this response because firstly – their terms and condition do not state it takes over a month to get your property back! Secondly this is not the 3 different date I have got from them. 1st one was it was posted back on the 6th, 2nd one was – no it was put on hold on the 6th but has been posted out now and should be on its way as we speak (that was on the 20th) lol and now they are saying that its SCHEDULED TO BE RETURNED on the 21st!!!!! Is there no end to this companies lies.
    I have 7 days to issue my customer rebuttal through BBB, but they did say that if I do not get a satisfactory solution to this I must contact them again and they will take this further. Perhaps all of you on here should do the same and lodge a complaint with them. Its just not right folks that we have to follow every available channel before we get out items back from M4G, they should have done as they promised right from the start and send the items back as soon as they recieved the cheque back (oh and after many phone calls I might add).

  56. Morning all, update, East yorkshire trading standards are now on the case and they are in touch with Enfield TS whose patch M4G are on, I have also sent the following to Watchdog as a follow up to my original message on Monday.

    “Futher to my message of 20th of October, this matter is now being taken up by East Yorkshire trading standards and they are getting on to Enfield trading standards whose patch money4gold are on.

    You should also look at http://money-watch.co.uk/5732/have-money4gold-stolen-your-gold#comments.

    There definitely seems to be a scam going on here and they are still advertising on daytime TV for more victims!

    Your help in putting an end to thyis would be graetly appreciated”

    My spelling seems to have gone haywire at the end I was getting agitated. My primary aim in this now is to get the advertising stopped as it is clearly a load of lies, and stop other people getting drawn in, if we get the gold back it will be a bonus if not then it’s off to small claims court I guess. It is not enough just to get the goods back, I want to see it all exposed and hopefully the scam shut down.

  57. Hi Dana
    Really pleased you had a successful transaction with “sell my gold” I totally agree with you, their are SOME good reputable companies available but in my opinion M4G is not one of them Unfortunately!!!

    Hi Kathy. Just for curiosity does it say on M4G site that your gold has been posted?

    I am not implying anything here but remembering their is a postal strike and special delivery was to be withdrawn for two days ie 21st and the 22nd October. So IF your gold has been posted, What postage have they used?

    In reality IF your gold has been posted and you receive it in the next couple of days I will be over the moon for you hun. Fingers crossed!

    If not, its now over 40 days overdue (mathematician I am not)but that’s a flamin big difference to the 15 days stated in their guarantee!

    5 days and counting before I can complain in all fairness, going to save the link. Thanks Kathy x

  58. Sharon I have not received anything (correspondance/email/phone call etc) from M4G UK. This email I received was from BBB in America, and the response was from M4G in America – where their head office is. What strikes me is their wording – That it is SCHEDULED TO BE RETURNED on the 21st! – Does this mean that that is the date it is meant to leave their refinery? Secondly the way this is worded is that all our items are sitting in America at the moment! They did not give me a tracking number or even how it was posted, and lo and behold I couldnt get hold of the office again today. I’m going to send a rebuttal comment to BBB tomorrow morning, as Im still not happy with their answer. Under their guarantee they state that items will be returned within 15 days of them receiving their cheque back – well what calender are they following! And to top it all – nothing is said in their ‘guarantee’ that we have to phone everyday, email, contact trading standards etc just to get them to keep their promise. Will keep you all posted.
    @Ray, so glad that trading standards are now listening, high time someone with punch has listened and are willing to get involved in this scandal.

  59. Hi all
    Actually had a phone conversation with M4G UK yoday and they do have records but not solutions, just comments like should have been sent at the end of September. However the 0800 number is available and manned though the promised call back “from the states” yeah right! did not materialise.
    However the number is free, I have checked, so keep at them and do get in touch with consumer direct and thence trading standards as our area is taking it seriously and the more TS involvement there is the quicker this will be resolved.
    Personally I think M4G will cut and run but at least it will stop them trading. We need “watchdog” on board for the publicity so keep at them also so other folks don’t get caught

  60. Hi Kathy

    Nope me neither mate.

    I have been checking the tracking on M4G’s website with the original special delivery tracking number and that is where I was wondering IF it stated your gold had been posted or if it said On hold, Definite return – mine is now on definite return not that it makes much of a difference, just grasping at straws I think lol

  61. Phoned M4G again this morning, first time I have been placed in a queue but someone did answer within the time stated (40 sec’s).

    Today’s laugh…. I have been told, my gold is in this country and will be sent out urgently special delivery! (I should receive a email with the tracking number) although their is a couple of days unavoidable delay due to the postal strike lol. If I haven’t received it by the end of next week I’m supposed to phone back.

  62. Hi,
    I’m in the same boat. My items were valued at £500, M4G sent me cheque for £170.
    Sent it back recorded delivery, it was received 5 days after the date on my cheque, I also sent a covering letter and email requesting my gold back.
    They got my cheque back on 13th Oct – still no sign of my gold.

    I have not been able to get through to a person on the phone, just in queue and eventually cut off.


  63. Hi Ant
    They received your cheque the same day they received mine so we are both in the frustrating position of waiting for the 15 days to pass.
    From what I have been told yesterday they will hold onto your cheque in the hope you will change your mind, if you use your special delivery tracking number on their site and see if it says definite return or on hold.
    So far we haven’t heard of anyone actually receiving their gold back and I am starting to wonder if money4gold would have a change of heart if we all camped out on their doorstep demanding our property to be returned to us.

  64. Sharon,
    How do I check the tracking? I’ve not been given a number for the return yet. I can’t see anywhere on the web site to enter a number either…?

    Have you had anymore contact with Consumer Direct or are you waiting until the 15 days is up?

  65. Hi Ant

    Go to M4G website http://www.money4golduk.com/ scroll down the page until you see the gold 100% guarantee sign, passed the picture of Anthony Sullivan you should see a bar where it says “track your G pak” enter the original special delivery tracking number from post office receipt which was given to you when you took your G pak to the post office then hit “GO” the page will reload with dates your gold was received by them and then the refinery, underneath that it should say Return status. It might either say “on hold” or “definite return”
    Customer services said, once the return is organised you get another tracking number via email, however as this hasn’t happened for any of us yet I can’t confirm it.

    I have to wait till Wednesday to complain again to consumer direct, will be ringing M4G again today and tomorrow so I will post whatever excuses I get over the next couple of days.

  66. Hi all
    Well I have been trying to get through to M4G all morning to get an update as to where my items are now – and, well I’m not surprised I can’t get through – just a beeping tone! When I checked the original tracking number on their website it says the following:
    items on hold: 21/09/09
    Definate return: 06/10/09
    Items returned: 22/10/09
    However I have not received a tracking number, email or anything else from them so I don’t know whether my items have been posted yet or whether they mean they have been returned from America. This is just pathetic! It has now been 6 weeks since they received my cheque back. I am going to reply to the email I received from BBB in USA and see whether I receive a reply to that. I have never ever been so frustrated dealing with a company before. Will keep you all posted should I receive anything from them.

  67. After a couple of hours of getting the engaged tone, I finally managed to get through. Today’s instalment: my gold will be sent out 1st class Royal Mail, if it gets lost in the post they will reimburse me their appraisal value. ie £66 we all know that is well below market value, therefore once again this company are in a win win situation, Customer service advisor today stated she guarantee’s my property would not be lost in the post. Although she couldn’t answer How she could guarantee that! Been back onto consumer direct and as the area I live in do not not deal with 2nd tier action, they forwarded me to the CAB. From experience I know its virtually impossible to get through to the CAB in our area.
    I’m so angry and frustrated that this company are getting away with this!
    Asked for a supervisor when I called M4G,Firstly I was told their wasn’t one, however I kept pushing and eventually was told the supervisors name is Tracey Seabrook but she wasn’t in. I phoned back half an hour later and asked for the supervisor only to be told she’s on another call!

  68. Hi all
    I know how you feel Sharon, because this morning I was about the blow blue flames out of my ears when I couldn’t get hold of them on the phone. Well you could knock me down with a feather now because I have just received my items back (which came Special delivery). I am so relieved that I have eventually got them back, but I’m still not stopping my crusade against this scam, as look what we have all been through to get our property back. For me its been way over a month of continuous phone calls, emails, trading standards, watchdog and even BBB in the USA! It’s just not good enough. They need to be shut down before there are hundreds if not thousands more people to scam! Sharon, hun I would call them back again and demand that the items are returned special delivery, posting it through ordinary mail is ridiculous! It would just be their word against yours, so they would again win as they would say that they did post it and without any proof… well, keep onto them. Sending it normal mail is just not on. I’m keeping my fingers crossed Sharon and everyone on here who are still waiting that you all get your items back soon. I will continue to check on the site here because I am no where near finished with my crusade against this company.

  69. I have called them and got throught right away!

    Lady on phone said my items had not yet been put on the return list but she would do this now and I should get them back in next few days.

    (forgot to ask HOW they would be sent)

    Think I’ll call back and check this.

  70. Called back to check the return method – they told me my items will be sent back Special Delivery.

    Fingers crossed for the next few days.

  71. Kathy I am so happy for you mate, what a flamin relief! I have to say I had just about lost hope after this morning but your fantastic news has given me a bit of a lift.
    I’ve just finished writing the complaint to BBB,(thanks again for the link) not only about not getting our property back but complaining about customer services telling conflicting stories on the return method.
    Ive been trying CAB consistently and couldn’t get through, the office is now closed until tomorrow.
    M4G phone line is back to being engaged constantly, the supervisor as expected hasn’t rang me back, but I will keep trying.
    Once again Kathy I am so pleased for you hun! I think maybe as you are the only one so far to have success, the BBB is probably a good option for us all.

  72. Thanks Sharon. I am hoping and praying that you all get your jewellry back. Your right Sharon I think that the BBB is the best bet – it seems that they were the only place that did something constructive in taking a complaint seriously, and was the only time that I received a reply (via BBB) but a reply none the less from M4G – even though it had to go through their USA Head Office, so maybe everyone on here should do the same. I am still not going to stop with the complaints etc about M4G because we just shouldnt have to go through this to get our items back.

  73. Dear All

    I have some good news!!!!!!!!!

    Today I received all of my gold back from money4gold.

    I sent back their cheque back last Friday via Special Delivery.

    I telephoned them on Monday, to confirm that they had received my cheque, which was confirmed. I then offered to send them a prepaid Special Delivery envelope for them to return my gold to me. They said that that would not be possible as my gold had been sent to the USA, and that I would have to wait for it to be returned. The man on the phone said to expect a 15 day wait. I said that was not acceptable, but seeing as I had no alternative but to wait I ended the call.

    7 days later it arrived. In the states, I think not.

    Keep on bugging them. I can only offer my suggestion that if you send back your cheque, send it via Special Delivery; it’s worth the cost £4.50 something, then they can’t argue that they haven’t received it, due to postal strikes, as Special Delivery is separate from all other posts, and even if there is another postal strike on it won’t be affected.

    Good luck everyone, I really do hope you all get your belongings back.

  74. Dear All

    Sorry.. I also meant to mention, that it did arrive back via Special Delivery, which of course I had to sign for. I was lucky that I was at home this morning.

    Good Luck

  75. Lisa that is fantastic! I am so pleased for you. Thanks for letting us know.

    The sudden return of Lisa’s and Kathy’s gold after weeks of excuses from M4G hopefully signifies M4G have took notice of someone.

  76. Dear all,
    I have been reading comments left regarding m4g and like so many others I have also been cheated out of my gold and silver, I have now been waiting over a month for my things to be returned. I have now lost all hope of ever seeing my gold/silver ever again. I have been in touch with bbc watchdog programme and also trading standards so fingers crossed this company is prevented from ripping other people off. I cannot believe that the BBC is still letting this company advertise on tv, I naively assumed that the fact that they were advertising on the bbc must mean they are a reputable company..what an idiot! has any one actually had their gold returned and if so how did they manage to do it?

  77. Thats great news Lisa. Yes, Sharon I think your right, it is strange that we have been fighting for so long to get out items back and suddenly now that the heat is turned up on this company they take action and send out property back. Just goes to show, that they don’t just ‘Gaurantee customer satisfaction’, we have to fight tooth and nail for it.
    Gina, sorry to hear that you are also in the same boat. I did exactly the same as you, I thought that due to their big TV advertising campaigns they must be legit.
    It also seems that since contacting the BBB, they have jumped into action, so a suggestion would be that everyone on here do the same (I added the link to their website in one of my previous posts).
    Again, I agree with Gina, they should be made to cease advertising on TV – perhaps once word gets out and watchdog etc have enough complaints something will be done about it. Fingers crossed for everyone out there that still hav’nt received their jewellery back yet, I really hope that you all get it back soon. As I said previously I will not stop my campaign against this company until they fulfill their promise to all their customers and stop ripping people off.

  78. Gina so far we have had 2 returns here that we know about Lisa and Kathy, both of which were yesterday via special delivery. First thing I would check is M4G website stick your tracking number in the “track your G pak” box – you need to scroll right down the home page to find it. Hopefully it will say “definite return” and not “on hold” either way phone them and ask for a update on where your gold is. Let us know what they say and what their site says.
    Don’t loose hope Gina! Kathy and Lisa are both proof we are slowly getting somewhere!
    As Kathy says the BBB seem to have made a impact, so it would be a good idea to send off a complaint to them, the link is included in one of the above comments. I did mine yesterday and if I remember correctly they have a 72 hour response time.

    I am sure Ray commented he was contacting advertising standards, I haven’t seen the adverts for money4gold on any channel but there in, could be the problem as to why we have had no response from BBC consumer programmes.

  79. Would someone let me know what number to ring to contact Money4Gold as can’t get through on the number on their webpage 1-800-GOLD-999 (1-800-465-3999). This comes up as ‘number not recognised’.

    This is what the tracking on their web page says about my goods

    G-Pak requested on 08/09/2009

    Your G-Pak was mailed to you on 09/09/2009

    Shipment has been accepted on 23/09/2009 at the Refinery.
    Your Items were processed/graded on 12/10/2009

    Return Status:
    Hold: 20/10/2009
    Items Returned: 12/10/2009
    Bonus w/o Return: 12/10/2009 (WHAT ON EARTH DOES THIS MEAN???)
    Money Order Received: 30/09/2009 (AND THIS??)

    Am just heartily sick of this horrible company. I know that they have received my letter (details in an early comment) as it has been signed for but can’t contact them by phone.

    Any advice for contact would be gratefully received.



  80. Kathy / Sharon,

    When you wrote to BBB did you log it as a UK company or US? And if US what was the address you used?


  81. Ant
    I don’t know how Kathy did it, so I may have done it differently but I used the search facility to search for M4G, it came up with the US address.
    I noticed it had stated they only deal with American companies so thought I had better use the US address and then stated in the complaint box, M4G policy of sending Uk gold over to America for the appraisal.

    I found the characters allowed in the box for the complaint well short of what I needed though lol/

  82. Julia The phone number I use is 0800 0434653. I haven’t got a clue what the two entries are from your tracking number.
    I would suggest you phone them ASAP and try and get some sense from the customer advisor, if not try asking for her supervisor.

    Haven’t read your above post but could “money order received” be the Cheque you returned?

    Let us know if you get any answers from the above number!

  83. Hi Ant
    When I made my complaint to the BBB, I stated that it was Money4Gold UK that I had used. Seeing that M4G is an American company and that their head office is in the US, they obviously have to deal with complaints like this. What I can gather is that the UK is just a sub branch (dont even think that there is a refinery here in the UK) so even though you post the complaint on an American business buraeu site make sure that you do mention you dealt with M4G UK. They do have access to all the data etc they have here in the UK as if you look at their response through the BBB to me (posted on an earlier comment of mine) they mention ‘after reviewing mrs lewis’ file etc). I personally think that all the people working here in the UK are just junior staff etc. It seems that suddenly after the BBB getting onto M4G Head Office in America we are slowly seeing results. Hope everyone follows this route as it seems the only one where we are getting results.

  84. but to add to last comment: the address I used in the complaints detail box was their AMERICAN address.
    Stated in the main box for complain that I had dealt through M4G UK.
    In the Complaint summary box: ‘Breach of contract between myself and Money4Gold UK. Cheque returned, company refuses to return my jewellery.
    In the ‘Resolution sought’ box:
    I want my jewellery returned to me, or compensation in the event that Money4Gold UK has misplaced it. I have all delivery notes, correspondance etc. Should I not hear anything further I will be taking this to the courts.

    Hope this helps Ant

  85. Hey guys. Im sorry to hear about your problems with M4G. I also are experiencing problems with them. My gold was valued at £500, and i got a cheque for £140 from them!!! So i sent it back the same day (16th Oct) recorded delivery and called them to let them know this is what i was doing….. and surprise!!! …. I haven’t heard anything back from them yet. I have also been trying to call them for days now. Its either engaged, or am VM sying they are closed, or it rings off. I will wait another 4 days, and if i haven’t been able to get hold of them i will contact watchdog and all the programmes who report on cowboy companies!!!!

  86. Julia having read back over your original comment, I would guess the two entries are to do with the mistake M4G made re: no gold content and the additional £10 cheque which was raised.

    It appears your gold is on hold, which was explained to me as in “We’re waiting to see if you change your mind”. So if you can get through on the phone they will need reminded again! You want your gold back.

    Hopefully the site will update to definite return!

  87. I sent my package at the beginning of October. Didn’t hear from M4G, when I tried to track my package it told me a cheque had been sent out. Turns out they had the number on my package listed against someone elses name. They have obviously sent my cheque to the wrong person (no one can tell me how much for) but no one ever calls me back. Left so many messages and emails. Think I’ll probably just give up.

  88. Good News!! I got my gold back when i threatened them to come with my legal team…phew!! good luck to you guyz

  89. I`ve just sat and read everybody`s comments, and I feel sick. I sent 97 grams of 9ct. gold, part of which was a charm bracelet valued at £1000, and I got a cheque for £120. 20 pence. I felt insulted and of course I`ve sent it back to them telling them what I think of it. I`m worried sick now, that I wont get my jewellery back. I sent the cheque back by registered post, by the way. I received it yesterday, and it was dated the 20th. so I didn`t have much time anyway. I`m so pleased to have found this site, and will keep looking at it. I`ll obviously keep you all informed as to what happens in my case.

  90. Thats great news Samina, happy for you hun. Penny, Karen and Kate sorry to hear you in the same boat as we are/were in. Karen dont give up, thats what they want and thats the reason they will continue to rip people off. We have all fought tooth and nail against this scam and it is starting to pay off (so far 3 of us receiving our items back within the past couple of days), so don’t despair just read up on the comments and what we have all done, report them to the various places (links have been attached for some of them). This is the only way that everyone will get their property back and hopefully make more people aware of this scam so that they dont fall into their trap too.

  91. Excellent news Samina, I’m really pleased for you!

    Karen we all understand exactly how you feel, we have all tried the emails and message routes, even phone calls are not very productive, except in giving you the chance to vent if you eventually speak to a human.
    As Kathy says go through the comments and report M4G to the various places we have. Especially the BBB they seem to have the most effect.

    Penny give them a phone call to ensure they know your returning the cheque, even if its already arrived still phone them, they will probably offer you double, if you want to refuse that, ensure they know you will not change your mind otherwise your gold will be put on “hold”

    Kate check the site with your tracking number and see what it says in regard to your gold. I would make a guess its on “hold”
    If its on hold I would say give them a ring and tell them again you demand your Gold to be returned. Hopefully it will then go to “definite return” – one step closer to getting your gold back.

    16 of us here so far, 3 have received their gold back in the last 2 days, hopefully it will not be too long before all 16 of us have got their gold back and this company is stopped from doing the same thing to others.

  92. hi everyone i posted my gold last week and received a cheque for £70 well below what other companys have offered me well me and my fiance over the past week came accross this page and to my shock im a victim aswell anyway i phoned up m4g and a woman answerd told me a lot of lies i was raging on the phone she said i have recieved the cheque and we will send ur gold back with in days, but no gold. after reading these comments i couldnt wait i rang yesterday and the same woman answered again i said hello its me now whats the status of my parcel the smug lady said oh its in the basement we will post it in a few days so i asked for a tracking number a.s.a.p she said today once my page on my computer has updated i can give you a tracking number anyway i said i will ring at 3 she said it will not be done by then i said right i will ring at 5. phone down 4.45pm i rang again she said sorry my page hasnt loaded so i said i wanted to speak to the manager then here come the excuses, the manager is on the phone to other customers, ok then i will wait on the line she said i have other calls to answer i said oh no you don’t i will wait, so 5 mins went by she said oh the manager is on the phoone to head office in usa she will ring you back ,at this time i was going mad i said you know what its a scam how yourself can take innocent peoples belongings give them peanuts in most cases nothing is beyond me do the right thing now go tell your manager get on this phone now. again i went on hold next minute she came back on, the manager said we can’t get the tracking numbers here you have to wait for a call from usa head office i said so you as a company in the uk has to wait for a usa based company to get a tracking number from royal mail uk don’t treat me like a fool ……i said whats your name she said cassie i said right i dont receive my phone call tomorrow i will ring and ring everyday send e.mails and cantact my family solicitor she said ok i know how some people may feel. i said you havn’t got a clue i said that computer your on just search about the company you work for then ask your self how do i sleep at night. call ended i was going out my mind i went to one of my relatives house and told her to ring up she did put it on loud speaker the same girl answered my relative said “hi i have a few rings and chains ive just seen your advert where are you based and so on, at the end of the conversation i knew it was the same girl my relative said il ring up tomorrow can i speak to you she said yes im in tommorrow my name is jessica a different name OMG I WANTED TO SNATCH THAT PHONE OUT OF HER HAND now im waiting for a phone call and tomorrow i will ring again another thing is i said where is your refinery she said next building i said oh the one next to the stacks of hay she to my suprised aniggered on the phone utter rubbish

  93. Sorry to read your story!
    It’s very frustrating when all you hear are lies and people insist on treating us like fools.
    We have all been told various conflicting stories by their customer service advisor’s and are all sick to the back teeth of this company.
    We know the facts and what this company is up to and I am confident we will get our gold back providing we keep fighting our corner. Best of luck!

    For clarification purposes M4G is situated in a Victorian farm conversion in Wrotham Park, which accommodates office requirements, they were available for lease for between 3 and 8 years. Unit 15 as contact details for M4G, has only space for 16 workstations so that is 16 customer advisers. As said above they do have a registered office, units 21 -22 in Wrotham Park so if we could get a phone number for this one it may help.

  94. Mm, Ste’s story sounds oh so familiar! Sharon, I’m so sorry to hear that you still havent recieved your jewellery back yet! So much for the 15 day guarantee lark! Have you heard anything from the BBB yet? Doing some snooping, I read that apparently they are pulling the fast one in America too and some people have said that they reported them to the BBB there as well. It’s just not good enough! We are a few people on here who know about each others plights and how difficult it is to get out property returned to us, I wonder how many more people are out there in the same situation but havent stumbled upon this site yet. I for one will not be happy until this company is publicly exposed for the scam it is.
    Oh, and Sharon how on earth did you find out so much about their disused farm building? lol I’m sorry but sometimes in times like this you have to laugh to keep sane! When I saw their premises on google earth I had visions of the staff all sitting around on hay bails, with a pen in one hand and a phone strapped to their ear!

  95. Hi Kathy pmsl @ sitting round on hay bails,I had the same picture in my head but I was there holding a pitch fork, I’ll leave it to your imagination as to where the pitch fork was going.
    I’ve been doing a bit of snooping myself Kathy while sitting listening to the constant engaged tone at M4G. Google search Wrotham Business Park their is a pdf document of the brochure which even gives the toilet facilities lol. In all seriousness I started searching for directors,accounts other phone numbers and got a bit sidetracked lol but I’m still posting everywhere Quidco youtube, ciao, MSE to warn others about M4G.
    Their 15 days to return my gold is officially up today, the phone number has been constantly engaged every time Ive tried since yesterday morning and I still haven’t heard back from BBB yet either.
    It is so frustrating!! But we’ll get their I’m sure.

  96. Finally managed to get through. Informed them once again I want my gold back and that their 15 days is up today, so I will be taking legal action, only to be told the 15 days are taken from the “definite return” date regardless of how much earlier they receive the cheque or how many times they have offered you double.
    Some advisers are not logging calls!
    Head office call backs take at least 48 hours because of the time difference apparently, so that explains why I am still waiting for the one which I was promised a week ago.
    I am now expected to wait another week for my gold to be returned!

  97. This is now beyond ridiculous! Sharon I know for a fact that they do not log all their calls because I have itemised billing so have proof of every single call I made, however when I last phoned them they said they didn’t have record of the calls lol – even the messages I left on their answer phone seem to have been ‘ghost’ calls. As far as the 15 days from ‘definate return’ – thats just ridiculous. No where on their web site nor in any documentation does it state that. In fact they state in their Guarantee and I quote:
    ‘If you are unhappy with the amount you receive for your jewellery or for any other reason, simply call us free and return your cheque so that it arrives in our offices withing TEN (10) days of the date that appears on the cheque. AFTER WE RECEIVE YOUR CHEQUE YOUR ITEMS WILL BE RETURNED TO YOU WITHIN 15 DAYS.’
    So unless I’m a total idiot I read this as meaning 15 days from when they receive the cheque NOT 15 days from when they decide that they have given you enough of the run around.

  98. Totally agree with you Kathy. Its just one lie after another excuse. I obviously haven’t had enough of their run around yet.

  99. Email this morning from BBB. Hopefully M4G will answer this quickly! Kathy How long did they take to get back to you?

    Re: Complaint #*********** – Money4Gold Holdings, Inc.

    We have formally processed your complaint and sent it to the above named company. We will send you a copy of their response as soon as we receive it. Please allow up to 30 business days for a response to be received before you inquire about the status of your complaint.

    If the company contacts you about your complaint, let us know. This will help us to keep our information current and take timely action on your complaint.

    Thank you for using the Better Business Bureau.

  100. Hi all,

    Managed to speak to a real human being at M4G yesterday morning. Was only kept waiting 30 secs as well before I got through!!! Spoke to a guy called Chris Eng who was extremely apologetic. Decided that I was not going to rant and rave but explain as calmly as possible what has been happening. He must have said sorry about 10 times but I explained (calmly) that I did not want him to apologise – I just want my property back and that what his company is doing is called stealing. He told me that the customer service team of which he is a member have only just started as ‘the old team weren’t doing their job properly’ and it is going to take some time to sort it out.

    Also said that, according to their notes, someone called Osan had rung me on 09/10/2009 with a new offer. Total nonsense. He said that he could not send his new notes to USA before 2pm because of the time difference but had made a note of all I had said and apologised again! Then he said someone will ring me. I said I did not want to speak to anyone else – just want——etc. etc.

    Asked him where the head office is. He said USA. Asked him where the refinery is. Said he couldn’t tell me because of security. Gave him the url for this site and said that I and a lot of other people will be pursuing his company and that I have already been in touch with the police and trading standards. I asked was he aware of what people thought of his company and he said ‘yes’. Will wait and see what happens in the next thrilling installment.


  101. Hi Sharon
    I received an email from M4G USA within a couple of days of receiving the email from BBB. BBB send the complaint to M4G as soon as they’v logged it, lets just hope that M4G are quick to respond to it. They were with me because I don’t think they want BBB opening a massive inquiry into their business ethics. And it wasnt long after that that I received my gold back so heres fingers crossed Sharon.

  102. Glad you have your case number from BBB too Ant. The more people that get onto them the better, really does seem the only channel thats working at the moment.
    Julia, I too spoke to Chris Eng on my final call to them, lol I wasnt as nice and calm as you, in fact I did a lot of ranting and raving. Asked to speak to a supervisor or manager and he said that she is in the next building, when I said Oh she must be wandering around the hay bails then, he nervously sniggered. Just not good enough – these excuses etc are a load of rubbish. As far as their ‘new customer service team’ well I too was fobbed off with that story when I first contacted thim in September!

  103. OMG,,, I thought I was the only mug to have feel for this scam. I also spoke to Chris Eng. Waste of my time. I have reported to the police and again no help, civil matter.!. Surely we could all set up this rip off and earn millions because it is obviously not a crime to steal unsuspecting peoples gold. NOBODY want to know. I have even tried to report to the tv company that are showing this scam of an advertisement. What is the watchdog link so I can report to them. My gold was sent on the 28/09/2009

  104. Hi Anne. As you can see from reading all the comments above that you are not alone in dealing with this horrible company. Read the previous posts to see who everyone has contacted – I’v attached some links:
    And then it might be worth your while to also send a complaint to BBB which is the American Business Buraeu. Read some of the other comments here on what has been said etc regarding this:
    Hope this helps. We all need to stand together in getting this company exposed for what they are!

  105. Hello Anne, as Kathy has said your not alone, we’re all here fighting the same battle. Although I haven’t got my gold back yet, Kathy has and all credit to her, she is still here trying to help expose these parasites. I understand how you feel in regard “nobody wanting to know” but together we can make people take notice and hopefully get yours and everyone else’s gold returned in the process.

    Contact consumer direct, who will pass the details over to trading standards, they will also give you a template letter to help you to write to M4G reminding them of their duties under consumer law.
    Also I would also advise you check the status of your gold on the M4G website using your original special delivery tracking number, take note of all the entries made for future reference.
    Although M4G seem to think they are a law unto themselves, their does seem to be some sort of weak procedure they follow, (including the bit where your gold goes AWOL).
    Shout if you need anything.

  106. Me too Ant, Fingers crossed M4G answer the complaint quickly.

    Thanks Kathy, will post here when I hear anything.

    Julia I haven’t had the “new customer service team” excuse yet but I haven’t spoke to Chris Eng either, reading your post I felt a little tiny glimmer of hope, but as Kathy says she has had that excuse before. So it looks like his customer “calming” line is exactly that, a line of script he uses in the hope it calms the customer down, if it doesn’t he’ll probably have another one ready waiting, Some customer service training also tells the adviser how long a customer will rant and rave dependent on the answer’s and circumstances given and before the customer runs out of steam. Had a few cases of GBH of the ear during my working life.

  107. Hi Guys, I sent my gold to them and I got a cheque for £41.00 and the gold was worth around £190.00! I have just got through to them today on the phone and they told me that head office in USA have offered me £188.08. I have told them that I would accept this offer. As this happened to anyone else? or is it just to buy more time.

  108. Hi Colin,

    That’s interesting. The price of gold has been rising recently- how long have they had your gold for?

    You’d probably find that it might be worth more than £190 elsewhere now (although probably not massively more), but it actually still looks like a reasonable offer, compared with the rediculous sums they’ve been offering on the first attempt.


  109. Hi Colin, I honestly don’t think it is to buy more time because they haven’t imo needed a excuse to buy more time. From my experience and what I have read ie: I have been offered double the original cheque, I know others have been offered double and then a little extra but never as near to the scrap value as the example you have given.
    My thoughts are at this moment in time. Is m4g wondering if trading standards are doing test transactions and therefore trying to appear squeaky clean.
    Could it be possible the original price you have been quoted of a value around £190.00 is underestimated either due to weight, carat or today’s scrap gold price. Sorry just want you to be 100% sure in your own mind. Their is a possibility I am just being cynical and M4G have at least managed to do right by you.

  110. My cheque was £170 for gold valued just under £500.

    I have not been offered a second amount at any time, was just told it would be returned.

  111. Just to tell you that the BBC’s “Watchdog” consumer programme has a website: bbc.co.uk/watchdog. They have an easy contact method – get in touch and expose these people.

  112. Hi All, many thanks for your replys. I have contacted the watchdog website and put all the details on there. I have also sent M4G a 7day letter sent recorded delivery. . I have also contact the gov body consumer direct.

  113. As said I sent my complaint to BBB 4 days ago, which was acknowledged yesterday.
    This morning as usual checked the M4G site. Not counting my chickens until it arrives here though.

    Return Status:
    Items Returned: 29/10/2009
    Definite Return: 21/10/2009
    Hold: 13/10/2009

    Ant I would check the M4G site and see if yours has been updated.

  114. Hi Rob,
    When I got my offer I did check the price of gold at kito.com and found that the price of gold had risen, This is what I thought when M4gold made the higher offer, They have had my gold for approx 3 weeks. They said the cheque would be sent out straight away so should receive it within the next 5 days due to the postal strike! Hi Sharron you might be right in saying that trading standards have been in touch and told them to hounour there gaurantee and get people’s gold back to them or make a decent offer. Hope you guys get some success soon, I will keep the forum updated regarding my offer.

  115. Hi Colin, seems that someone may have been onto them, as your offer is way above the stupid amounts that they have been offering so lets hope that they are being made to sweat a little.
    Sharon, I really hope you get your gold soon mate. The date you have for definate return is the same as I had so fingers crossed you will receive it anyday now. With them finaly doing something (sending items back etc) looks like we may have made a slight impact by sticking together and contacted the correct agencies. Sharon, BBB will reply to you again once they have a reply from M4G, so you should hear from them soon, at least by contacting them we know that it is now on their records.

  116. Hello,
    My name is james Bell, I run a website called scrap-gold-buyers. Our site has been running for four years, without fault. I find it very frustating that the companies such as money4gold have come along and given us all a bad name. I know after speaking to trading standards they have currently started to target these rouge traders in a big way.

    If I can give some advice about selling your gold online it is that, you can get a better price than at your jewellers.

    To do this only use sites that advertise the price they pay per gram. this way you can work out the value of your gold yourself before sending.

    check T&Cs on the site, many companies charge a smelt charge and admin fees that they will deduct from your valuation. other companies charge to send your gold back!

    I would like to point out we DO advertise the full price you will receive, we DON’T charge for smelt admin or returning your gold.

    The sooner companies like Money4gold and postal gold are finished the better.

    Good luck all with getting your gold back.

  117. Firstly postman had been this morning before we went out, however when I returned their is a card in the box from Royal mail, I have a special delivery package to pick up from the sorting office. Unfortunately the sorting office closed at lunchtime, but it is open early in the morning for a couple of hours. I am presuming this is my gold, but will confirm tomorrow and in addition if they have returned the full lot.

    Thanks Kathy!

    Anne You are using the right site hun, you just need to scroll down past the Anthony Sullivan picture and you will see the “Track your G pak box” enter your number and hit GO, its directly under the 100% satisfaction guarantee.

    Hello James and Thank you. I did do exactly as you suggested the second time when I used Hatton Garden which is similar to the service you provide. M4G could prove to be a expensive mistake for a lot of people and its a dire shame that rogue’s like M4G reflect on the whole industry.
    In this case we are lucky that M4G is based in America as I am positive BBB have been instrumental in M4G’s returning the property so far.

    I don’t know if you have visited the Moneysavingexpert forums but their is a thread regarding scrap gold, I am sure your advice would be well received and might help to stop someone from making the same mistake we have.
    Thanks again

  118. Sadly you people are the tip of the iceberg – the other 99% “under the water” either have no clue that they’ve been ripped off or can’t be bothered reporting it.

    These companies have come over from the US & it is nothing short of organised crime. They will in the time they’ve been active have stolen £Billions from the British people and as usual the Government & authorities have done NOTHING!

    I don’t suppose it has anything to do with the extra revenue they’re getting via corporation tax?

    Anyway, I’ve been highlighting these scams for a while on my own website with some more insight into how the scams are worked here:


    As you’ll see some of them don’t even open the packets before sending them to the refinery, they weight the envelope & multiply by as little as FIFTY PENCE per gram and thats what you get.

    They don’t care if they pay out for the odd bit of rubbish because they make so much on the gold – that’s how one of my readers managed to get £67 for £5 worth of brass chain from the local DIY store!

  119. HI Guys,

    I HAVNT used M4G – I just came across this after wondering what cowboys were behind the offensively amateur and ridiculously long TV advert I just saw.

    Having read the posts here and on a few other sites, there are some other outlets for complaints that anyone effected should try:

    The Advertising Standards Authority – for falsely advertising a no-questions-asked return policy and doubling any quotes you find.

    ITV – for displaying the adverts in the first place (ITV 3 I just saw it on).

    NADAQ Stock Exchange – I don’t know of any relevant American consumer laws, but I’m sure London SE would like to hear of anything similar involving UK firms.

    Individual journalists – Try and find names, emails, Twitter accounts, etc.

    Your local paper – Ours carried a front line story about stolen chickens this morning, so it’s not like they have anything better to write about!

    Papers around Barnet, Hertfordshire.

    Surely someone can stump up the £60 or so to issue a county court summons for them?

    Hope it all goes well – I HATE companies like this!

  120. Yes, Scrap-Gold, unfortunately I know we are the tip of the ice berg and thats why I still come onto this site to see how everyone is doing with regards to getting their property back, as well as trying to expose this company for what they are! Unfortunatly I don’t know enough about computers to post a web site etc in order to expose this dispicable scam, so I’m glad to see that you have a web site outlining the problems with this. I fought tooth and nail to get my items returned as you can see from comments above, and I feel it is absurd that people should have to go through this to get their property returned – I for one want to expose M4G for the scam they are and warn as many people out there as possible to stay well clear of them.
    Hi Andy, I didn’t try the places you have suggested on here – I didnt think of the Advertising Standards Authority – but thanks for that I’m sure that the people who havent had their gold returned yet will find that very helpful. As far as ITV goes – well I doubt they will listen, after all its only a few people complaining and they are making a mint out of the advertising.
    As I said I have had my items returned but only after more than 6 weeks of fighting constantly with them! Its not right and we have to stop this rogue company from stealing from any more poor unsuspecting people.

  121. I’ve just checked the tracking number and the last update was “definate return on 26/10/09”

    It does not say items returned yet – although when I called on 26th they said would be a few days.

  122. Pleased to report it appears the complaints and the threat of legal action have proved successful, my gold has been returned in full.
    As Kathy has said it is ridiculous the lengths we have had to go to get our gold back especially as M4G’s guarantee states within 15 days of receipt of the cheque.
    It is thanks to this site and other comments on different sites that I became aware of the problems, hence I acted quicker or I probably would have still be waiting.
    I will still be active in helping to stop this company from offering a service they don’t provide.
    Thanks for the info Scrap gold I had already found your website previously and was pleased to see Hatton Garden listed in your list, although Hatton Garden is also recommended on MSE to see it on your site was a another positive.

    The Daily Mail have done a couple of stories on scrap gold in recent months, they might be willing to do a follow up story!

    Ant they had been telling me the same thing since they received the cheque.

    Fingers are crossed for everyone!

  123. Hi guys, Dont bother with the ASA, I have done them and they say and I Quote from my reply from them.”Thank you for your recent complaint. I am sorry this has caused you concern

    I should explain we don’t make advertisements or give them prior approval, but advertisers have a responsibility to to comply with our code. As the regulator, we can intervene if a commercial provokes widespread offence, causes significant harm, or is materially misleading. i.e if there is a breach of our advertising code.
    I am sorry to tell you that we cant deal with your complaint because the ASA can`t get involved in matters that are subject of legal action, it wouldn`t be right for us to take a decisions that might prejudice the outcome.
    However we have no evidence that this particular company is not doing what they are claiming to do and it would appear from your complaint that your objection is with the overall service.
    blah blah they go on to say that i should get in touch with the consumer direct.gov.uk I have done this
    And the trading standards..

  124. Sharon thats brilliant hun! Im so happy that after all this they have finaly returned your items. It does seem that by doing something ‘enmasse’ we have acclomplished something, however, I still want unsuspecting people out there to be aware of this company and not have to go through what we did to have out property returned.
    Ann, I know how you feel because I felt I was hitting brick walls all the time, and your right – they should not be advertising anymore – Through their adverts they are trawling for more unsuspecting victims, and unfortunately there are so many people out there that will fall for their scam and not know what to do or who to turn to for support, thus allowing them to get away with it. Some of us have reported them to the BBB in USA, (link in one of the above comments) and that seems to have done the trick.

  125. Anne I have not seen the ad for money4gold, so I can’t comment if it actually states something that could be used under the definition of “materially misleading” for which the advertising regulator should step in.

    I am involved in the Unfairpak campaign, started over 3 years ago now, the collapse of Farepak, the Christmas savings industry and the lack of consumer protection within this industry was a major concern for us, it took many months of publicity, banging our heads against brick walls to finally see some results, as in the OFT/government enquiry into the Saving industry (those not covered under the FSA)and the introduction of the CPA.

    If we break this situation into 2 parts, firstly getting back customers gold, the successes so far show you need to go through the BBB or threaten legal action to actually have some success in this part.
    Secondly to prevent this company from exploiting the consumer, this could be done through government regulations, the OFT and consumer awareness. Although we have all contacted trading standards, they will probably only deal in short individual fixes rather than finding long term consumer protection, this is why I suggest contacting Mp’s and the minister for trade and industry.
    Their is a massive gap in the our consumer protection and in my opinion this needs to be addressed, the only way I can see this done is via a government enquiry into the industry and a subsequent regulatory body.

    Thanks Kathy. Lets hope we see a few more returns this coming week!

  126. Hi everyone, I thought I would just let you know that M4G sent me an e-mail asking what I thought of their service, would I be using them again, would I be recommending them to friends, etc. I`ve written back to them, telling them just what I think of them (politely, as I still hav`nt had my gold back yet)! I`m really pleased for the few who`ve received theirs, and it gives me hope that I`ll eventually get mine.

  127. Hiya Penny

    Well you managed more than me Penny I wasn’t polite, Kathy has said they are a standard email and I never had a reply to mine but it is good to get it all off your chest at least.
    I am sure if you either threaten M4G with legal action or send your complaint off to the BBB you will also get your gold returned.

  128. Mike your right sometimes it does help, you should see ‘Cash 4 Gold Scam’ on you tube, an undercover reporter sent packages off to 3 places including Money 4 Gold – lol well surprise surprise! Proved what a rip off they actually are! It also shows that there are loads of complaints that the BBB are receiving.
    I’m so glad that a few of us have received our gold back and hopefully everyone on here will all have theirs back soon, but I will not let this rest as we had to go through hell to get it back.

  129. I want to see each and everyone of you get one hundred percent of your money back. These firms are cynical and conniving and are not representative of those of us who treat our customers properly. I cannot trade nowadays (due to illness), but I can sure support you who are being cheated and assure you that this has nothing to do with those of us who pay fair prices and make a small honest profit. Put these people on TV – stop them.

  130. M4G have operated similar scams in the US for years and are now in the UK. It’s interesting to note on their ads, that they advertise their stock code (MFGD). I took a look at the price whic is currently $0.18. It was as high as $0.44 earlier this year.

    This got me thinking. We are in the middle of the biggest recession since the 1930’s, so you can imagine that business must be good, especially as gold is at an all time high, and yet their share price is down 60%. you have to assume that the market analysts know that there is something wrong with the business fundamentals of this company.

    Imagine a similar scenario with the hottest summer on record. You would think it would be a good time to invest in an ice cream business, and for scrap gold buyers, this is an “ice cream summer”

    I came across this blog, and to say I am suspicious about the writers is to put it mildly: http://www.bharatstudent.com/blogs/viewblog.php?blogid=19320&page=2&mode=blog&postid=

    One has to wonder why so many Indian students whom you might think would be “savvy” about these matters, ll seem to enjoy a great experience with M4G. You might also note the similarities in the writing styles.

  131. Hi John

    I’ve found a few of those John, almost carbon copies of the blog above. As for getting money4gold on tv, hopefully someone soon will get a response from one the companies that have been alerted about Money4gold and will let us all know. As for the share price it will be interesting to watch if it drops any more over the coming weeks.

    Thanks for the link on youtube Mike, I have watched a couple on their, similar to the one Kathy mentions but regarding cash4gold, it mentions BBB giving cash4gold a F rating.

    What I think we will all find frustrating is if a government body like trading standards, DTI do investigate money4gold, we are unlikely to be told or hear anything unless it reaches court action.

  132. Update….

    M4G got my cheque back 13/10/09
    I called to chase on 26/10/09 – was told it would be returned in a few days.

    Tracking on M4G website indicated;
    13/10/09 On hold
    26/10/09 Definate return

    I called today as the website still did not indicate they’d been returned.

    I was told, the return is 15 (working)days from the definate return date “would you like me to work that out on my calculator for you”!!! how patronising!

    So they are now saying I should have it back by Mon Nov 16th! A month after they had my cheque back.

    Just wish they’d send it and stop arsing about!

  133. Hi John, yep I’m sure that all these blogs and testimonials are written by M4G staff – its like mass propoganda! Ant, this is what is making me livid! On their guarantee they state 15 days from the date they receive your cheque NOT 15 days from when they decide to put your gold on definate return! So they are clearly in breach of contract there. I cant say how angry I get every time I see a comment like that or even when I see their adverts of TV. I will only be happy when I see this company forced to remove their adverts and forced to shut down so that the slugs who run it can slither back into their holes!
    Ant I dont know wether you have or not but its a good idea to lodge a complaint with BBB.

  134. Ant they told me the exact same thing, 15 days from definite return date. As we’ve said that is not what the guarantee says. I threatened them with trading standards and legal action on my following call to them and mine showed as returned two days later.

    Kathy, Ant put the complaint in to BBB the same day as me, otherwise I wouldn’t have remembered.
    Getting a bit hard to remember who’s at what stage now isnt it.

  135. Hi, here is my update. I telephoned them today and spoke to a person called John!!!. He hum and ahh`d and asked me to hold for a while then hes said that he did not have a tracking number for me, when I gave him the tracking number I had he said oh yes that’s the tracking number for the envelope we sent out to you there don’t seem to be a tracking number for the return. I couldn`t help myself I said. you do realize that there is a massive ( we can all exaggerate) lol web site of all the people you have ripped off and you have been reported several times to trading standards and the BBB, and I have personally been trying to get your advert removed from the tv. He seem rather shocked that we were unhappy.!, What planet do these people live on. Anyway he promised to phone me back today with an answer. I will keep you updated.

  136. When I think about it, I feel sorry for the people who work for M4G to some extent. I think a lot of them must be in the position, that if they were to speak out, they would lose their jobs, which in the current climate, would be hard.

    Sooner or later, a consumer programme will do an item on this business, and we will see former employees, telling their story, and current ones, being disguised to add to this.

  137. Hi Anne I hope you do actually get a call back.

    Have to agree with you a wee bit John I do feel sorry for some of the customer service staff, as in they are probably saying what they’ve been told to say and will be getting a rough ride with irate customers.
    Hope your right in regards to a consumer programme doing a item on M4G sooner rather than later would be good though.

  138. Just to let you know that i also have sent back a cheque to M4G 21 days ago and have heard nothing! Phoned numerous times just gettig engaged tone or an American message saying “please call back between 9 and 5” No luck as tried our time and US time. The cheque we received was for £141 but the insurance valuation was £1200, absolutely disgusting price!!!!
    have emailed and agin heard nothing!
    Reading all the above coments it seems that it makes no difference if you are lucky enough to speak to anyone. No one is listening to the comments!!!!
    It seems we need to visit the advertised address in numbers and reclaim our property.

  139. Hi Glenn Sorry to hear about your trouble with M4G. I actually thought about going down and sitting on their doorstep until I got somewhere, but I got mine back before it became a serious possibility.
    Firstly I would suggest checking your tracking number on their site and see if you have a definite return listed, otherwise I am afraid you will have to keep trying to get through to speak to someone as nobody seems to get their property back without it going to this stage first, granted we’ve only had 4 returns out of 16/17 complaints here so far.
    The phone number we have been using is 0800 0434653. I’d also send a complaint off to BBB, it seems to have worked for us so far. Fingers crossed for you also

    Just been on the website to double check the number for Glenn and it looks like they are making some alterations.

  140. Sharon – did you get a response back from M4G following the BBB case? Or did you just get the gold back?

    I’ve heard nothing regarding BBB since I got the case ref. (on same day as you did)

  141. Morning Ant
    No response from BBB, apart from the email above which stated they had forwarded my complaint to M4G and would send M4G’s response once they had received it.
    I am not sure if it was the complaint arriving at M4G from BBB or my phone call threatening M4G with legal action that prompted the return of my gold.

    Have you threatened legal action Ant?

  142. Hi All
    Sorry to hear you in same boat Glenn. I had the same problem with regards to contacting them – it drove me mad!
    Ant and Sharon, BBB will only contact you again once they have a message from M4G, but the good news is with regards to BBB is that once your complaint is lodged it goes onto their records and the companies rating is affected, so it would be in M4G’s best interest to reply to them. Non replies effect their rating detramentaly. I personaly think that it is because of the BBB complaints that slowly we are having our items returned to us, as M4G do not want a low rating with them.

  143. Ok Ant Hopefully we will have a update from you soon.

    As Kathy says, BBB will be waiting for the reply from M4G before they will respond to me although I have my gold returned it will be interesting to see what M4G have said and how all the complaints lodged affect M4G’s rating.

    Money4gold/dollars4gold have a B- rating at the minute with BBB, you can see stats of complaints received and the resolutions so far on the BBB site if anyone is interested. (click view report after searching for Money4Gold)

  144. Hi all,
    latest update, as we all suspected M4G did not ring me back so I rung them this morning, bearing in mind my 7 day letter is up today with my threat of legal action. and low and behold they gave me a new tracking number and said my gold has been returned today 4/11/09 So watch this space. If it does come back tomorrow or the next day then the threat of legal action will have seemed to work.

  145. Anne that is fantastic! Hopefully it should arrive tomorrow then!
    At least you can track its progress in the mean time!

    lol Ant, Sure one of us would take pleasure in threatening them for you, Think you had better ask someone of the same gender though or it could cause a few raised eyebrows in the M4G office lol.

  146. Received reply from BBB as below. As we already know my items have been returned, after the complaint had been received by BBB. They again say I requested my gold back on the 21st October, which is utter rubbish! I requested my gold back on the 13th October. I will be replying to the response on the basis of this and the fact that Money4Gold’s guarantee states within 15 days of receipt of the cheque.

    Company’s Response
    Company’s Initial Response – Posted 11/03/2009
    Thank you for taking the time to help mediate this complaint. We have carefully reviewed xxxxxxxxx’x file and want to resolve this matter to the best of our ability. We received a package at our refining facility on October 5, 2009 from xxxxxxxx We immediately sent a check to xxxxxxxxxxx based on the liquidation value of the items he sent to us. Liquidation value is purely based on actual Gold content; it can be much less than a Retail Value (what the consumer originally paid for item) and it can be much less than what a random Jewelry store might pay for a finished piece of Gold Jewelry that is aesthetically pleasing. Again, liquidation value is based on GOLD contents – nothing else. xxxxxxxx requested his items to be returned to her on October 21, 2009 as she was not satisfied with his payment. As we clearly state on our advertising materials, if customers are not satisfied with our payment, we gladly return their items at no cost to the customer. xxxxxxx items were returned on October 29, 2009 with tracking number xxxxxxxxx. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you need further information regarding this case. We truly thank you for taking the time to mediate this complaint. Cordially, Money4GoldUk Customer Service
    Initial Response Summary
    xxxxxxxx items were returned on October 29, 2009 with tracking number xxxxxxxxxxxx.

    Hopefully Ant, you should also have your reply today!

  147. Hi, after countless phone calls and threats to money4gold telling them that as of today 2/11/09 i was to contact trading standards e.c.t e.c.t. i got a phone call yesterday from money4gold telling me they had posted my gold back and they give me a tracking number, I recived my gold back all in one piece this morning, Im very happy about this and have lerned a valuble lesson, never do business with a gold dealer that wont tell you how much they pay per gram. hope everyone else gets their gold back.

  148. Joanna very pleased to hear your good news.

    I have never heard of M4G ringing anyone with news of a return or a tracking number before so hopefully that is a sign that somebody is listening at M4G and others will receive their gold back as stated within 15 days of a returned cheque.

  149. I`m so pleased for you,Joanna. I`m still waiting, but it`s not the fifteen days till the 13th. so I`m keeping my fingers crossed. It`s certainly looking much more hopeful, isn`t it?

  150. Hi all update on my unreturned gold.

    Called customer services yesterday and I got through first time WOW!!
    Giving my reference number the person the other end of the phone apologised for the delay in
    returning my gold.

    His reply, he would have a quick chat with his manager after a few minutes he came back with a new offer for my gold, increasing the offer from £141.00 to £450.00 .

    Explaining the new offer was because of the delay in contacting me, I refused his offer and said I would like it posted back ASAP.

    No problems he said and I would receive by Friday 6th November and would call me later with a tracking number. NO RETURN CALL!!

    Called M4G to-day and after 10 attempts got the same person, again he said sorry for not calling me back but he still has no tracking number for me, and assured me that I would receive it by the latest
    Tuesday of next week. (Not holding my breath)

    Have you seen the adverts on Sky TV I counted 10 adverts last night on one channel.

    Everyone just hang on in there, stick together, and hopefully we will all get our gold back

    Keep you up-dated.

  151. Glen Glad your not holding your breath. Fingers crossed though!

    What a massive increase in the offer!

    I still haven’t seen one tv ad for money4gold, just as well really, don’t quite trust myself not to chuck something at the screen lol.

    Penny Have you got a definite return listed on the M4G website yet? That’s a good indication if your item has been sent or not!

  152. mmm my cheque was £170 (declined) I was not offered a higher amount but if i’d got offered around the £500 mark I would’ve agreed.

  153. Here’s my story with M4G…… Sent gold off at beginning of Sept. Got cheque for insulting amount which I returned recorded on 11th Sept. Its now 5th Nov and still not had my gold returned. I complained to Consumer Direct who advised I send that standard letter which was ignored. I now have a guy from Trading Standards liaising with M4G on my behalf. After about 2 weeks of him ringing them, and them making promises, he finally got a tracking number for me yesterday. This of course means nothing because they still have to take the actual parcel to the post office which they STILL haven’t done as its still not showing up on the royal mail website. Each time I think I’m gettng a bit closer to getting it back, I get knocked back down again. Am gonna have to ring the guy from Trading Standards YET AGAIN. I think I will faint if that parcel every actually arrives at my door. How this company are getting away with it I’ll never know. I emailed Watchdog about this too but haven’t heard anything from them. If I ever get my stuff back I will let you all know but I’ll tell you one thing, I aint giving up that easy.

  154. Hi Carol,
    dont bother with trading standards, Send M4G a 7 day letter and threaten legal action. It is simple to take to the county court but I am sure it wont happen. I did this and after 7 days I phoned and they gave me a tracking number and told me that the gold was returned on the 4th November. When I got home today there was a post office card stating I had to go to the post office to get a signed for parcel. I am sure its my gold but I will let you know tomorrow. P.s. Dont be afraid of taking these scum to court. The courts are very sympathetic and will help you. Its all a matter of Bluff, M4G is a huge company and they wont want to be seen being taken to court of non return of gold. Good Luck

  155. Hi Carol, Sorry M4G are giving you the same hassle as we have experienced. Looks like even trading standards are not getting very far. Which is shocking!
    I would suggest if you have not received any confirmation of postage by tomorrow, send your complaint to the BBB, (link in one of the comments above)

  156. Hi all again,
    As in my last message I said I phoned M4G and said i wanted my gold back as they offered me £41 then offered £82, I declined, then I got all the excuses as you all did!
    I then phoned again and said where’s my gold! I was offered £188.00, I was expecting around £190 so I accepted, I got the cheque in 3 days wow!, just wondering if its going clear! It seems to me that the company is starting to get there finger out so there might be light at the end of the tunnel. But the moral of the story is dont give gold to strangers through the post. Would you send me your gold if I said i will send you a gold kit out? Answer NO!, I hope we all have learnt a lesson here including myself. Try phoning around 6 – 7pm that seemed to be the best time to get in contact with them for me. Dont bother E mailing them they never respond.
    Best of luck to you all and have a good Christmas and new year xxx

  157. Colin I am pleased you eventually got the amount you were looking for, I haven’t seen anyone else having problems with the cheque clearing. Thanks for the update and All the very best to you too.

  158. Thanks for the advise. The guy from TS is contacting them AGAIN today but this is the last time as far as I am concerned. I am definately going to pursue this through the small claims courts (if this is what I need to do). Any advise about this – how on earth can I prove what items I sent to them? I was stupid enough not to take photos of the jewellery.

  159. Hi All,
    Great new my GOLD HAS BEEN RETURNED, YIPEEEE. It was sent by recorded next day delivery. It would seem the threat of legal action worked. If anyone want a copy of my 7 day letter here it is please feel free to copy it:-

    I sent my gold on the ………….in the recorded envelope you sent me. After chasing you and many telephone calls, I received a cheque from you for £…… on the ……..(date).NOT THE 24 HOURS AS STATED IN THE CONTRACT I TOOK OUT WITH YOU ON SENDING OUT MY GOLD.
    The sum you offered was a ridiculous amount. I returned the cheque back to you recorded delivery on date…….
    I telephoned you on several occasions and finally got through and you offered me double the amount. I told you I wanted my gold returned by return of post.
    I am giving you 7 days As from todays date………. to return my gold. Otherwise I WILL take legal action to have my gold returned to me.
    Your Faithfully

    please don’t be afraid of the courts. You have the law on your side and A big company like M4G wont like to bad publicity, You could always go to the the Tabloids.

    Also if you don’t remember what you sent, you will have a rough idea and on the post office receipt there will be a weight in grms, this will be the weight of your gold less the envelope. They will if they dispute your claim then they will have prove what you sent. To do this they will have to admit that they have not returned it yet. They wont want to pay a solicitor to defend themselves when the are so in the wrong. Please don’t be afraid to threaten. You can do it on line and there is advice to help you fill in the forms.

    Good luck all I will keep watching this site just message me here and I will help you much as I can. I am just off to send my gold to someone else, Joking lol

  160. Hi Anne. Fantastic news! Can you just confirm it was recorded next day as above or was it special delivery?

    Hopefully their will be a few more people with good news very soon.

    I received my gold back from M4G on a Saturday, by Monday lunchtime I had been paid by a reputable company for my gold.
    Their are some efficient and respectable companies out there.

  161. Hi Sharon,
    It was Royal Mail Special Delivery Guaranteed next day. What company did you sell your gold to, I might try them.

  162. The broadcasting channels should be held accountable for advertising an obvious scam!
    Somebody should enclose a tracking device in replace of the gold to see exactly where these packages end up!!! Perhaps Watch-Dog might do it, lets hope they do so as they can name and shame the people responsible!

  163. Or maybe we should just order another bag and put some poo in it and post it back!!!!! :-)

    My tracking number is now showing that its been posted although I will wait until it comes to my door before I get too excited.

  164. Hi Anne Thanks. I’ve used http://www.hattongardenmetals.com/ twice now, I think its about 80%, their are companies that pay a bigger percentage, but Hatton have got a calculator on the above site so it gives you a rough idea how much to expect and they don’t supply the special delivery envelope, so it will cost you £4.95 to send it to them.
    From my point of view, using a Hatton made it well worth it especially after my experience with M4G. Added benefit is you can opt for a BACS payment which goes into your account the same day Hatton receive your gold.
    Their is a thread on the moneysaving expert forum which gives other peoples experiences if you would like to have a look.

    Carol I have a nice big dog and I am sure he would donate!lol

  165. Oh nice!!!

    Just thought I’d check the tracking progress on the site;

    Had previously been displaying:-
    13/10/09 On hold
    26/10/09 Definate return

    Now shows:-
    03/11/09 On hold
    04/11/09 Definate return

    Lovely eh?

  166. Ant M4G make me sick!

    The **** you spoke to on the 3rd at M4G, obviously decided to stick your items back on hold for some reason.
    Did you contact M4G on the 4th?
    Curious as to why the definite return was put back on the following day (4th.
    Especially as both our BBB complaints were sent off the same day and I received my reply on the 5th, after my gold had been despatched.

    Maybe its time Ant to kick some butt and threaten legal action!

  167. The last time I called them was 26th Oct….

    Unless they have sent my items out on 3rd or 4th Nov and have just written the wrong thing down – or is that wishful thinking!!

  168. You’re not gonna believe it – my gold arrived this morning!!!! So, it has taken around 2 months since I sent it off originally.

    Ironically, I had just sent them a letter yesterday threatening legal action which they won’t even have received yet!!!

    I reckon its thanks to the guy from Trading Standards constantly ringing them.

    So, now I’m off to a reputable jewellers in town to get a valuation.

    Good luck to everyone – just keep at them and you should get your stuff back eventually!

  169. Hello everybody, I`m on top of the world this morning as I have had my gold back!!! My fifteen days are`nt even up until the 13th. so they must be getting their act together, thanks to all you good people who`ve sent off letters threatening legal action, etc. I only replied to their standard e-mail, so it`s been easy for me. Sharon, I looked on the Hatton Garden site, and my gold is worth over £700 according to the weight and crt. Did you get the amount that it showed in the calculation box? I`m so wary now, as to whether to send it off again, but you had a good experience, didn`t you? Anyway, good luck to everybody who hav`nt yet had theirs back yet, but you must admit, it`s looking a lot more hopeful now. I`ll keep coming to the site, to see what`s happening. ( I feel as if I belong to an exclusive club )!!!

  170. Sorry Ant Thought I had better explain my comment above

    “Ant, November 3rd, 2009


    M4G got my cheque back 13/10/09
    I called to chase on 26/10/09 – was told it would be returned in a few days.

    Tracking on M4G website indicated;
    13/10/09 On hold
    26/10/09 Definate return

    I called today as the website still did not indicate they’d been returned.

    I was told, the return is 15 (working)days from the definate return date “would you like me to work that out on my calculator for you”!!! how patronising!

    So they are now saying I should have it back by Mon Nov 16th! A month after they had my cheque back.

    Just wish they’d send it and stop arsing about!”

    I thought the call here might explain why your items had been put on hold on the 3rd and then the definite return on the 4th as they would then have had the complaint from BBB.

    Either way, Its about time M4G got off their butts and got your gold back to you.

  171. Aww Penny. I am really pleased for you hun! Think we need to have a count up on how many successes we’ve all managed so far!

    Yes Penny 2 good experiences with Hatton for me. My scales were out slightly so the weight was slightly different, but as the gold price for that day had gone up slightly I actually got a few pence more than I was expecting. That was the first time, second time I got spot on what the calculation said because I accounted for my scales being slightly out.

    If you are 100% on the carat, the weight and the price doesn’t increase on the day they receive it you should get the exact calculation. Penny I felt exactly the same when I used Hatton the first time, I can’t say strongly enough the most important thing is you feel comfortable using whichever company you choose, check out other peoples comments on MSE forum, it helped me make a informed comfortable choice after all the problems with M4G. If you need the link for MSE give me a shout and i’ll hunt it out for you x.

  172. Sorry, but all you mugs only have yourself to blame.

    How could you ever image that these companies with their heavy marketing would ever offer you a good deal?

    Talk about a fool and his gold are soon parted :)

  173. I have sent 270 grams of gold which is worth around £7 per gram to Money4Gold uk. I was sent a cheque for less than £1 per gram. I sent the cheque back well within the time, but haven’t had any response or my gold back despite letters, emails and calls.
    Don’t trust this compnay with anything, it seems to be a giant scam. I still see their adverts every 30 minutes on the TV. The advertising standards authority should stop them, as it’s clearly not all it’s advertising itself to be.

  174. Thankyou very much for that, Sharon. I would be grateful for the link for MSE if you dont mind. I suppose we are mugs in a way, Alex, but there must be some reputable companies out there, as in Sharon`s case. If I get a good deal, I`ll let everybody know.

  175. I also meant to say, are you sure, Susie, that the adverts are for Money4Gold and not for Cash4Gold? I havn`t seen any for M4G for ages now.

  176. Hi,

    Seen the advert 3 times so far today, once while I was typing my first post and it’s actually on now while I type this at 3.33pm on Alibi. The model used to be on QVC, same face & recording as on the website.

  177. My gold came back to me today! Am so pleased (and its still all sorted into grades)

    Hope everyone else gets what belongs to them back also.

    Thanks for everyone whos helped with advice on here.


  178. Fantastic news Ant! Wouldn’t mind betting your reply comes from BBB following the despatch of your gold?

    Susie send a complaint off to the BBB if you haven’t done so already! Hopefully you will receive your gold soon after your complaint has been submitted. Fingers crossed!

    Alex Thanks for the comment, maybe we are mugs because we expected a company to trade and abide by UK consumer law. Unfortunately their seems to be a lot of people in the same boat as us, so we are using our experience constructively!
    Their is no point in shutting the gate once the horse has bolted as the saying goes.

  179. Another victim of money 4 gold. Everything I have read this morning fits my story to a tee. I was offered a poor cheque amount of £89.76, this was double over the phone. I returned my cheque on the 21/10 special delivery and have been fobbed off since. I have just completed a complaint with bbb, following actions taken by other people on this blog, so fingers crossed, any other advise would be greatly received.

  180. I just been reading all the comments on this website and I am now really worried. I sent my gold off too Money 4 Gold last Monday 2/11/09, I received an email from them on Wednesday the 4/11/09 saying that my gold had been processed and that my cheque was on the way. I have received a cheque today for £92.81, I did take an approximate weight of my gold it was about 50g. Most of my gold was 14ct, I thought I would receive about £300. Going on the calculation provided it should be closer to £500. I have called them and was offered double, which I thought was better than nothing, especially being so close to christmas. They have told me to keep hold of the cheque I have and that they will send another cheque for the difference through the post. I did ask them if my gold would be held until the other cheque was received and they have said that they would. I am now really concerned after reading all the horror stories that I will not receive the other half of this money, but it seems that if I ask for my gold back then I will not have any money or my gold. Has anybody accepted an increased offer from them and received it? I would really like to know for my own peace of mind, don’t know whether to cash this cheque or wait for the other one.

  181. Well I tool my gold into a reputable jewellers and received nearly £180 for it. M4G offered me £42!!!!!!! Always check the price of gold online first so you have an idea of what your stuff is worth.

  182. M4G offer cheque was £170 – I was never offered a higher amount.

    After getting my gold back from them, I have jsut sold it to my local jeweller for £470….

    I just wish I’d done that 2 months ago!

  183. Maxine I would hope you now have a much better chance in getting your gold returned quicker by complaining to BBB, it may take a few days to get a reply but it seems to give M4G the kick up the butt they seem to constantly require. Have you checked on the M4G site to see if your items are on hold or on definite return? If their on hold I would give M4G a call and insist your items are to be returned with immediate effect.

    Mandy if it was me I would check the calculator @ Hatton garden scrap for instance, they pay approx 80% of the value and compare this amount to the offer from Money4Gold. I have never read anyone complain in regard to not receiving a 2nd cheque.
    I would not cash the first cheque until you have received the second one, even if you have decided your happy with M4G’s offer.

  184. Hi there does anyine have a telephone number that I can contact them on. The no I have is constantly engaged, these people must be making a fortune from many people. I trusted them as I saw there ads on the TV and there double guarantee, this is disgraceful and has to be stopped

  185. i have just received my gold back.next day special delivery. i am very happy and i hope you guys will get it back as well.

  186. Hi to Claire Fawcett,
    I have got my gold back but I am very interested in this matter. I sent them a 7 day letter and I telephoned them on the last day. My gold was returned just as the 7 days was up.
    I agree these people need to be taught a lesson. They offered me a £35.00 for my gold, today I went onto the web site http://www.Hattongardenmetals.com and my gold was valued at £214.20, I was shocked at the difference. I will be sending my gold off to them I think.
    I think this company will not like bad publicity and they are using the media, TV to “con” vulnerable people. WE need to get this matter in the News papers. I am up for getting in touch with the Red top Tabloids, but we all need to stick together. let me know what you think

  187. Hi, I too have been conned by money 4 gold! I sent my gold in at the end of september, received a cheque offering me £36, i was offended at how low the offer was and posted the cheque back the next day recorded delivery. They recieved the cheque on the 6th October and told me after 10days they would post my gold back. I was stupid and waited the 10days, then as the time went on and on i kept ringing and getting told different stories. They kept telling me my gold had been put on definate return on about 6 different dates. The last time i rang they told me that my gold was in the post and gave me a recorded delivery track and trace number, i tracked it all day until i saw it has been signed for by someone else. I am furious and really dont no what i can do about it! I will stick with you if you decide to go to the papers as something needs to be done, NOW !!


  188. Can someone let me know the Telephone number as I cannot get through on the number I have . What Number are you all calling?



  189. Just read clare’s message, I am definately happy to join forces and do a collective complaint. After reading the messages earlier and after me stupidly agreeing to the second offer, I called M4G back and told them that I had since been on a site that gave you a quote on the weight and purity and that my gold was worth at least £400. They said that because I had accepted the verbal offer to double the first offer that I was contracted to this. I said that I wasn’t happy and that I had only spoken with them 2hrs earlier. The lady said that since it had only take place that morning that she would forward my complaint to head office, which is in America and that I would receive a phone call today after 2pm, I am still waiting. I won’t be cashing the first cheque until I either get the second cheque or resolve the problem and hopefully get my gold returned. I feel such an idiot. Will call them again tomorrow. Does anybody know if accepting the offer over the phone means that I have entered a verbal contract?

  190. Hi Mandy,

    Are we missing something here. The advert says that if you receive a better offer, they will double it. I know that when you ask them, they will tell you that this means, they will double their offer.

    However, unless this appears somewhere in there t’s and c’s, cases like this are usually decided basis, of what would that well known legal entity, “the man on the Clapham omnibus” think.

    I was wondering if someone was to phone them for an envelope, after obtaining a quote from elsewhere, if they sent the envelope, would the t’s and c’s be enclosed?

    If not, and you receive an offer of say £2 per gram from M4G, and you had an offer of say £7.50 per gram, the man on the Clapham omnibus would reasonably believe that M4G, was obliged o pay him £15 per gram.

    One for the legal eagles I think?

  191. Hi everyone.There was me thinkinking I was the only trusting fool. Money 4 gold have had mine since the 23rd October. Like most of you they offered me £140 and then after trying to get it back offered £492. I have actually got through on the phone,and been fobbed of with promise after promise to return my gold. A supposed supervisor KATIE TAYLOR was just about to ring me. However I could not get through after this latest promise. Pity we cant all get together and co to Wrotham Park. I am talking to citizens advice first thing this morning. I have been up all night fretting . Good Luck everyone

  192. Sorry to read all the newer comments which have appeared in the last couple of days. Good luck to everyone!
    Can I say in my opinion it is important that every single one of us, sends a complaint off to BBB, even if you feel their is no potential in the return of your gold, every single complaint matters, in 36 months their is only 19 complaints listed against this company, 18 of which M4G have apparently agreed to perform according to their contract.
    In addition it is also handy for each of us to check regularly your original tracking number for your G pak on the M4G website.

    Mandy I would be interested to know what your supposed status on the website says, also as Clare has said Uk consumer law gives a “cooling off” period on verbal/online transactions. However what is important at this stage for you is to ensure M4G are fully aware you are not going to accept their offer. I doubt they will confirm in writing your decline however ensure you have a copy of a letter declining their offer and returning both cheques even if you send one for each cheque you recieve. I would also suggest you contact consumer direct with your individual complaint asap, yours is a different scenario to what previous complaints we have had here thus far. As Clare has said bullying tactics or intimidation could well be used by M4G, the more knowledge you are confident with, will help when dealing with M4G, consumer direct will confirm your legal rights.

    Rainey the phone number Maxine has posted above is the only one I have, it does take patience and a lot of perseverance on occasions unfortunately.

    Clare What does the tracking number bring up on the status of your gold? Does it actually state that your gold has been refined? Was it put on hold when you phoned them confirming the return of your cheque?
    As I have stated on numerous occasions on here and other websites this company does need to be stopped.

    Personally I now feel although this site has been vitally important to us, we do need something in addition to be more productive, I am certainly struggling to keep up with the increasing comments here and think using a forum base would help us all greatly, every person could have their own section to update and ask questions or such. This is easy to set up and we could leave a link here so the two sites work in conjunction. Leaving links on sites for example like MSE, Ciao Quidco would bring in other complaints, it also means we have the means to contact all memebers individually using PM’S. If everyone else is agreed I am willing to set this up and do the admin.

    Just to clarify any investigations and findings by the DTI/OFT will not be made public knowledge unless court proceedings are pursued.
    New regulations or a regulatory body could however be introduced to give greater consumer awareness and protection. Individual complaints and a collective statement sent to the DTI and the minister of trade and industry would be invaluable imo

  193. By the way everyone I was being cruel to be kind when I called you all mugs (the ones who’ve done business with these firms).

    Listen, please learn that MOST companies are out try to legally scam people these days. So if you approach a clompany with the idea they’re going to be fair and not try any tricks then you are a mug and have no right to complain when they get the better deal than you.

    Intead, spend some time to reseearch who you’re doing business with and who their potential clientele is.

    And if you’re done that with the Gold companies it wouldn’t have taken you 5 mintues online to find plenty of bad news stories. Then, who are they marketed to, well I think people with limited education from the lower classes (not judging here). And when a company is setup to sell to that crowd you’re naive into thinking the customers aren’t going to be financially raped.

    All in all research is you KEY weapon these days, most don’t bother to research so to me get what they deserve.

    Hope this helps and is a wake up call to many of you.

    One final point on the research. 10 years ago, pre internet it was hard but now it’s easy so you have NO EXCUSE.

    Good luck and hold on to you Gold, I think it’s going to at least $1650 and then $2200. But the ride will be bumpy.

  194. The smiley face, doesn’t forgive the judgemental and patronising tone. I admit, I have been fooled, but I am neither poorly educated nor ‘lower class’, whatever that might mean. I don’t usually find that education or class means that you can’t be naive although it may actually make us less suspicious of scams and false promises.
    I, like many others probably believed, obviously naively, that there were some sort of safeguards in place against these sorts of companies, particularity as they are advertising on the main satellite tv channels, who are also making money out of our misery.

  195. Hi All
    Yes, Clare I agree we all need to stick together and get this company exposed properly. I am willing to join in and help where needed. Even though I was one of the lucky ones to receive my gold back, I went through hell to get it returned, and I have to think that there are many people out there who have been scammed by them, but dont know who to contact etc for help, so its cases that we havent heard of yet. As I’v stated in previous posts – I will not give up until M4G are publicaly and legally shamed!

  196. Alex
    It is a real shame that you are so focussed on non-constructive comments, I presume you are fulfilling some personal need!

    You say research is the key, then I suggest you practice what you preach and start by researching UK consumer law, you will then note that consumers have every “right” to complain when they are treated unfairly.
    As for your other comments, for me they are not worth the energy of typing a reply!

  197. I love it, I’m trying to give you all some advice so many of you will learn but you’re attacking me. Like I said I was being cruel to be kind.

    So go ahead everyone, continue to do business with companies before you research them and look for the catches. Plus, add in some common sense, for example in this case I’d assume these companies are heavily advertising on daytime Sky TV and we all know the main target group that watches that crap. That’s one massive clue if ever there was one.

    But if you don’t bother to research please don’t go whining on message boards when you come unstuck. Instead, save yourself some calories and effort and look in the nearest mirror because that’s the person to whinge to.

    Now, I’m sure there are a few people agreeing with me, and they’re the smart ones. Well done folks, happy to help and save you a crap load of money in the future.

  198. Hi and Thank you for the offer Rob. I am not sure what others think, but I can see a few advantages of a forum.
    Admittedly one of which is the pleasure of deleting certain people’s non constructive comments lol!

    Situations like this do have a habit of snowballing and if we are determined to look at the bigger picture and not just focus on the return of gold. I think we’re going to need a bit more space and organisation. What does everyone else think?

  199. hi everyone,

    i came across this board looking for info on M4G. Im not agreeing with alex or disagreeing but i do think he makes some valid points. This is unfortunately an expensive lesson to learn.

    Just because a company advertises on satellite tv doesnt make them trustworthy. In these times of recession companies like M4G are thriving.

    good luck to everyone who are trying to get their gold back..

  200. Hi Sharon, Yep I think that a forum might be a good idea. I seem to have been here from the start so will definately be here to the end lol.

  201. Hi Peter

    Thanks for your comment and wishes, I hope you find the information you were searching for.

    I agree Peter, Alex did have valid points, if you can put to one side the judgements and name calling.

  202. sent my gold to money4gold on 29.09.09 they recieve it and sent a cheque to someone else have phoned and emailed loads been to citizen advice contacted the bbb, trading standards and the sun also emailed watchdog just been on to check status it now says gold was on hold on 22.10.09 but was melted on 26.10.09 great no gold no money no f**k all [edited for language]

  203. Thanks for everyones advice. I have composed a letter to send to M4G, but I am going to check the Consumer direct website first with reference to the verbal agreement and the 14 day cooling off period. I have phoned them again today and I am still waiting for my promised phone call from a manager. I am determined that I will get my gold back or the value of the gold. May be acting stupid here but what does BBB stand for so that I can make my complaint to who ever they are.

  204. Hi all,

    I’ve added a forum and posted a Money4Gold topic for you to chat on: http://forums.money-watch.co.uk/money4gold-problems-t2.html

    The forum is a bit sparse at the moment, but hopefully it will be of some use. You’ll need to register before you can post: http://forums.money-watch.co.uk/ucp.php?mode=register

    I’ll keep an eye on how things progress, have a play with it, doesn’t matter if it breaks because there’s nothing else on there at the moment!


  205. Thank you Rob!

    Phil Really sorry to read your comment! M4G are beyond belief! Have you heard anything from the BBB, trading standards?

    Mandy BBB stands for Better Business Bureau its based in America, as is M4G.

    http://www.la.bbb.org/Home.aspx then: consumers, file a complaint.

  206. Hi all

    I just had this email this morning from BBB. Probably the same as others have had, but Im still hoping.

    Re: Complaint #55117689 – Money4Gold Holdings, Inc.

    We have formally processed your complaint and sent it to the above named company. We will send you a copy of their response as soon as we receive it. Please allow up to 30 business days for a response to be received before you inquire about the status of your complaint.

    If the company contacts you about your complaint, let us know. This will help us to keep our information current and take timely action on your complaint.

    Thank you for using the Better Business Bureau.

  207. received a call yesterday from M4G offering me £224 for my gold and that figure included a compensation payment. I declined. They said it was their final offer. Called them back later after having found a company in Birmingham’s Jewellry quarter who as at yesterday were prepared to offer me £279.23. Said that I was sure now they would be happy to offer me double that under their Double G Guarantee plus the compensation payment they were offering for refining my gold without my consent. Incidentially, they received my cheque back on 29-10-09 and refined it on 30-10-09!!! Will let you know how I get on.

    Guys – if like me, you find your gold has been refined without your consent I am told they should still be able to send your gold back in the form of a gold bar so you can still take it elsewhere.

  208. only had a basic response from bbb saying please leave 30 buisness days for response nothing from trading standards local mp not interested told me to go to the police who are not intrested contacted watchdog and the sun newspaper

  209. Phil
    Looks like civil action maybe the next step for you to consider, if BBB don’t manage to get a suitable response from M4. Come back and let us know if their are any developments.

  210. Yesterday I raised a complaint with BBB, and emailed M4G to say that I had. I’ve just had a call from M4G uk asking how much I will accept and then promising to return my gold as they can’t meet that amount (roughly £7 per gram).
    let’s see…..

  211. Just to say, as I am obviously one of the lucky ones who got their gold back with very little hassle, I think the idea of a forum is a good one. (I`m going to have a look at it in a minute) and I`m very sorry for everybody still waiting. Dont give up, although it seems to be too late for you, Phil. What a shocking story. How dare they? I`m really sorry for you. Not that that gets your gold back! Let us know of any developements.

  212. me and my partner sent a 14ct white gold ring to money 4 gold on friday the 30th october 2009, we were expecting a cheque to arrive which was urgently required and have since recieved no cheque, on the 5th of november i contacted them on her behalf and was told that a cheque was issued on the 4th of november, and that due to postal strikes could be expected to arrive by no later than the 9th of november, yet on the 9th of november we recieved a call saying that royal mail had returned the cheque to cash 4 gold and that they were going to resend it, it is now the 11th of november and i have contacted them again asking them to put me through to one of the managers, i was told that one was not availible and that i would have to wait for a call back at 15:30 in the mean time the agent a man called neil said he would cancle the cheque and send another one by special delivery. By 16:45 i still had not recieved a call back, i tried to call them again, the agent i spoke to this time stated that a cheque was being sent out standerd first class mail and should be with me some time this week and that the other cheque had been cancled, i asked to speak to a manager and was told that the manager was unavalable for discussion and would only be able to call me back if there was any further information, after this call i decieded to do some research on money 4 gold and found this forum and decided to post my own experiance here i feel that people should indeed be warned against sending their
    valuable metals to this site, i have sent a copy of this message to watchdog and feel that others in my situation should do the same

  213. Shaun sorry to hear your story, I would suggest you also send off a complaint to the BBB,(the link is easy to find in the forum) and use your original tracking number to see what the M4G site says about the status of your gold. Hopefully its “on hold”

  214. My god do I regret getting involved with Money4gold. They are undoubtedly an utter scam. AVOID AT ALL COSTS.

    Had gold valued at £55 by a local goldbuyer. Sent it to Money4Gold. Soon after I got a cheque for £13. Phoned them to decline and get gold back and they were suddenly able to match the £55 valuation. I accepted.

    (Incidentally, the double your money guarantee is also a complete lie. I should add they give all sorts of lame sales lines in their dealings, about ‘passing on to management’ and whenever you ask for someone in authority they tell you they can’t do anything due to their owners being in the US. It’s just one awful excuse after another).

    Suffice to say I waited weeks for the £55 cheque to arrive. Lots of calls, lots of excuses. And then when it finally came…it was for £13 again. Aaaggh! I still don’t have my gold back or my money.

    This company had got to be outed. BBC Watchdog, Trading Standards. I want to see whichever slimey millionaire that runs this company given a severe hounding.

  215. So sorry to hear your stories, Mark and Shaun. I`m sure we`ll be seeing an item on Watchdog soon, as loads of us have written to them. I got my gold back, so hang on in there, as they say!! Good luck to you both.

  216. Like Penny I am sorry to hear about your experience with Money4Gold Mark. Hope you get your gold back very soon! The link to the BBB if you want to complain is in the forum if you need it, we’ve found this probably the most effective way of getting somewhere with M4G.

  217. not being funny, nut you must need your bumps read to post gold off to an unknown entity operating on an industrial estate in preston (or wherever). Given that many people have already had prices locally i am amazed that they think they will get more by responding to TV ads. Work it out… how much does a TV advertising campaign cost… is it cheap or is it expensive? Think about it, who pays for the ads…. errrr well YOU do in the poor prices they pay, come on it does not take much to wok that out does it?

    Caveat Emptor i’m afraid, if you are daft enough to post your gold then i think you get what you deserve

    also bear in mind that ‘valuations’ and actual prices will be vastly different. A valuation is the cost to replace the item including reatiler mark up (between 200 and 1000% for jewellery) but the actual value of the material is much less, don’t forget that folks when searching for the real value of your items

    i am a market trader (jewellery) and i buy gold, people bring it i sort it and offer to buy, they either say yes or no, deal or no deal for you TV lovers! Simple as that, why complicate the issue by sending goods off to a firm you know nothing about… in fact one of them (if your bother to google their telephone number) is a used car dealseship in Ealing…..! bandwagon jumpers, woebetide anyone sending gold to them

  218. Just another ripped off and dissatisfied customer of Money4gold.UK… Their guarantee they will return your gold within 15 days is just a load of rubbish. After returning their pathetic cheque which was posted from Ireland i am still waiting for my gold to be returned a month later.
    This Company seems to operate like the “Burmuda triangle” between the U.S. Ireland & U.K. and the only thing that will disappear is your gold !!! They are still advertising on T.V. and they need to be stopped !!!

  219. Hi Ross Sorry your another one who is struggling with money4gold, Hope the comments here help you to get your gold returned. Interesting the cheque was posted from Ireland!
    If you need any help, just give us a shout! Good luck!

  220. im so glad i’ve found this feed, i felt so stupid after being ripped off by M4G. i sent my jewellery to them back in august! after sending my new address on the card included in the Gpak, i contacted them to see where my cheque was (i has recieved an email saying it had been sent) they then confirmed they had sent it to my old address and not the new one i had given them. i pointed out this was a mistake of the company and i would like a new cheque sent out but instead they asked me if i could go to the old address….. it is 300 miles away from my current location!! i couldn’t believe the cheek! i email saying NO i can not go there, and guess what? i haven’t heard anything from them since! i have email many times requesting my gold back, im not even bothered about the bloody cheque now (i dont even know how much they offered me!)
    i have got no answer every time ive phoned the customer services which is at least 20 times! and when i phoned the sales department (bout 7 times) they always say that they can’t deal with it and i have to keep trying customer services! when i refused to end the conversation until i knew where my gold was she said i’ll just connect you from here….. then cut me off!
    i haven’t contacted them in a couple of weeks because i can’t deal with it anymore, i sent my gold back in august! but now after reading that they have “stolen” so many people gold i will contact them tomorrow threatning legal action!
    good luck to everyone!

  221. Hi Rosie I am sorry to hear your story hun. Before you ring them tomorrow can I suggest if you still have the royal mail tracking number for your Gpak, go on the money4gold website, the home page, after the advert you will see a box “track your Gpak” enter your tracking number and see what the site comes back with, at least then you will know if your gold is on hold, awol, returned or at worst its gone to the refinery.
    Whatever the results they are a bunch of scum bags and need to be stopped, if you need any help or somewhere just to sound off you know where to come. Fingers crossed for you Rosie, let uus know how you get on.

  222. Hi all,

    I am a journalist at the Manchester Evening News and am looking to chat to people from the Greater Manchester area who have had bad experiences using postal gold companies.

    Please be in touch at paulybentley@hotmail.com (note the y after paul!) or on 0161 211 2607

    Thanks for the help,

    Paul Bentley

  223. Hi all,

    Have just spoken to Paul (Manchester Evening News) as I used to live in Manchester until recently. He seems committed to exposing these scammers which is brilliant.

    Have not been on the blog lately as my numerous attempts to secure the return of my bracelet (still unsuccessful) have been too many to go into. Am just about to ring the B…..ds AGAIN. Wondering what fob off I’ll get this time!

  224. I am so glad that someone from the media is finaly involved here. Pity it’s just Manchester, but thats a fantastic start. This company needs to be exposed so that no one else has to go through the hell we have had to.

  225. Couldn’t get through yesterday as constantly engaged. However, just sat with the phone for half an hour and kept redialing and finally spoke to Jennifer.

    Actually felt sorry for the girl – just sounded defeated!!

    Main parts of the conversation went like this:-

    Me: Rang Denise on 9/11 and she said that gold on definite return for 28/10 by special delivery and if not received by 13/11 to ring you and get tracking number. Where is my gold?

    Jennifer: Really sorry, do understand. Yours is on Priority.

    Me: When will I get my gold back?

    J: We’re really trying our best but I can’t give you a date.

    Me: Are you aware that the police, Watchdog, Trading Standards and a journalist from the MEN are now involved? Are you aware of the kind of company you are working for?

    J: We are really sorry and we are doing our best.

    Me: Where is my bracelet – Is it in UK or USA?

    J: No, no it’s in the UK

    Me: Where in the UK?

    J: It’s at our refinery

    Me: Where is your refinery?

    J: It’s at Wrotham Park.

    Me: I’ve Googled that and it’s derelict.

    J: No, no that’s an old picture – it’s a modern park now.

    Me: How would you feel if you were me?

    J: Personally, I would feel just the same and that’s why I’m doing everything I can to help.

    Me: So how can I make this happen?

    J: (Silence)

    Me: Where are your managers.

    J: Not here

    Me: So they just leave you to sort it. What are they doing?

    J: They are in meetings

    Me: I should think they are in bloody meetings!

    J: I think they have been overwhelmed with the response from the advert.

    Me: So why do they keep advertising? Why don’t they sort this out first?

    J: I don’t know.

    Me: So there’s nothing I can do?

    J: No, it’s just a waiting game. I’ve put down everything you’ve said.

    Hey ho. What can I say folks? The frustration is overwhelming.

    Does anyone live near the business park so they can go and have a look?


  226. Hi again,

    Really sick of this and have just found on Google that the CEO of this company in Florida is Douglas Feirstein so have rung their head office in Florida. Have left a message as office closed because of the time difference (typical!!) demanding that they return my call to find out what is going in the UK. (Put on my best UK accent!!). Seems that the head of the company is called Charles Pearlman and I have told them that I will find his number and contact him directly if I do not hear from them. Fingers crossed.

  227. Hi Julia
    Totally understand how frustrated you are right now. Drives you round the bend! Wished many a time we lived closer!

    As far as I am aware though, the refinery is in America, Wrotham Park, is a Victorian farm conversion, but its all office space. http://www.wbpk.com/ click on site map and you can see the numbered offices, from what I can gather, M4G have 2 lots, one which is registered at companies house and the other one, seems to be the address on all the advertising.

    Have you checked the website since you called to see if your status has changed from the last time you checked?

  228. Julia, Daniel Brauser is another name if you can’t speak to who you’ve mentioned.

    Just checked out M4G ratings on BBB again somewhere above I think last week, I’ve commented it was a B-, with approx 18 complaints, today their rating is a C+ with 23 complaints, so all these complaints we are taking to BBB are being logged and are having a negative affect on their ratings, slight satisfaction? I wonder how long it will be before their rating turns to a “F” and the BBB refuse to associate with this bunch of scum bags

  229. Hi Sharon,

    Just checked the website and absolutely nothing has changed. Thanks for the info about Daniel Brauser – do you know what his title is (apart from the obvious?)

  230. Hi Julia

    He seems to have a number of titles :) more often than not he is listed as president/CFO, on the BBB site though he’s listed as Administrator.

  231. Good Morning all
    Received my MSE newsletter this morning and interestingly they have started a new “official” thread on goldbuyers and are requesting feedback.


    (Rob could we add this link into our forum please)

    In my book that is certainly a opportunity not to be missed :), I have posted the name of this site and BBB, unfortunately I can’t yet post links on MSE so if anyone else can, it may help some other people who could be struggling with M4G.

    The more this company are highlighted, the less chance their is of anyone else getting stung by these bunch of *****

  232. Hello All

    Just had a visit from a reporter from a comapany called ferrari Press Agency apparently on behalf of the Daily Mail, not quite sure how they came by my name and address but anyway all seemed to be quite legitimate. Basically I told him what aload of thieving scumbags M4G are. Lets hope we get to see the story in the Mail.

    As for me still calling M4G every day and getting absolutely no where. My seven days threat of legal action is up on Thurday, so fingers crossed.

  233. Hi Maxine
    Well done on speaking to Ferrari, looking forward to seeing it in the mail.

    Have you heard anything from M4G today, 7 days is up today isnt it? Fingers crossed for you!

  234. Hi Sharon and all

    Ive been unable to get through to M4G at all today. There is an automated message saying “sorry lines are busy, please try later”, Ive never come across this before. Im wondering if something has happened??? Has anyone else had this message in the past?

    Im told the article might run in the mail next week so look out for it.

  235. Hiya Maxine yes unfortunately Maxine I’ve had the automated message a few times before:( Probably just too many calls and not enough customer service staff.
    I’ve stuck a google alert on for Money4Gold so hopefully when the Mail print the story I shouldn’t miss it.

    James Thanks for your comment, I am watching the posts increase on MSE, its actually shocking how many other people have been stung by M4G. Also nice to see a couple of reputable companies get positive recommendations.

  236. Over a month after returning Money4gold’s pathetic cheque for £101 for gold i have only just received it back today. This is only after complaints to to BBB in the U.S & also Trading Standards U.K. as Money4gold promised on three separate ocassions that my gold was on it’s way back. Frankly they just lie !!!
    I have just returned from Michael Bloomsteins Precious Metals here in Brighton with £486.69 for that same gold.
    What ever you do, don’t sent Money4gold any gold as it will be ages before it’s returned if you’re lucky.
    I can personally thoroughly recommend Michael Bloomsteins Precious Metals of Brighton as a very fair and honest company to sell your gold to.

  237. HI All

    Had no luck getting through to M4G all day yesterday and again this morning. I rung operator and he put me straight through – so give it a try if youre not having any luck.

    Ive been told this morning that I have now been escallated – this apparently means will have a tracking NO within 48 hours,acted on by the manager on the 18th. Has any one else been told this, Is this a true fact or just a load of bull as usual.

  238. Hi Maxine
    They told me the same thing – twice!!! The first time I still didnt hear from them for over a week and couldn’t get through to them on the phone. When I eventually did I played merry hell with them, and insisted that my gold be returned to me within 48 hours or else I would be personally driving to their address and collecting it myself. That seemed to work because I received my items back a couple of days later – although they never gave me a tracking number – it just arrived which I must say I was in shock when it did, but after what I had been through with them – very relieved. Maxine, I really do hope they stick to their promise now and send your property back to you. Fingers crossed hun.

  239. Hi Maxine

    I’ve had a similar version of what you have been told today, I didn’t get the tracking number either.
    Hopefully M4G will stick to their promise as Kathy says.
    Keep a eye on the m4g site hun, it usually shows up, when your gold has been returned at least then you’ll know before the postman comes knocking.


  241. Aww Lisa I am so sorry to read your comment. We all understand how frustrating and upset you feel.
    I would suggest you send off a complaint to here http://www.la.bbb.org/Consumers.aspx once you’ve outlined your complaint you will need to add what would be a suitable resolution. Once you’ve done BBB, hopefully that will help you in the short term.
    Also complain to consumer direct, they will pass on your complaint to trading standards hopefully that will help on getting this company sorted in the long term for everyone who’s suffered.
    Finally we have had some interest from the media, maybe that would be a way of highlighting your situation and hopefully getting a speedy resolution, obviously that depends on IF this is a route you want to look at, if so Rob has posted in the forum, you could pm him or post a reply and he could pass on your details.
    Please let us know what you decide and how you progress, even if you just want to let off steam we are here and will do anything we can to help.

  242. Thanks for your help Sahron i have sent a complaint to bbb and also to consumer rights. Yes i will be willing to go down the route of media so i will also send a pm to paul…. i will keep you informed when ever i hear anything from whoever it maybe from….. fingers crossed as any response at all will be better than what i’ve got at the minute….

  243. Thanks for your help Sharon i have sent a complaint to bbb and also to consumer rights. Yes i will be willing to go down the route of media so i will also send a pm to paul…. i will keep you informed when ever i hear anything from whoever it maybe from….. fingers crossed as any response at all will be better than what i’ve got at the minute….

  244. Morning all Thanks to the Mail, Tom and Maxine for highlighting this. Maxine I hope the UK managing director Noyan Nihat sticks to his word and your gold is returned asap.


    The added benefit of the Mail taking this story to print is more often than not other media both local and national will look at this story and see potential and run with it.

    Therefore I think it might be a idea for members of our forum who would or want to talk to the media, they update their members profile with their location, this would make it easier for Rob if and when he is contacted by any journalists who want anyone local to their area.

    If you want to do this log in to the forum,
    go to User control
    and then, Profile
    and enter your location.

    LISA your very welcome! Wishing you all the very best hun.

  245. Eureka!!!

    I was in the middle of typing an email to M4G when the postman knocked on the door and gave me my gold back, all separated into bags of carat weight. No note or niceties, but at least I got it back so keep badgering them, threatening legal action and reporting them where you can.
    Thank you to this forum and everyone actions – we’ve obviously had an effect.

    Good luck to eveyone else.

  246. Eureka!!!

    I was in the middle of typing an email to M4G when the postman knocked on the door and gave me my gold back, all separated into bags by carat weight. No note or niceties, but at least I got it back so keep badgering them, threatening legal action and reporting them where you can.
    Thank you to this forum and everyone actions – we’ve obviously had an effect.

    Good luck to eveyone else.

  247. finally an end to the nightmare just recieved a cheque for £1001.63p after an initial offer of £158 told them no chance and i wanted them to replace my jewellery they had melted they said they couldnt told them i would be contacting the bbb again and suprise suprise i got a phone call from america with an offer of £1000 it was only valued at 700-750 by a local jewellers result good luck everyone ps always ask to speak to katy taylor it seems to get a response

  248. Thats great news Susie, Phil & Mel. By going the route of reporting this scum we are slowly but surely getting results. I’m so glad that thanks to this site we are able to warn more people and give this dreadful company the bad exposure needed. Lisa, fingers crossed for you hun.

  249. Thanks Sharon for adding the link for the Dailymail story. Fingers crossed that this is the start of a whole load of bad coverage. I’v added my location on my profile so hopefully someone from the media will run a story in my area too – the more publicity the better. Its a step in the right direction to send these conmen scurrying.

  250. Thanks to phil&mel i spoke to Katie Taylor today at m4g and funny enough they have made me an offer £709.69 and the cheque is to be in the post by the end of the week…. we will see… i have also spoke to paul bentley from m.e.n who has spoke to Katie who is suppose to be putting a response together, he also spoke to the md of m4g apparently he was very apologetic and was putting alot of the blame on the postal strike ????? what that has to do with the crap offers they give out i don’t know. Lets hope the bad media coverage keeps on coming and stops people from making the same mistakes we did…..

  251. Just to let you know, there are some decent ones out there and Hatton Garden Metals at http://www.hattongardenmetals.com/ is one of them.
    I sent them the same gold for which M4G send me a cheque for £269.50 to them at 4pm yesterday afternoon and before 12 midday today I had an email confirming the weight & value, and had a bank transfer in my account & available to me for £1470 – that‘s over 5 times the M4G amount.
    M4G and others like them should be ashamed of themselves, and be stopped from trading, they are ruining it for the good ones. Hatton Garden Metals has restored my faith in scrap gold buyers.

  252. Hello Everyone,

    I havnt been able to add any updates as I have just returned from my New York trip – not in the New Year as the Mail said, however I will forgive them that slight error – I am very grateful to the mail for publishing the dirt on M4G and indeed my own story. AND GUESS WHAT

    My gold was at home waiting for me as well. I have no idea if it was down to the mail or my own persistance but I am extremely happy. I have a note from the BBC South East here as well asking for me to contact them which I have already done so fingers crossed they too can give some more publicity.

    To any one who has not had there gold back, please just keep on and by all means use my name if it helps.

  253. Hi Maxine

    Hope you had a lovely time In New York. Fantastic that your gold was waiting for your return, Really pleased for you!

    As John’s link above the Daily Mail article was also in This is money, so hopefully the publicity reached a wider audience than just the Daily mail readers, which is brilliant!

  254. I too am worried about all this. I wish I had read these messages before sending off 17.5 grams. I was offered £30.00 the cheque came 5 or 6 days later, postmarked in Ireland with an obvious Belfast offshore account. I have returned the cheque today SDelivery. Will wait and see what happens, determind to expose these crooks what ever happens. It is a criminal operation and the head honchos ought to be behind bars.

  255. Dear All, I havn`t been on the site for ages, as I had my gold returned some time ago, But I`m so pleased that the nightmare seems to be coming to an end. Well done, everybody who played a part in this. I`ve had a happy ending, as I sold my gold, which M4G had valued at £120, for £570, at the door!! Good luck to everyone still waiting.

  256. Hi Lizz.
    You like me discovered this page after you’d already sent off your gold, their is a lot more comments and a few successful results now though, which is good and hopefully because your aware you can act more quickly than what we all would normally do if we didn’t know about the problems. Hopefully though M4G will stick to their contract, guarantee and T&C’s without you having to chase them up at every step.
    Have you phoned to confirm the return of the cheque? You’ll probably have your offer doubled when you do!
    Fingers crossed for you. Let us know how you get on or if you need any help.

  257. Hi All

    Just to update, I took my gold to a local jewellers today and was offered £400 for it – quite alot more than M4G’S £89.00.

    I wonder if M4G are now loosing the plot, I got a special delivery today, and they have not only sent me back my own gold but someone else’s as well. Luckily there is a telephone number on the leaflet details so Im waiting for a call back from its owner. This person sent their gold off a couple of weeks after me and it has been returned the same time as mine so maybe M4G are getting their act together at last – any way fingers crossed for everyone still having to deal with them. Keep at them every day.

    I had a call from the BBC South East reporter last night and was told someone would be in touch soon. Ill keep you all updated !!

  258. Hi Sharon

    You and me both. I have just read the link u posted and I feel disgusted. I just hope that if anyone new is thinking of sending gold to M4G they WILL do some internet research first and hopefully will come across somwthing to put them off.

  259. Hi Maxine
    I’m so happy that the media are becoming more involved in this. And to have sent someone else’s gold to the wrong address – OMG is there no end to this pathetic companies mistakes. I will not be happy until I see them closed down in the UK. Everytime I see an advert for them online I start snarling. Sharon, thanks for that link hun – best in the industry – what the hell planet are they on?

  260. For anyone not checking the forum, their is a request from Lorna from Sky News, who would like to speak to someone regarding postal gold companies TONIGHT! Lorna has left her email addy for anyone to contact her on the forum. This might also prove useful for anyone still fighting with money4gold.

  261. Hi all,

    RESULT!! Have just received my bracelet back from M4G!! Was amazed that it’s the right one but definitely mine.

    Now just have to get the £10 back that I was advised by Trading Standards to send when M4G were telling me my gold wasn’t gold. TS advised me to send a cheque but tell them not to cash it until it could be proven that there was no gold in my bracelet. Knew that it was gold as was offered £136 for it by local jeweller before I sent it. However, just looked at my bank account and they cashed it on 16th October. Really, really sick of these people. Four months of hassle and worry and £10 for absolutely nothing.

    Anyhow, got my property back so many thanks for all your support through this thing.

    Will let you know what happens about the £10. Determined not to give up.

  262. Hi Julia

    That is good news and I bet such a relief.
    Was the £10 supposed to ensure you received your bracelet back if they still insisted it contained no gold?

  263. BBB in the U.S have emailed me to ask if my issue has now been resolved. They took up my case with M4G who told them they had offered me fair value for gold, and that I might have higher expectations due to the style & type of jewellery!
    I have closed my case with BBB but advised them that I later got over 5 times as much from Hatton Garden Metals for the exact same gold (even used M4G’s plastic bags!), so I disputed their comment about fair value.
    BBB seem to have some teeth as the parent company for M4G is in the US, so try them if you are still having problems.

  264. I contacted Lorna from Sky yesterday, they decided not to run with the story last night but are now considering doing a piece in a couple of weeks time. Lorna’s email address in in the forum if anyone wants to contact her.

  265. Hi Everyone
    Happy to hear you finaly got your bracelet back Julie. Sharon glad you contacted Lorna, I sent an email to her yesterday, so lets all hold thumbs that all this media attention will eventually have an effect on M4G.

  266. Pleased you also emailed Lorna, Kathy. I am so sick of all these adverts and blogs saying M4G are the best in the industry and other similar rubbish. What is driving me nuts at the minute is those that allow comments to be left, but for some reason my comments always vanish. I worked so hard not to swear as well! lol
    So fingers crossed their is some honest articles on their way!

  267. I think these websites are a total SCAM!! I sent my gold chain to money4gold which I know for a fact was 18ct so I was expecting at least something. Anyway, I got an email shortly after sending it stating “your gold is not of any value, as per our terms and conditions if you want it returned to you it will cost £9. something” I was fuming, didn’t really know what to do, I might send them an email…

  268. Hi Charlie Thanks for your comment, your experience sounds like Julia’s (above)
    Charlie in all honesty you will probably be wasting your time emailing M4G – I don’t think any of us have ever had a reply to email’s, I would give them a call, especially if you know your item is 18ct. They should not get away with this! You can also send off a complaint to BBB

  269. hi, just wondered if anyone has advice for me. i sent some gold earrings and a gold ring to money4gold and they sent me a cheque for £20 something which i was disgusted with so sent it back that same day. that was october and i still haven’t received my gold back. I’ve been on the phone to them loads but they can’t give me a straight answer, they told me that they had to wait for something from head office to which i asked for their number and i was told they don’t give it out!!! what rubbish!!!! i told them that if they don’t give me straight answers or if it hasn’t been sent to me by friday then i’m taking legal action and informing whatchdog. what else can i do? them keeping my gold is surely stealing and will i receive it back?

  270. Hi Natasha and Welcome. Firstly can you use your tracking number on the M4G website, to check the status of your gold. Your tracking number can be found on your original receipt from the post office from when you sent your G pak to M4G. Let us know what the status is! examples of which are On Hold, returned, definite return etc.
    This basically gives you the details for which to file your complaint with BBB, which we can help you with also if your stuck.
    In the mean time contact consumer direct, detailing the facts you have given above, they will probably advise you to write a letter to M4G. Although I can’t say how much an affect this will have on your individual complaint, the complaints get passed on to trading standards which in the long term may help everyone.
    Getting a straight answer from M4G is never easy, but once a complaint goes into the BBB we have found things do move much quicker.

    Links are available in the forum, don’t hesitate to ask if you need help.


    Just had my gold returned today by special delivery. All intact and exzactly what I sent. This is my story. Sent items 19 Nov 09,
    recieved cheqyue for pitance 5 days later aprox 25 Nov, cheque postmarked 23 11 09 from Ireland. rtned cheque immediately by special delivery to arrive 27 Nov. Telephoned 01 Dec to chase request as status not updated on tracking order. Gold returned today 3 Dec09. Looks like they are getting their act together at last. What a load of hastle and worry for everyone. Money 4 Gold have paid two special delivery charges ie near £10.00 and I paid £4,95 to rtn their cheque, everyone loosing money. What a relief to get the gold back now I can sell it else where for good money. They ought to get real with their offers or they are just going to have a load of grief. PS cheque did not look that authentic, would advise any one who is selling gold to trade elsewhere.

  272. Hi Lizz Wow! your gold returned within the 10 days – Fantastic! Really pleased for you.

    Yep they paid 2 x special delivery and they also paid £23 cashback via Quidco for mine. Its unfortunate though they are making loads of profit on those consumers who are not aware of what a reputable firm will pay and the service available elsewhere!

  273. Looks like some people are getting a pay rise

    On November 23, 2009, the Compensation Committee of Money4Gold Holdings, Inc. approved an amendment (the “Amendment”) to the employment agreements with its Chief Executive Officer, Douglas Feirstein, its Chief Operating Officer, Todd Oretsky, its Chief Financial Officer, Daniel Brauser and its President, Hakan Koyuncu. The Amendment increases the annual salaries of each of the above executive officers to $275,000, effective December 1, 2009 and to $300,000, effective June 1, 2010.

  274. hi sharon, my boyfriend sent off the package and he has stupidly misplaced the tracking number.
    Every time i’ve spoken with them, they’ve told me its on a definite return but they still haven’t sent it yet!
    Who’s the BBB?
    Every time i speak to money4gold, they just cant give me a straight answer which is so frustrating. they keep telling me that they have to wait until head office contacts them (which they keep telling me would be within 48 hours). That’s a load of rubbish because i’ve been chasing this up for the last 2 weeks and the answer is always the same.
    All i want is my gold sent back to me, am i going to get it back at all???

  275. Hi Natasha
    Yes, their pathetic excuses have been used on all of us. The route we all took was to report them to trading standards, Watchdog and the BBB. The BBB stands for ‘Better Business Buraeu’ and is American Based. Companies are rated on a star rating, and feedback given to them determines what this star rating is. Bearing in mind that the Americans do a lot of research before using any company this rating is very important to a company (I know this for a fact as my stepmum is American). Natasha this seems the only route that has given results. I know it is disgusting that we have to fight like this to get out property back, I fought tooth and nail for 7 weeks to have mine sent back. The links for the various places are on the forum. Good luck Natasha, I hope they respond soon.

  276. Hi Natasha sorry to read your also having problems, as Kathy, I would recommend you contact the BBB outlining your complaint. They will mediate with M4G and send you M4G’s response, hopefully the quickest way for you to have your gold returned. Best of luck, if you need any help just give us a shout.

  277. I sent a ring to M4G about a month ago. When I received their check I returned it with disgust immediately (via recorded delivery). I have had no correspondence with them since. They offered a fifth of what my local jeweller offered! Lets hope we all get this sorted soon. I have registered my complaint with trading standards and am writing M4G a letter. To be honest I am not holding my breath

  278. Hi Jay and welcome. Yours is a all too familiar story unfortunately.
    Please check the status of the ring on the M4G website, using the original royal mail tracking number. Taking a guess its probably “on hold”, to take it to a “definite return” your best course of action would be to give M4G a call or several until the definite return appears on their site. Letters and emails we’ve found generally don’t get a quick response, if at all. The quickest solution we have had found is log your complaint on the BBB website, after you have done this you should find things move along with a bit more satisfaction.
    Best of luck! If you need any help, just let us know.

  279. I have been following all the messages left on the forum with great interest since I was foolish enough to send my 20g of 9ct gold into M4G for their apprasal.I sent my gold to them 05/11/09 and received a cheque for £27.62 for which equated to £1.69 per gram….ROBBERY. I sent the “joke payment” back to them by return,recorded post, for which they received the day after on 12/11/09.I rang them and said that I want my gold returning to me asap to which I was told would be within the next 15 working days. I rang them every other day to check on its whereabouts and each time I was told,sorry,I was fobbed off with the story that the refinery was having problems with returning goods or that they had built up a back log,or that all workings had slowed down but that they where doing everything to resolve the problems as soon as possible!!! I read with interest today that you could check the whereabouts of your gold on their website by entering the barcode number given to you by the Post Office when you sent the gold to M4G. I did this and surprise!!!!according to their website…..it has been sent back to me today so I will let you know if it ever arrives with me. Fingers crossed!

  280. Hi Mike Fingers are crossed for you! Their are many people who say we’ve been foolish or a lot worse for sending off our gold to this company, the problem is we expect because of our consumer laws to be protected and when something goes wrong, swift action to be taken and therefore problem resolved. In reality consumer protection doesn’t work as efficiently as we rightfully expect.

    Anyway I am really pleased to hear that your gold has been despatched and hopefully it arrives in the next couple of days. if you want to check on the whereabouts of your gold, a phone call to M4G should enable you to get the tracking number for your return and therefore you would be able to track its progress through Royal Mail! Please update us!


  282. Hi, i rang m4g AGAIN yesterday and yet again was fobbed off with some pathetic excuse.
    Nobody gives me a straight answer, all they say is that they don’t know why it is taking this long and generally chatting a load of rubbish. I asked for their ombudsmans details but was told they don’t have one so i hung up at rang trading standards. They gave me advice on what to put in a letter and i sent it off today recorded delivery. In the letter, i gave them a time scale of 7 days from when i dated it to send my gold back to me or i would be taking action to claim what i think the gold would be worth.
    Trading standards seem to think this will work so i suppose i will just have to wait and see.

  283. Hi Natasha I think we all sent the 1st tier letter off to M4G, It certainly did not work when I did it – consumer direct/trading standards then advised the 2 nd tier letter, in my area that advise is contracted out to the CAB, a whole different scenario here, which if I had relied on I still would be fighting tooth and nail to get my gold returned.

    I would suggest if you have not already done so and your cheque has been returned more than 10 days ago, send off your complaint to the BBB – honestly you have a much better chance of getting your gold back quicker this way. If you need any help just let us know.

  284. Hi Sharon, thanks for your advice. I just really haven’t got the 1st idea how to go about all of this. So trading standards wont help much then?
    How exactly do i go about contacting BBB? This is all completely new to me. Thanks for you help.

  285. Natasha No probs If you could join the forum by clicking “Discuss in the forum” above and I’ll help you through it.
    Its must easier for me and my old brain to keep track with what’s happening in the forum than searching through the 300 and odd comments here.

  286. Just checked the BBB site the complaints have gone up from 26 to 30 so far. Hopefully M4G’s rating will be dropping again soon.

  287. Hi Sharon,
    Many thanks for the advice. Isaid that I would keep you up to speed with the M4G debacle. Well…………I have just taken delivery of my gold from them, so it does pay to keep on their case and keep challenging them regards your goods even if it means ring them every day and asking for the safe return of your valuables. All I can say is good luck in your endeavours and choose wisely when parting with your much sought after items!

  288. Mike Thank You and I am really pleased for you, Just read back over your previous comment, its been a long couple of days, in all honesty I thought it was longer ago than that lol. Anyway Thankful your wait is over and so are the daily phone calls.

  289. For anyone just starting out on a similar tooth and nail fight with money4gold their is a quick guide of how some of us have successfully received our gold back from M4G in the forum. Hope it helps.

  290. Hi Sharon, After finally getting my gold back from the clutches of M4G yesterday,I took my pieces to have a valuation placed on them by a local buyer of jewellry/scrap gold,(bearing in mind M4G had offered me £27.62) and I was offered £197.45. I reluctantly refused this initial offer, to which it was upped by another £10 making me a final offer of over £207. I accepted this with a wry smile on my face,thinking what the con artists / misers at M4G had insultingly sent me in the form of a cheque for £27.62. With me receiving a “pleasant windfall” I duly placed a good few quid in the rattling collection tin which was held by a member of the Salvation Army whilst his colleagues played & sang Christmas Carols to the many shoppers in the market square.So yes,justice was done by keeping M4G on their toes and by not bowing down to them and their pathetic offer. Hope everything works out for all the innocent folk taken in by these faceless robbers!

  291. Mike A lovely ending to your saga with M4G.
    I am sure the donation to Salvation Army will be well appreciated, they do some fantastic work!

    Hopefully both Karma and Justice will prevail.
    Merry Christmas Mike and all the very best!

  292. Hello to All

    As a former Money4yourgold mug, who was lucky to have my items returned, I would like to ask if anyone has encountered any TRUSTWORTHY Gold buyers on websites?

    I am really desperate to sell it.

  293. Hi everyone
    I cannot believe that this company still has the gall to branch out further in Europe! I am livid after seeing this – I wont rest until they are either shut down in the UK or trade legitemely. And now they want to cast their nets further and rip off even more people. Saying that though, lol the Germans will not sit back and take nonsence, so if they rip them off like they have been doing to us we are sure to see sparks fly.

  294. Lisa I have used Hatton garden twice and have never had any problems with them. They pay approx 80% of the daily price, they have a calculator on their site so you can judge what £ you could receive for the quantity and carat you are sending. You do however pay for your own special delivery envelope! Usually the money is transferred straight to your bank account on the day Hatton receive your gold or you can opt for a different payment method.
    However that is just going off my own experience and additionally some of the research I did after I was stung by M4G. My advice is spend a bit of time looking at the options: Moneysaving expert has a few threads regarding selling scrap gold and plenty of other peoples comments on their experiences, at least then your making a informed decision. good luck!

  295. Hi Kathy I can’t say I am surprised at finding the above article, after reading the illusive pdf I read a while back, (can’t find it now unfortunately)but if I remember rightly their plans are for continued expansion throughout Europe and beyond. Although emphasis was made on the different legalities within each country which could impact on their expansion.
    Our consumer laws don’t seem to make a blind bit of difference to M4G. Just hoping sooner or later Trading Standards take some action and the BBB rating continues to fall, so nobody will touch M4G with a barge pole.

  296. hi sharon, i did send a message but you must not have received it. I haven’t heard anything back so far but i did give them 7 days of when i sent the letter so got a few days left yet. Doubt they are going to send it back without a fight though to be honest. How is it exactly that i get in contact with BBB?

  297. Hi Natasha Sorry I haven’t received your message, was it a PM from the forum?

    I have added a new topic on the forum (Quick help) basically this tells any member how we went about getting our gold returned. Included is a link for the BBB which should save a bit of navigating round their site and bring you straight to the complaint form ready to be completed by yourself. If you get stuck just let me know.

  298. Hello All
    Christmas has come, finally.
    Hatton Garden jewellers

    Took my gold in person, was given £482.00 in CASH not cheque immediately.
    Would highly recommend.

    M4golds offer £ 99.00. Need I say more?

    I hope all of you who have been stung and are cautious like me, can finally have somewhere trustworthy to sell your items. I hope that anyone who is still waiting for returns from M4gold that your wait isn’t too painful.

    A Merry Christmas to all, with best wishes for a happy, & healthy New Year

  299. Rob
    Happy Christmas and Thanks again for providing us with the space to have a good old moan re: Money4Gold.
    All the best x

  300. Gold production has peaked and is on the downward slope of the bell curve, so I can understand why these companies are attempting to sniff out people’s gold holdings under 1 ounce or so, because it all adds up to a significant amount of gold. If you’re selling gold jewellery, you’ve got to understand that these gold smelting companies are after the intrinsic weight, not the design. An ounce of gold, be it 22 or 24 carat will soon fetch £1000 on the open market.

  301. m4g are not scammers.they just initially only offer 20% of the market value.i sent them some stuff to them,i then sent back the cheque.and i can assure that they do return your goods.you people must know your consumer rights,and also hold them to their terms and conditions.quote the goods and services actthreaten them with legal action,threaten to complain to the bbb,bbc watchdog&the one show.look at the following links to see that they do actually return goods,remembering that i had xmas/boxing day/bank holiday monday ,which all fell between the time from them receiving the cheque and returning my goods.



  302. Hello Mark and Welcome. Thank you for your interesting comment and the attached links. As you say Mark most of us are very aware of the consumer laws, our rights and the options available when things go wrong, additionally we have all had real experiences dealing with Money4Gold, those experiences speak for themselves, anyone reading the comments here, can make their own informed choice.

    As your request I have looked at the links you posted,

    Kit requested on 15 December 2009 ………… Ok!

    Your kit was mailed to you from M4G on 16 December 2009!……. – I REPEAT!!!! your kit was mailed to you from M4G (16th), received by yourself (16th), you packed it (16th) and returned your kit (16th) HAND DELIVERY WAS IT??????

    Shipment was accepted at our Refinery on 17 December 2009 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The only tracking screen I have seen from M4G with a missing 2 day delay >>>>>>>> Your items were processed on 17 December 2009 —– Congratulations! Hope you received a good payout for all the work you’ve done!

    Status History:

    Items Returned: 29 December 2009……..Oh here we go again, your gold was returned and received by yourself all on the same day, HAND DELIVERY AGAIN WAS IT?? Additional bonus – you posted your comment here on the 29th also, I wonder if you did this from work or in your free time.
    Hold: 23 December 2009
    Definite Return: 23 December 2009
    Waiting For Check Back: 22 December 2009 ……… I PRESUME YOU MEAN Waiting for the CHEQUE to be returned!!!!!!

    Once again thanks for the second link but as I am sure you are already aware, without the tracking number, trace and track is no use to anyone.

    I hope M4G appreciate your loyalty!

  303. Having also been caught out by this firm.

    I too sent my gold and only found this discussion when I received by cheque for around 20% of my golds value. As such I was at least able to start the legal letters quickly, the 7 day notice of legal action was sent 16th Dec giving them till the 23rd.

    I filed with the county court on 29th, and my gold was returned 47 hours later (31st), their “customer service” even phoned 30 mins later to check if I had received it! despite the fact that if you call them you get a telephone answering machine that they are closed. Closed if you want to call them but apparently not really. Still missing my court fee.

    Possibly should have taken the shopping centre offer of 60%, but probably now will try London’s Hatton Garden area or Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter as my schedule permits.

    Any Birmingham experiences?

    My online status dates fyi.

    Kit requested on 14 November 2009
    Your kit was mailed on 17 November 2009
    Shipment was accepted at our Refinery on 23 November 2009
    Your items were processed on 23 November 2009
    Status History:
    Items Returned: 30 December 2009
    Definite Return: 01 December 2009
    Hold: 27 November 2009

  304. Hi Peter

    Pleased you received your gold back (eventually) Not good that it cost you the court fee though? Did you try going through the BBB?

    Sorry nothing springs to mind regarding selling gold in Birmingham – however it might be a good idea to check MSE, their are loads of comments about other peoples experiences selling gold, you might find one local to yourself. Failing that I have used http://www.hattongardenmetals.com/ twice and have been very happy with the quick service and payout, they are closed until the 4th January though and you do pay for your own special delivery envelope. Think its about 80% of the value and usually paid into your account the day they receive your gold. Comments about Hatton on MSE also.

    Happy New year!!

  305. Sharon,

    Thanks for your reply, Yes I did try BBB they replied to BBB that I would get my gold back by 9th, but they didn’t sent it by then so BBB didn’t get my gold back.

    Happy New Year to you and the others who have kept my spirits up!

  306. Thanks for that Peter!

    Short reply as using my son’s laptop. Mine is hopefully drying out. Coffee, one dog with a wagging tail and my own laptop – not a good combination!

  307. happy new year to you all! I can’t remember why I started reading this saga but it engrossed me and I read to the end hoping it would have a happy ending. I believe it will and my thoughts are with you. Sorry I don’t have anything to add to discussion but I shall be spreading the word here in Dublin about these rip off firms. They’re over here too. Best of luck and I am looking forward to seeing MFG etc in all the name and shame programmes in the new year.

  308. Hi Sharon, I just had a phone call from m4g and surprise surprise, they have “misplaced” my gold!
    After 3 months of chasing, they have finally decided to let me know what has happened to it!
    They are saying that they are going to try and get me compensation. As long as they give me what it would be worth in a pawnbrokers i will be happy. But i’ll have to wait and see if they will first though.
    I’m so angry with them i might look into taking legal action.

  309. Hi Natasha

    Flamin typical! Incompetent idiots! Seems to be their new policy now. However I hope their is a possibility your gold will miraculously turn up after you threaten legal action. Their is Caz’s story on the forum which is quite similar in parts to yours, still waiting for the end of that one too though.

    If your gold has been lost their is no “TRYING TO GET YOU COMPENSATION” You want compensation! End of!

    Don’t let them walk all over you hun, stay on their backs and if you have to go as far as legal action then so be it! They don’t want to go to court and I am sure you will get a satisfactory result before you have to meet them in court. I am sure they believe that most people will just give up, once they realize you are not going to be one of them, they will get their backside in gear!

    Did you do your complaint to the BBB?

    If you want to discuss the answer to my next question – send me a message (PM) via the forum – don’t post it here!

    In regard to the possibility of compensation if your gold has gone AWOL! Have you got the weight you sent, the carat and the current daily price of the scrap gold? Check out a gold calculator! Hatton garden metals have one on their website if you need it, don’t rely on one pawnbroker’s price to give you a guide to the compensation you are ENTITLED to.
    Good Luck, if you need anything just ask.

  310. Received a cheque for my court fee on Thursday.

    Received £145-00 for my gold from http://www.lois-jewellery.com/ in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter, they paid me £8-10/g for 9ct and £16-20/g for my 18ct which I consider very good and is exactly what they say on their web-site. So there are decent firms around.

    Nearly 5 times the £30-70 Money4gold offered and more than the £90-00 offered in the local shopping mall.

  311. You guys should all know that according to their public sec filings 10Q filed last November they bounced 85,500 in checks as they have a cash overdraft in the liability section on their balance sheet. They also have a F rating with BBB and their other brand mygoldenvelope has a D- rating. So you aren’t the only ones getting ripped off.




  312. If you go to the mygoldenvelope bbb rating you’ll see comments that mirror the comments posted here. One poor lady was so desperate for money (as a lot are in these tough economic times) that she sent in her package only never to hear from them again.

    Not sure how these officers can sleep at night!

    While all this is going on they just authorized raises for their officers:

    On November 23, 2009, the Compensation Committee of Money4Gold Holdings, Inc. approved an amendment (the “Amendment”) to the employment agreements with its Chief Executive Officer, Douglas Feirstein, its Chief Operating Officer, Todd Oretsky, its Chief Financial Officer, Daniel Brauser and its President, Hakan Koyuncu. The Amendment increases the annual salaries of each of the above executive officers to $275,000, effective December 1, 2009 and to $300,000, effective June 1, 2010.


  313. If anyone is getting the runaround with lost packages, excuses from customer service, no return phone calls then go to their code of ethics person. It is a federal crime to use the mail to steal private property or do illegal activity. Send a letter to Dan Brauser who is listed as the designee on their code of ethics 595 South Federal Highway, Suite 600, Boca Raton, FL 33432, Attention: Daniel Brauser. In that letter notify Money4Gold that you are also notifying the Florida Attorney General. Fill out the complaint form for the Florida AG. If enough complaints are sent to the Florid AG then a full investigation will follow. These guys are taking advantage of the people that are in the most need.


  314. Thank you so much for your comments Steve!
    Just checked money4gold’s rating with the BBB and as Steve has said.
    Company Rating F
    Our opinion of what this rating means:
    We strongly question the company’s reliability for reasons such as that they have failed to respond to complaints, their advertising is grossly misleading, they are not in compliance with the law’s licensing or registration requirements, their complaints contain especially serious allegations, or the company’s industry is known for its fraudulent business practices.

    It proves that, ensuring we all logged our complaint with the BBB was affective, if this stops only one person from suffering like we have then it was well worth it.

    Once again Steve thank you for your comments and the links, I would like to post your links on other sites to help others, so could you please confirm its possible for UK residents to send complaints to the Florida Attorney General using the links you provided.

  315. Hi everyone
    This is great news. A ‘F’ rating, just goes to show that with us all complaining to the right people we have made an impact. As I’v said previously I will not stop until I see them close down. My thoughts are with the people still being given the run around by these crooks.

  316. Seems like all the complaints to consumer direct, have got the OFTs attention!


    Please note this paragraph!
    Although it is not possible for the OFT to intervene directly to resolve issues arising between individual consumers and firms, in this case the OFT would be interested in hearing about consumers’ experiences of using the services of companies who buy gold using the postal service. The team can be contacted via the website at http://www.oft.gov.uk/goldpost.

    The above link gives a email addy for consumers to contact as well as some telephone numbers.

  317. Hi Sharon
    Hope you well hun. Thanks for the above links – this is great news! And should make very interesting reading for them once people start to let them know how they were swindled!

  318. Your welcome scrap gold prices!

    The press release is dated the 21st January so the 5 companies have 14 days to respond. So hopefully we may see a update on the site by mid February.

    Hopefully many of us will by then have given the OFT information which would help them in their investigations. I have forwarded, links to this page and the moneysaving thread and explained my own experience with M4G.

    For clarification: The OFT is interested in hearing about consumers’ experiences of using the services of companies who buy gold using the postal service but it cannot resolve individual disputes between consumers and firms.

    This is the link for contacts at the OFT. http://www.oft.gov.uk/goldpost

  319. This article is nearly as full of Bullsh** as money4gold’s website.


    Quote: You shouldn’t believe the stories of customers getting undercut for value. The large majority of these cases are due to the items not being legitimate in the first place. And you can’t honestly expect Money4Gold to pay money for items that aren’t actually gold.

    Absolutely furious here!!!

  320. Hi Sharon
    What the Hell!!!!!! I could not beleive what I was reading in that article! What a load of rubbish! Was also interesting to note that there was no option for people to leave comments after the article! lol wonder what they are afraid of?

  321. Hi Kathy ermmmm the Truth lol!
    Had a little snoop round the site after I posted here and the whole site is more or less about Money4Gold, which explains a bit more, Nobody else will blow their trumpet so they have to blow their own. Reminds me of Mark’s comment above lol, praising M4G, funny he hasn’t been back to reply to the obvious mistakes in his comments and supposed tracking information.

    Believe me I searched for a way to post some comments, even looked at the “contact us” link at the top of the page, but probably would give as much satisfaction as the other email addy for Money4Gold.

  322. Hi everyone, wish I’d found this site before sending off my gold to this company on Monday 25th Jan. I went through wepromiseto.co.uk who are offering £20 cashback but I should have done my homework on this company I feel a right mug. Phoned yesterday and asked if they had processed my gold, they told me it was processed and cheque on its way but couldn’t tell me the amount as this wasn’t on her system — wonder why?
    Looks as though it’s going to be a long process getting my gold back and I haven’t even received the cheque yet (Friday 29th)
    Wish me luck, will keep you all updated

  323. Hi Michael

    So sorry to hear that you are another fallen into the groping, greedy,lying,duplicious …(sorry I could go on forever) paws of M4G. Don’t feel a mug Michael, we were all caught out and unfortunately learnt the hard way. I wish you all the luck and if you do find yourself having problems with them, read the above comments on here and see what channels we all took to get a satisfactory solution. Good luck mate, fingers crossed.

  324. Hi Michael

    Sorry you didn’t find us till you’d already sent off your gold! As Kathy says don’t feel a mug, we’ve been there and most of us have successfully won the battle with M4G.
    I might be grasping at straws on your behalf but I would like to think that things maybe a bit more positive for you, taking into account the OFT investigation and the recent tests they’ve done. M4G should be walking on egg shells at the minute.

    However if you do get any problems, just post here or on the forum. Their is a shortened version of how we got our gold returned here:

    Whatever happens Michael let us know how you get on!
    Good luck

  325. Thanks for the kind words and advice Kathy/Sharon, but still haven’t received a cheque yet, will phone them tomorrow and have a go, but I have a feeling they are holding it back until the 10 days from date of cheque expires!!
    How did they post your cheques out? not 2nd class surely!

  326. Hi Michael.
    In all honesty I can’t remember how they post the cheques, 1st or 2nd, what I do remember is that it takes a while and doesn’t leave you a great deal of time to return the cheque from the date it was sent to you, (if it was sent.) Always play on the safe side with M4G take nothing for granted Michael, even if it means ringing them every day and chasing them at every opportunity.
    Just in case you’ve missed it because of all the comments above, you can use your G Pak tracking number from Royal mail on the M4G website to keep a eye on what is supposedly happening in your case. Once again sorry my memory fails as to if it gives the date your cheque was posted, but worth checking for your own peace of mind.
    Fingers are crossed for you!

  327. Hi Sharon, I did notice someone mentioning previously that it could be tracked but I can’t find a link for checking on their site, only royal mail’s. I’m either missing it or it’s been removed.

  328. Thanks Sharon, that will come in handy, it’s showing —

    Kit requested on 21 January 2010

    Your kit was mailed on 22 January 2010

    Shipment was accepted at our Refinery on 26 January 2010

    Your items were processed on 26 January 2010

    Your check was mailed to you on 27 January 2010 —

    Will chase them up tomorrow.

    Thanks again Sharon.

  329. Hi Sharon, well cheque arrived yesterday for £112.53 about 20% of the real value.
    Phoned them straight away and was offered the usual double-up, so returned cheque by special delivery.
    Will keep an eye on tracking now and give them a ring Thursday.
    Fingers crossed!!

  330. Morning Michael. Glad your cheque arrived and you’ve returned it via special delivery, so it should arrive with them today or tomorrow. As you say its wise to keep a eye on the tracking and keep phoning them.
    If you suddenly find the M4G tracking says “on Hold” give them a ring straight away as this will help to stop any further delays in receiving your property back. Although I am hopefully that with the OFT investigating this type of company they will be treading very carefully and your gold will be returned well within the 15 days as their guarantee states.
    Sorry I’m probably telling you stuff you’ve already read above, but if your gold is not returned then its a case of consumer direct, the BBB, additionally you can if you wish send off the details to the OFT – not that they can help in individual cases but I am sure also informing M4G of your intention might give them a kick up the butt, fingers crossed though none of that will be needed. Especially as I am sure M4G are still keeping a close eye on this page.

  331. Hello All,
    I hear you all! I live in Ontario Canada and dealt with Dollars4Gold.ca same company as Money4Gold only a Canadian Division of. This experience has been nothing but a really really bad nightmare! Mine started off with the Gpak they sent me to send my gold in. I wrote down the tracking # before sending it off and went to check on it a couple of days latter. I typed in the tracking number on-line only to discover it only had 15 digits, not the usual 16 digits that it requires to track a package. Well after many many phone calls to the Customer Service Line, and after they right out blamed Canada Post for the problem, they told me they could give me no more information. I got a hold of Canada Post and they did look into this and got back to me to say that in fact Dollars4Gold buys these GPaks in bulk and are given the numbers to enter themselves. It was their error and they could not guarantee me of it reaching it’s destination. To make a very long story short, I have made no less that 20 phone calls, numerous emails to both Dollars4Gold, Money4Gold, Goldenvelope, and I also found a email address for a person at Money4Gold Holdings janina@money4gold.com (this one really seemed to help)I have kept very detailed notes of times of calls, person and ID# that I have spoken with, and any promises and/or lies they each had told me. I not only sent out a very lengthly first email explaining all the sorted details, to all of the above mentioned, I would send out an update daily addressing all the calls and contacts of the day. It has been a month, I gave up on ever getting my gold back, and am still trying to negotiate a resonable offer. The first 2 were insulting and I am sure I will never get what it is worth, but by G, I will get as close as I can, if I don’t have a nervous breakdown first.

    What I would like ask is this; I have always intended to do something with all this information, and believe me there is much much more that makes them look like just what they are Scam Artist, but I have not found any Canadian sites or really know where else to turn all of this over to. I would be ever grateful for any suggestions, and of course if I can help your cause in any way please let know, it would be greatly appreciated.

  332. Hi Sherrie

    Sorry to hear your problems with Dollars4gold. All I can really suggest is to contact the BBB just as we have done, the difference I would imagine would be that you would have to contact the Canadian section, here is the link:
    http://www.bbb.org/canada/ it might help in reaching a satisfactory conclusion a little quicker, they mediate between yourself and the company.
    Do you have a government consumer department or association or somewhere similar you can complain?

  333. There is no doubt in my mind what so ever that Profit lance will show you how to make money online, but there are many obstacles your going to face in order to do it or to get to where I am at. What I mean is, there’s allot of information, tools and resources in this course that your going to have to get familiarized with before you can become successful. Yes you will earn money but to make a living out of it your going to really need to understand how everything works.

  334. The only thing that amazes me is that there are people out there actually willing to send off their belongings to a company without any indication upfront of how much they will be getting for their items. The first time i saw this commercial, the first thing i thought to myself was…as if i’m going to send my gold to a company without knowing what i’m getting for it. And then if you dont like the amount they send you, did you actually think there would be no problem getting it back? With all the scams that have been going on for years, how could anyone fall for this one?

  335. You call people willingly stuffing their gold in an envelope, with no proof of what they actually sent, and sending it off to a company called Money4Gold with a cheap-ass commercial, you call that a misfortune? I call that stupidity. People need to smarten up and stop falling for these scams. And for anyone else reading this comment, if you get an email or a phone call saying you won something and you just need to send some money to claim your prize….IT’S A SCAM!!!! STOP FALLING FOR IT!!!

  336. LOL! Well said Mike! As you say their is always one, you have to laugh as the usual point of comments like that, is to voice what they feel is their own superiority or intelligence.
    Its just a shame anon hasn’t realised their comments reflect more on their own character than ours.

    To clarify anon

    Most of us have had our gold returned or been financially compensated, so it cost us a bit of time, energy and some extra stress, some of us even gained cashback for using M4G in the first place, but without our and other peoples experiences, their would be no OFT investigation, money4gold would never have been highlighted, additionally the media coverage and the BBB rating all go to warn other people about M4G and their practices. “Stupidity!” You sure that’s the correct definition?

  337. Hi Sharon, wish I was perfect like some Anon people then I could tell the difference between scammers like M4G and lois Jewellery that John had success with(9th Nov), and thanks Anon I feel much better now for your useful input, with hinesight!!!!
    Anyway, if I get my gold back I’ll send it to Hatton gardens, they look good.

    Update Sharon, phoned last Thursday to chase up and will do the same this Thursday, it will be 9 days then and dragging!!
    Noticed they have removed the tracking service, put anything in and they tell you to call? take a look.

  338. Hi Michael lol.

    Your right it is dragging, feels a lot longer than that!

    Just checked the tracking service, used my old number and it said exactly the same. Wonder what has prompted that! Bit like the rest of the company a waste of space really.
    Let me know what they say when you phone on Thursday! Fingers crossed for you!

    Take care

  339. i don’t see why you take offense to my comments. I’m not saying i’m smarter than anyone and it’s the people that take offense to my comments that will probably keep falling for scams and crooked businesses like this one which is why businesses like this stay in business and new ones get created. It makes me mad to see crooked companies like this in business but it also makes me mad to see people still falling for this stuff. Would you people buy something without knowing the price?? Probably not right? So why would you sell something without knowing the price?? How does that sound like a good idea to anyone?? Even if this was a legit company with no complaints and 100% satisfied customers, it still sounds risky. If you want to get yourself into a risky situation, you have to be aware of the risks. It’s obvious with this one that the risks are, 1) you don’t get the full value you expect for your gold, 2)you return the cheque and never see your gold again or have a hell of a time trying to get it back. Those risks don’t sound worth the trouble. Why not just go sell it in person and save yourself a headache?? This isn’t misfortune. Misfortune is someone breaking into your house and robbing you. You handing the keys to your house to a stranger and then getting robbed, is stupidity.

  340. Michael…you don’t need to be “perfect” and it doesn’t take hindsight to avoid being scammed. All it takes is a little DD….that’s due diligence for those who don’t know. With access to internet, its very easy to find out which companies you can trust and which ones to avoid. You proved it yourself in your own comment. You said a John had success with Lois Jewelery. Maybe you should have done your research before sending your gold to M4G huh? What made you decide to send to M4G in the first place? What convincing information did you find that made you think this was the company that deserved your trust? All you can do is learn from this and try to be more careful in the future. The crazy thing is, there are probably other people sending their gold to M4G as I type this….people who didn’t do any DD and who will soon be on this site complaining about this company. I guess it’s true what they say about common sense….it isn’t so common!!

    You can attack me all you like but like SHARON stated…your comments only reflect more on your own character than mine. If only one person reads my comments and decides to avoid this company then it’s worth the attacks that you people feel is necessary. Maybe next time you people will spend more time researching a company rather than complaining about how you got screwed.

  341. Gone are the days Anon when I took offence at comments on the internet by people who don’t know me and therefore are only making sweeping judgements.

    As for your comment “You can attack me all you like” Nobody has attacked you, unless I’ve missed something? However what is quite evident is you have labelled people’s action as stupidity, without knowing all the circumstances or facts. Maybe that is why you feel people are being a bit negative towards you

    Anon can I ask have you ever researched Money4Gold? I did at the end of September last year, their was nothing which set off any alarm bells.
    Now if you research money4gold you will find many negative comments but additionally you will also find positive reviews.(leaving out my thoughts on the authenticity here). However its still wise to research a company before you use it, bearing in mind that all of what you read may not be fact and if nobody else has taken the time to comment on a problem, you are not likely to find one.
    It also makes me mad when companies take the p*ss out of consumers. We in the UK have consumer laws, which are their to protect the consumer/trader, you buy a service/goods those laws are their to help ensure you are treated fairly. We are all fully aware of those laws and expect them to be upheld.
    Many of the big so called “trustworthy” companies have fallen fowl over the years to UK regulation/law however the majority of us don’t research every telecommunication/utility, product or service we buy.

    Regardless of everything else, the purpose of these comments is to help and forewarn others about M4G, you say Anon that if only one person reads your comments and therefore avoids M4G it will be worth it.
    What about the people who come here after they’ve sent off their gold, they read your comments and maybe have thought I’m not posting on there to ask for help!

    Nothing is ever as simple as it seems!

  342. Hi Sharon, phoned Wednesday asked for his name “Harry” I almost said and what’s it tomorrow Tom or Dick. Phoned again today, before I said anything he told me my name!! must be on his “pest” database — good.
    Was told my gold hadn’t been sent out yet, I said it was now 10 days and it only takes a minute to pop something in a bag, he replied they were very busy at the refinery ( that I can believe, probably all waiting to be sent back!! )so early next week? I said, he then tried the “it’s 15 working days” trick, “not according to the website or documentation guarantee it’s not”. Asked him if he would chase it up and he said he would, then told him I’ll call him back Monday to see if he has a returns tracking no’ by then.

    I’m still keeping very calm and being polite, but if I don’t receive a tracking no’ by Tuesday someone will cop an earbashing.
    Getting ready to send my emails to consumer direct and the BBB on Wednesday and a special delivery 7 days notice to the w—–s.

    Have a good weekend.

  343. Hi Michael

    Surprise surprise still finding new excuses for not sticking to their guarantee, don’t hold your breath for a tracking number Michael, the majority of us didn’t get one so be prepared to give that ear bashing.
    In all honesty I think the sooner your complaint goes off to the BBB then the quicker you will have your gold returned, but would love to see them prove me wrong! Fingers crossed Michael.

    You have a good weekend also.

  344. Sent Money4Gold a gold ring that originally cost £150 (approx). Took 3-weeks for a cheque to arrive for the absolutely insulting sum of £8 (approx). highly recommend avoid this company.

  345. Hi Sharon, quick update.

    Obtained tracking no’ on Tuesday, this showed nothing until Thursday, by then already filled out BBB form.

    Royal mail ref. now showing out for delivery today, fingers crossed.

  346. That is good news Michael, will be even better when the knock on the door arrives though.

    I wouldn’t worry about the BBB form, M4G will undoubtedly inform them they have returned your property and it may go some way to improving their BBB rating in the short term as M4G would have responded to your complaint effectively.(providing you do actually receive your gold)

    Yep Fingers crossed Michael!

  347. The other thing I’d like to add regarding http://www.scrapgolduk.co.uk/ is that the whole business model is completely different, we pay a straight 92% of the actual real time London Bullion Market Associations twice daily spot gold price – It makes me so angry that these companies have muscled into our industry just to make a quick buck with their expensive TV adverts and empty promises! Trying finding even a hint of the standard price they pay customers on either their web site or any of their marketing adverts! Not one mention! Wonder why they want to hide it?

  348. Paul Summers/scrap gold Thanks for the comments and the link. An all to familiar story unfortunately!

    I think we all feel angry and disappointed that some unscrupulous companies seem to get away with not only the low payouts but the blatant disregard for consumers and UK consumer law.

  349. Hi Sharon, it has arrived and all there!!
    Thanks for your help and everybody who complained to the different agencies, I’m sure the complaints have made a huge difference in getting our Gold back.

    Thanks again, and have a good weekend, I will.

  350. Hi Sharon, decided to send my gold off to RPM at Hatton garden, excluding the 18ct ring which my wife changed her mind about( I think she was worried the same was going to happen again)
    Received a pre-paid special delivery envelope from RPM and posted it Saturday. Received a phone call Monday with a quote of £443 which I accepted. This morning to my wife’s delight the Cash arrived by next day special delivery, fantastic service!!

    All the best, and thanks again.

  351. Hi Michael

    That is good news, very pleased you got an amount/service your both happy with.
    I’ve never heard anything in regard to RPM so its nice to hear of another company with good customer service. Further proof that not all these postage gold companies are bad apples.

    All the best to you both

  352. i posted my gold 22feb i wish i was after seein this first they said they didnt recieve it and i asked an post and they said it was delivrd and signed im at my wits now cant eat or sleep knowing im in for a long ridemoney 4 gold rip off

  353. Hi Samantha

    Sorry to hear about your problem. Its still early days yet mate so don’t start to get too worried just yet, I know easier said than done! However you posted your items on the 22nd Feb (4 days ago) You said you’ve checked with Royal mail and its been delivered and signed for, their is a possibility Money4Gold have just not processed your G Pak or have mislaid it, for some reason. With the signature, date and time of delivery, phone money4gold and ask to speak to a supervisor, if one isn’t available give the information to the customer service advisor your speaking to. Mention that According to Royal mail money4gold have received and signed for your G Pak and you want to know what money4gold intend to do about it!
    Samantha unfortunately you have to be firm with this company and be prepared to fight every step of the way, however you might just find your G Pak miraculously appears, once you start to show them your not about to give up! Let us know what they say to you, we’ll do everything we can to help. Good luck!

  354. well dats nice to no tanx i discovered dat there was 113 packs delivered with mine the post man said and that was only 1 day imagine all wat there getting weekly i phoned them again this time they said that they did recieve it and that only 75 grams was precious everything i sent up was 9ct gold i cant wear anything else alot of it too so i told them it was precious to me they asked how much i was expecting and i told them about 200 and even at dat the jewellery was worth more then that so he said hell say dat to the head and i should have check by wednesday im mentally and emotionally drained im at these peoples mercy i wish i wasnt so stupid i trusted the add i just want to be finished with them so its a waiting game now like the rest of the people

  355. Hi Samantha, when your cheque arrives phone and tell them your sending it back, even if they offer you £200, 75gm of 9ct scrap gold is worth over £600!!!
    I know it’s very stressful and you just want it over with, but don’t let these robbers get away with it pester them every day.
    I sent my second batch yesterday to RPM, only a few items, weight 15/16 gms, they phoned me this morning £130.

    Best of luck, think positive you will get it back.

  356. Hi Samantha,
    Pleased M4G had actually found your Gpak, as Michael has already said above, when your cheque arrives, return it special delivery asap, keep ringing them and don’t give up until your gold is safely returned to you, their are some reputable companies out there which will pay you a good price and their customer services is fantastic in comparison to M4G. If you get stuck just give us a shout!

  357. i am so confused now i would love 600 theyd never give dat amount i wish they would il hav to wait and see tanx for da support anyway

  358. Hi Samantha,
    Your right they will not send you a cheque for £600, more likely under £200. As Michael says 75g is worth in the region of £600, check this gold calculator http://www.hattongardenmetals.com/ That’s a company that pay around 80% of the day’s gold price, their are companies that pay slightly more than that, so it pays to shop around and read other peoples experiences.

  359. Hi,
    I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to you all leaving feedback and comments.
    I was about to send all my unwanted gold to M4G and thought I would check the feedback (negative was all I was interested in)before doing so.
    So thank you so much for posting and good luck to you all.

  360. Hi Elsa

    Your very welcome! I am sure we are all relieved you didn’t send your gold off to M4G.

    In case your still looking for feedback regarding postal gold companies, their is also a few threads within the moneysaving expert forum as well as a couple of reputable companies mentioned above which could possibly help.

    Good luck and thank you for your comment!

  361. I am having a nightmare with these guys.

    Sent my gold
    Took ages to get the cheque for £5.17
    Returned it recorded delivery

    They took ages to sign for the cheque (they have moved and the address in my letter was wrong, the post office was forwarding there mail)

    Phoned them, they said sorry they had quoted me for silver and not gold. What would a fair price be? ( I’ve no idea:( ).

    Told them not to bother and return my gold, which was agreed.

    15 calls later they have told me my Gold is gone and its my fault because I did not phone when I returned the cheque!

    I’ve no idea what to do next with this company, they tell you lies, make things up, ignore you, don’t call you back.

  362. Hi Frank
    I am so sorry to hear your nightmare with M4G, an all to common story unfortunately!
    Firstly can I ask if you still have your postal receipt from when you sent your gold to M4G? As your proof of posting, this will have the weight of the package, this will give you a rough estimate of the amount of gold you sent to M4G, although not entirely accurate, because of the packaging it will give you a ball park figure of the amount you should have received from M4G using a gold calculator. http://www.hattongardenmetals.com/ Sorry this might feel like rubbing salt in your wounds but if you decide to fight M4G, you need to know approximately what your fighting for.
    Have you got dates of all the phone calls you’ve made? The date you received the cheque, the date on the cheque, the date it was returned and received by M4G.
    I haven’t checked M4G’s terms, conditions or guarantee’s recently and they do make little amendments every now and then, but they are obviously trying to use their terms and conditions against you in regard to them saying your gold is gone ie because you did not phone when you returned the cheque, however M4G have been known to leave very little time from the date on the cheque and their time stipulation within their terms and conditions (it WAS approximately 10 days).
    From experience with this company, you do have to stick to your guns and your right they tell you lies, make things up and a lot more besides but you can get there in the end.
    As you may know the OFT are investigating postal gold companies, M4G being one of them, so I would consider sending off a complaint to them, unfortunately they can not intervene with individual problems.
    Consumer direct may also be able to help with advice, complaints to consumer direct are also passed to the OFT eventually. The majority of us here have also sent off a complaint to the BBB,(link is above and on the forum) they will mediate between yourself and M4G!
    If you fail to get a satisfactory result from the above, you could also get some advice from the CAB regarding a civil case, I know this sounds like a lot of work and an extra expense but M4G certainly don’t want to be dragged through the courts, because this board can be read by anyone I’ll leave further explanation on that, to your imagination!
    Best of luck Frank and if I/we can help in any way, just let us know.
    Their is a PM facility on the forum if you need it!

  363. Thanks for all the help.

    Yes I’ve still got the original dated letter and the recorded delivery number from the post office. Thanks for the tip at least it helps me know how much I may have been offered :(

    I sent the cheque back recorded within 10 days, they took an extra 6 days to sign for it as they moved. They say its still my fault because there T&C’s say I should have phoned them.

    Kept a record of all calls and will complain to consumer direct. I’ve also e-mailed watchdog.

    Thanks again

  364. Your Welcome Frank.

    Quite a few of us tried the watchdog route also, unfortunately as far as I am aware, nobody heard back, but fingers crossed for you.

  365. i received a cheque for 141.57 i was broke the same day i cashed it i was tired of the whole thing i know my gold was worth more

  366. I sent my envelope away and after 4 days called to ask where my cheque was. Was told would be there within next 2 days. Two days passed and no cheque. I have phoned and simply told them ‘I want my gold returned’ I was told the cheque would be cancelled and gold returned. How much do I wish I had read this site before sending it, like many other people leaving comments! I hope I get my gold back, I’d hate a small claims senario like others have had to think about.

  367. Just called again to double check my account was on hold, to be told by someone else my cheque was sent to the WRONG address. How stupid do I feel for even thinking of posting my gold!

  368. Anyone got and advice?

    98 grams but I’ve no idea what to ask for? They have asked me for a settlement figure. I’ve not idea the original value of the chain, it was thick gold.

    I am real idiot for this one

  369. Hi Frank

    Please go and check out a gold calculator, theirs one on Hatton garden metals website, they pay about 80% of the value I think, which is a lot of money even at 80% of the value, their are companies which will pay slightly more than 80% but at least Hatton will give you a price to work from. http://www.hattongardenmetals.com/index.aspx

    Fingers crossed they offer near the true value Frank

  370. Hi All,

    Just to say thanks for bringing this scam of a Company to our attention. Well done all!!

  371. I so wish i had found this site before sending my gold to Money4Gold! My 15 days are up today and surprise surprise no gold! They’ve stopped responding to my emails which they responded to lightening fast when they were trying to negotiate with me for the price but now nothing. I can’t call them
    until Monday but given that I know their history I am going to send them
    a letter today stating they have 7 days to return my gold or I will take legal action and report to the BBB which I see a lot of you have done with success. Fingers crossed I will see my gold again soon and I can take it to the Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham which is what I should have done in the first place!

  372. Hi Sally Sorry to hear your having problems with M4G.
    Hopefully when you phone them in the morning they will realise that you are prepared to take legal action if necessary and you will start to get some action from M4G.
    As you possibly have also read above, Consumer Direct is also a good option even though they will advice you to send the 7 day letter, a complaint logged with consumer direct automatically goes to the OFT which considering the present OFT investigation will certainly add fuel to M4G’s already burning fire and might just hurry them up for you.

    Best of luck Sally and if you need any help just let us know.

  373. Hi Sharon
    Thanks so much for your post. I spoke to someone called Sarah this morning who said my gold was on it’s way back but that it could take 10-15 working days. I told her it does not say working days anywhere in any of their advertising or correspondance. She was adament it was 10-15 working days so I told her that I had read such negative things about M4G I had already reported them to BBB and OFT. She didn’t seem phased by this, guess they hear it all the time given their track record! I asked for a tracking number to prove that my gold was genuinely on the way back to me and she said that she could not give me this it had to come from their Head Office in America. I asked why given the tracking number was for UK Royal Mail Postal Service, she said they instruct the return. She says they will call me within 48hours but to be honest I am not holding my breath for the call! I don’t know if this is good progress or not did they call you before they sent your gold back? I guess I will call them on Wednesday morning again if I have not received a call by which time they will have received my letter threatening legal action. What a hassle! I just hope others see this forum before sending their gold to M4G.

  374. Hi Sally, Firstly your very welcome.
    I can’t say I’m surprised at the information you received from Sarah this morning.
    I haven’t read through their terms and conditions or their guarantee recently but it didn’t used to say working days, however to be honest it makes no difference. Just from my own experience I’d lost count at the amount of times I had been told “MY gold was on its way back to me” If their process remains the same, I received no phone call neither was I informed of the tracking number. My gold was returned via special delivery, posted the day before it arrived here from a post office not far from their office.
    As you say give them a call on Wednesday and every other day after that until you receive your gold, keep reminding them that you are quite willing to take legal action and have already complained to the BBB and consumer direct/OFT.
    Hopefully Sally you’ll have your gold back very soon!

  375. Hi Sharon,
    Thanks again for your post – it’s always good to share frustration!
    I am hoping I had a breakthrough this morning! I spoke to someone called Warren who said that he had a tracking number (miraculous given that Sarah said on Monday that they could not give them, they had to be given by Head Office in America!) the number is a genuine Royal Mail tracking number however it is not tracking yet but he says it will be posted tomorrow and therefore I should get my gold by Saturday or Tuesday at the latest. I told him that if when I checked the Royal Mail website tomorrow it was not tracking I would be back on the phone and that I had reported to BBB and OFT but he seemed totally uninterested, I am guessing they are so used to being told this now it just goes over their heads! Fingers crossed though that this will soon be over.

  376. Hiya Sally

    That certainly sounds positive and I am pleased to say makes sense with what has happened in the past with others. They do buy their postage in bulk and therefore will have the tracking number your gold has been assigned. Providing it IS posted tomorrow as Warren has said, then your nightmare should be over.
    As you say they are well used to the complaints and talk of the BBB,OFT ect in fact it would not surprise me if they are still watching the comments appearing here, which would give them the heads up on people who will not be messed about like yourself!
    Fingers crossed your gold is back with you on Saturday and you can relax and enjoy the Easter break without the hassle from M4G in the back of your mind x

  377. I would advise anyone to stay well clear of this company. I’ve tried everything and failed. I will now take them to small claims. Really stay away from them.


  378. Sorry to hear your struggling and you’ve tried everything Frank.
    Have you informed Money4Gold that you intend to take them to court? What was there reaction?

    Please keep us informed of your progress, wishing you all the very best!

  379. We’re sorry for any inconvenience you have experienced. A customer service agent will be happy to help you resolve your issue. Please call us at 0800 043 GOLD (4653) anytime between 9am and 8pm EST Monday through Friday or email us at info@money4golduk.com

  380. Well Well Now their is a surprise! Welcome GoldAssistant.

    As you have no doubt read above their are numerous complaints and issues we as consumers have endured because of Money4Gold.

    Unless things have changed with M4G and its customer service our experiences prove emails are a waste of time and effort.

  381. funny money4gold were suppose to be touch with me today, guess what they have not.

    Note your opening hours is 8.30pm to 5pm

  382. Hi Sharon and everyone else waiting for their gold. I just thought i’d let you know I did receive my gold back on 2nd April after sending a letter stating I would be taking legal action and making it very clear on the phone that I would not accept any of their nonsense – perseverence is the only way it would seem. I would like to thank Sharon so much for the advice and hope that others reading this do so before sending their gold.

  383. Hi Sally
    Your very welcome and thanks for letting us know your good news. I am really pleased for you!

  384. I sent away several items of 9ct gold and a broken 18ct gold bracelet to Money4Gold. I was able to weigh this myself and expected approximately £150 (based on some prices I found on the internet). I received a cheque for £24 so I immediately telephoned M4G who asked what I was expecting as they may be able to increase their offer (although not to the amount I had expected). I said I would return the cheque and expected my gold back asap. My gold finally arrived back approx 5 weeks later, after numerous phone calls from me!

    After this experience, I was dubious of trying any other companies but found http://www.bestpriceforgold.co.uk online who actually publish their daily gold prices so you can estimate how much you should receive. I have since receive a cheque for £143.00 which I am very happy with.

    I think M4G opperate on the basis that people may be desperate for the money and will accept a much lower amount than the gold is actually worth, especially if they are forced to wait weeks for the return of their gold!

  385. Hi Lisa and Thanks for letting us know your experience.

    I would agree with you M4G do operate in the hope people are desperate, trusting that the company has some morals and ethics. Unfortunately our experiences prove they have neither!

  386. Paul in Ireland(South)

    Hi one and all, Well i just spent the last hour or so reading every single post, and let me say i am delighted i did, I live in Ireland but from the U.K.originally. M4G are absolutly hammering the TV with adverts at the moment and nearly got me, i even ordered a gold pack. Thank god i googled just looking for bset prices in general and i found this thread. The prices offered here on the whole are a discrace talk about rip off Ireland, so i am sending mine to scrapgolduk now,did the online valuation and happy days. Cant believe they are trying it on here now, wish i could do something about it, these ads are on for a few months now, i bet they have made a fortune here. Its definatly the same company anyway, with the GG guarantee what a joke, I am real sorry for all those done in tht U.K. just hope it doesnt end up the same here, but i bet it will.

  387. Hi Paul
    I’m so glad that you read these posts first, and my only hope is that more and more people do the same thing before sending their gold off to this scandelous company. I only hope and pray that due to reading these posts less and less people are falling for their lies and do not have to go through what we had to in order to have their jewelery returned to them. I for one cannot beleive that they are still trading in the UK and now in Southern Ireland.

  388. A few moths ago I sent some gold to a company called cash4gold.com and they sent my back a check for $39.00, I knew the gold was worth at least ten times that amount, so I contacted the company and demanded my money back but they told me that they had aleady melted the jewelry down and that I was out of luck.

    These guys totally scammed me!

    Since then, |I have made my own website that warns people of the dirty dealing that are going on in the cash for gold industry and I also show them where to get at least 3 times more for their gold jewelry than from any other company on the Internet… you can view my website at:http://www.cashforgoldscams.com/

  389. i sent my gold to money for gold on the 15/7/2010 the package weighed 0.051kg which is 51g’s. i got a cheque back today being the 22/07/2010 dated 20/07/2010 of £51. i want my gold back can you advise how to go about this

  390. Sounds like modern day pirates. They don’t give a hoot about being honest or their integrity and certainly their clients.

    I don’t think they care where the jewelry comes from either. Whether the supply comes from the real owners or not is inmaterial to them. Plus with all the advertising they do, they probably also have the adverse effect of contributing to home burglaries.

  391. Hi all,
    I also sent gold off to cash 4 gold, with a low cash cheque in return. I soon sent it back. I still haven’t received my gold back! And have started court action, with the small claims court. They should be able to get hold of the B***ards!
    Its been a few weeks now, since sending their cheque back. And they have the cheek to send me a new pre-paid envelope requesting more gold. Well I have ripped up the letter, obviously taking my address off and have sent it back with a little note!

  392. I’ve just come across an interesting link: http://www.gold-traders.co.uk/calculator/

    It took me a while to find the page, it doesn’t seem very well promoted, but it allows you to easily calculate the real value of your gold (not what a dealer will pay).

    I used it before taking my stuff to a local jeweller and was shocked to discover I was only being offered about 56% of the value.

  393. Hi all,

    I’m a researcher for BBC One’s Rip Off Britain, which is fronted by Jennie Bond, Angela Rippon and Gloria Hunniford. We’re currently looking into postal gold companies and I’m keen to chat with people who have had bad experiences with them. There are clearly plenty of you on here who fit that bill, so please feel free to get in touch on 0161 244 4868.



  394. Hi all, Sorry seem to have missed a few comments of late. If anyone needs help getting their gold back, details of how we managed to do it, are in our earlier comments and their is also posts in the forum. I will try and keep an eye here for any updates and help if I can.
    Catrina hope your making some headway with cash 4 gold, dunno if you’ve thought about giving Ceri a call and having a chat, but it might help.

  395. Hi,

    I just wanted to say that I actually found a good local company who visit you in your own home to buy your gold. They provide full ID passport etc. They do charge a small commission but they are very open about that and their prices are quite high and they told me are linked to the daily London gold fix. Anyway give them a try. Their website is;

  396. So sorry not been on here for so long..have had a baby, moved house and lol well its just been hectic. I am so glad to hear that this atrocious company have been forced to cease trading …as Sharon says..YIPEEEEEEEEE. My gosh its been a long slog and so many people put through hell in the meantime, but thankfully its now over. I just hope that all the fat cats of the company (and belive me they have taken the cream while being in business here), get the come-uppens one day.

  397. Wow Kathy you’ve been a busy bee, Congratulations! (boy or girl?) and Good luck in your new home. Sure they will Kathy, as the saying goes: What comes around, goes around!
    Tc hun xx

  398. Hi Sharon…….I had a little girl hun. And your right, what comes around etc lol how true. I am just over the moon that these thieves have ceased trading and no more people here will be ripped off by them. Take care Sharon xxxxxxxxxxx

  399. Hi there, I represent http://www.falkosgold.co.uk.

    I would just like to say that it is a pity that many of you have been stung already which is why you have been commenting on this site. We really need to get the message out as even after so much publicity, people are still being stung!

    Please be aware however that many gold buying companies are blatantly using this forum to advertise their services and that some of these recommendations are probably not recommendations at all. I can pick out 3 of them just by looking…

    If you would like some honest advice (even if you don’t plan on using our services) I am happy to provide it.

    Just remember:
    1. Do your research first
    2. Some gold buyers advertise very high prices, but then charge a hidden commission or fee.
    3. Some buyers charge you a testing fee (up to £40) if you post your gold and change your mind.
    4. If you are going to post your gold, we would recommend that the business also has premises which you can visit (just in case).
    5. Never rely on the feedback on the gold buyers website (it can easily be doctored or filtered). Check out moneysavingexpert or freeindex or similar site which customers actively review on before choosing your gold buyer.
    6. If the gold buyer does not advertise the price they pay, just avoid.

    Good luck!

    0207 096 1749

  400. Very true Robin, I have used a another company twice and was very happy with their service.
    Its unfortunate that those “bad” companies have reflected negatively on the whole industry. However since the OFT investigation the industry has seen some improvement.
    Its still vital that anyone thinking of using this type of service, researches as Ahmet above suggests. The Moneysaving Expert forum is an excellent place to start, providing you are sure the comments in question are from regular contributors and not some person who decides he/she will get some free advertising for their own company.
    If anyone does feel they have been ripped off, don’t put it down to experience, kick up a fuss!

  401. There’s only one company I can recommend for selling unwanted gold.

    http://cats4gold.com pay more cats for your gold than any other company on the Interweb. 50% more cats in fact!

    Check out the testimonials… “Cats4Gold.com were so quick to process my gold and send a top quality kitten.” Arthur Miu, New York.

    Swap your shabby tat for a tabby cat.

  402. Fi Lyon, Cats4Gold.com is brilliant! Love the ‘turn your litter into glitter’ line. Had I known, I would have swapped selling my gold with monsterpriceforgold.com and gone for a cat instead :-)

  403. Best 2 places I’ve found for gold & silver are http://www.birminghamgoldcompany.co.uk/ and also http://www.birminghamsilvercompany.co.uk/

    I think that they are owned by the same people, but the point is this. I sold them a lot of gold & silver and was so impressed by them I offered to post for them on the net. Their prices were the highest I could find. They weighed my items in front of me on Trading Standards Calibrated scales. They pointed out to me that a ring I thought was 9 carat was actually 22ct and they paid me in cash.
    I’m from Bristol. A friend of mine posted some silver to the Birmingham Silver Company and they not only paid her more than she thought (she was weighing in cooking ounces!!) she got a receipt and a full photo of her items on the weighing scales..Brilliant considering that she got double what a local Jeweller offered her

  404. Jewelry is one of the oldest forms of beautification and personal adornment.

    Nowadays, it is extremely uncommon for anyone to be without a piece of jewelry

    that they own. From brooches to wedding rings to cuff links, jewelry has become

    an important part of everyday life and fashion.Here you’ll find the Top

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    and continuing to this day.

  405. I’m another customer of postgoldforcash.com. Ahmet, have you actually used them? I found them really friendly and they did offer more than the other people I tried. Yes, some cash for gold companies are terrible and are out to get your money, but there are some that are legit. As Sharon says, we can’t TAR them all with the same brush. It’s like saying all supermarkets are bad after a horrible experience at an obscure branch of Co-op, inaccurate and untrue.

  406. After a little bit of digging I found out that the men behind m4g is or was a mr. Hakan Koyuncu this was back in 2008 when it was purchased from the previous owners the new c/o is or was Daniel Brauser.


    You can find some information on the take over and the names of the people involved here most of the text is encrypted but not the names scroll down an you will find what you need.

    Do not let them get away with robbery…..good luck

  407. Dear Sir/ Madam
    I am writing to you at this time to advertise the availability of our main product, alluvial gold in bulk quantities. As we represent a large number of local artisan miners, we are prepared to provide quantities of up to 2000 kilograms of 22+ karat alluvial gold available.
    Following is information concerning our product:

    Quantity: 2000 kilograms available
    Quality: 22+ karat alluvial Au
    Origin: Mali, West Africa
    Price: $30,000 per kilogram

    Our firm is in possession of the Gold Export Certificate issued by the Government of the Republic of Mali necessary to export gold from Mali, thus we can provide service to any part of the world.
    We are prepared to offer the quantity of gold required to the Buyer [or their representative] upon their arrival here in Mali. After the Buyer has confirmed the quantity and the quality of the gold with their DNGM, and is satisfied, only then will we accept payment, by bank transfer, from the Buyer to us. Further, we currently seek outside-based serious investors on a partnership basis in order to increase our production capacity. If you are interested in this proposal, or have any further questions, kindly contact me at the numbers listed below.Looking forward to do business with you.

    Yours truly,
    Mr. Camara
    Sales manager
    Tel..+223 634 669 58.

  408. If you read the reviews you will find that Post Gold for Cash and Hatton Garden Metals are 2 of the top if this helps. This is my unbiased view based on personal experience dealing with both companies.

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