High-Street Price War Has Begun


It looks like the price war on the high street has begun, with a plethora of retailers announcing big sales for the weekend.

If you remember last year, there were some desperate attempts made by the stores to generate sales – whilst this year doesn’t look like it will be quite as manic as last, the rise in VAT in the New Year might give its own incentive for shoppers to get in the shops before prices rise.

Here are some of the sales announced for major stores:

  • Debenhamsup to 25% off (until 21st November, and possibly longer)
  • Dorothy Perkins20% off (Thursday 19th November & Friday 20th November)
  • Burton20% off (Thursday 19th November & Friday 20th November)
  • BHS – 20% off (until Sunday 22nd November)

Creative Commons License photo credit: shining.darkness

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