Google Shopper: Price Comparison App For Android

Google is launching its very own mobile price comparison shopping app for the Android mobile platform.

Google Shopper finds prices, reviews and detailed specifications of the items you’re after and gives you a variety of ways of searching, implementing technology that we’re starting to see more of, such as voice (speak to search) and image recognition (take a picture of a book cover to search, for example) and barcode scanning. Once the item is identified, Google Shopper uses Google’s extensive catalogue of items (in Google Product Search) to provide you with the extended details and price comparisons.

Whilst there is currently no iPhone version of the app available, it’s likely to be ported to that platform in time, and will take on the likes of the Redlaser and pic2shop price comparison apps (look out for our head to head review of these 2 apps in the coming weeks). These apps have the possibility of being the must-have tools for finding the cheapest products either on the high-street or online.

Here’s a demonstration of the app by a rather scary looking dude (Desperado, anyone?) on Youtube, and Android mobile phone users can get the app by searching for “Google Shopper” in the Android Market:

Google Shopper is currently in Google’s Mobile Lab – a place for new developments for mobiles.

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