PayPal inStore: PayPal Comes To The High Street

PayPal has begun a new initiative with a select group of UK high street fashion stores, to allow customers to pay using an app on their phones.

The app, PayPal inStore, is a separate app to the normal PayPal app, and currently works in Oasis, Karen Millen, Coast and Warehouse. You’ll need to download the app for either iPhone or Android phones, and have a PayPal account with a debit or credit card attached to the account.

You get a unique, one-time barcode each time you want to make a payment. The cashier will simply scan the barcode or type in the unique 10-digit code. Your PayPal account will then be charged and you’ll receive an instant electronic receipt.

Vouchers & Promotions

Any special PayPal inStore app vouchers or promotions that you’ve opted in to will be automatically applied to your purchase. You’ll also receive alerts on your mobile when new promotions are starting. If you accept them, a reminder will be added to your calendar to help make sure you don’t miss out.


Bought a product with PayPal online but need to return it? If the retailer accepts PayPal inStore then there’s no need to send it back, now you can just take it to their nearest shop for an exchange or refund.

Will PayPal inStore take off? Well, as it’s only currently available in 4 chain stores, PayPal themselves possibly aren’t completely convinced, but it does haven a couple of positives. Firstly, there is no NFC technology involved, which means that a wide range of phones should be able to handle these payments without any added technology. This could also be a selling point to future retailers, as it means there isn’t a need to install NFC readers at their tills (although there may be other hardware/software upgrades required to accomodate PayPal inStore’s barcodes).

Also, there is no need for there to be a wireless or mobile network signal available when making a payment. The app will store the details and queue them for when there is a network signal.

Here’s PayPal’s video of the app in action:


Here are a few screenshots from the iPhone version of the PayPal inStore app.

The home screen, showing your options:

PayPal inStore App

The barcode needed to make your payment:

PayPal inStore App

Need to get a refund? You can do that on the app too:

PayPal inStore App

The app is secured with a PIN:

PayPal inStore App

One thought on “PayPal inStore: PayPal Comes To The High Street

  1. Brilliant move on Paypal’s part. Being able to use Discover’s rails gives them immediate access to China Union Pay and JCB in japan as well. With Discover’s partnership with Visa/MC, they’re everywhere. They might not be able to market or get people to use their card, but Paypal will piggy-back all day long.

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