TubeTap: Claim Your London Underground Refunds

TubeTap app

Following on from Monday’s featured iPhone app to help you monitor the data usage on your iPhone, today’s app is designed for commuters on the London Underground.

Transport For London (TfL) state that it will offer a refund if your underground train is delayed by more than 15 minutes. Of course, most people don’t bother to claim because of the hassle, and that’s where the TubeTap app comes in.

The app helps you to track how long your journey takes, and then calculates whether or not you have been delayed over the magic figure of 15 minutes. If so, then the app will send your claim off to TfL, and if your claim is successful, you’ll receive a refund voucher from TfL.

You can see the app demonstrated in the video below, and it’s available to download from iTunes for 69p.

Via TheNextWeb.

4 thoughts on “TubeTap: Claim Your London Underground Refunds

  1. I love this little app, downloaded it two days ago, now i don’t have to worry bout losing money when gettin delayed on the tube. I like how it tells u the journey times, thats helpful even if u don’t get delayed. Amazing app, 5 stars!

  2. Finally some justice! For years we have been stuck on the tube, misguided by the tlf travel planner. Love the app. Does what is says and also calculate journey times more accurately that tfl. Get it!

  3. So glad! A new app has been designed to cut through the red tape of claiming a refund for a tube delay.It works by determining your station location, calculating your journey time and then comparing it to your actual journey time. If your journey time is more than 15 minutes longer than the estimated time the app submits a request for a refund…which is super cool.

  4. The Tube is a love/hate relationship for most Londoners, but there’s a strong feeling things could be much better if the London Underground (LU) just got its act together.

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