Google Shopper For iPhone

Google has updated its Shopper app for the iPhone to add nearby deals and offers.

Google Shopper helps you to find information on millions of products, either through searching for them with keywords or searching by taking a picture of, for example, the cover of a CD, or by scanning a barcode of a DVD.

In the latest version of the Google Shopper app (1.5), which is available for free from iTunes, as well as the ‘Shop’ tab, you’ll now see two new tabs: Offers and My Offers. The Offers tab displays a list, or map view, of nearby offers which businesses have submitted through Google Places – from restaurant and cinema deals to discounts on tennis lessons or a round of golf.

Let’s say you come across an offer for free dessert at a nearby restaurant, but you won’t have time to use it until the weekend. You can save the offer for future use, then later view and redeem it from the My Offers tab.

For those users in cities where Google’s latest initiative to take on Groupon and other daily deal sites, Google Offers, is available, you can also view and redeem offers you’ve purchased. The number of cities is limited at the moment, but likely to grow if Google gets Offers right.


Google Shopper iPhone App

Google Shopper iPhone App

Google Shopper iPhone App

Google Shopper iPhone App

Google Shopper iPhone App

The Google Shopper app is also available for Android phones in the Android market, although these new features are not yet available.

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  1. Why restrict it to US and UK? There are plenty of other English-speaking markets, and English-speaking people across the globe.

    Oops yes. Google is US company, so international knowledge fail.

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