Little Chef Embraces Contactless Payments

Little Chef

Whilst Camelot has had its application to use its ticket machines for contactless payments and other e-payment facilities turned down, an unlikely restaurant chain has become the first to embrace contactless technology.

Motorway service station and roadside restaurant Little Chef is to roll out the technology to all of its 173 restaurants to enable customers to quickly pay for their meals, provided they’re under £15.

They’re using Barlcaycard’s technology to implement the system and it will be used in their Little Chef, Coffee Tempo and Burger King franchises.

Tracey Mulligan, Interim Managing Director, Little Chef said:

“We’re constantly working on improving our offer within Little Chef. As well as food and service, technology plays a big part in improving the customer experience and making our offer relevant to today’s busy traveller. We believe that contactless is an important part of the future of payments and are committed to embracing it in its early stages.”

I wonder if they still handout lollipops to anyone who clears their plate?

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