New Tool Helps Calculate The Cost Of Your Commute To London

A new online tool shows commuters the real cost of their daily journey to work – mapping annual travel costs from every train station in the London commuter belt.

Cost of your commute

The resource (compiled by JustPark) compares the price of rail season tickets and car parking at over 90 different commuter stations – allowing those working in London but living further afield to see where they can find the best deal.

On average, London commuters travelling by a combination of car and rail spend over £4,000 per year on their journey – including £3,105 on their rail season ticket and £976 on parking at the train station.

You can explore commuting costs across the London commuter belt with the new tool here:

And here are some other key findings from the study:

Commuting costs:

  • Ewell (West) in Surrey has the cheapest 12 month rail ticket to London, coming in at just £1,800 per year – less than half the price of Tunbridge Wells in Kent.
  • Tunbridge Wells is the most expensive commuter belt station for travel to London – with the cheapest rail season ticket costing £4,404 per year.
  • When you also factor in parking at the train station, the most expensive commuter belt journey by a combination of car and rail is Reading to London – a total cost of £6,033.50 per year (£4,228 rail season ticket; £1,805.50 car park season ticket).
  • Caterham in Surrey has the cheapest commuter belt journey by a combination of car and rail – costing less than half this at £2,382 per year (£1,820 rail; £562 car park).
  • Reading has the most expensive station car park in the London commuter belt – charging £1,805.50 per year. Frimley in Surrey is the cheapest at just £175 per year.
  • Outside the commuter belt, Peterborough to London is the most expensive hour-long commute in the UK – costing £7,450 by a combination of car and rail (£6,200 rail; £1,250 car park)

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