Best Financial Advice From Bloggers

In a follow up to their previous series of “Best Advice” articles, Free Money Finance is now running a new series – “Best Advice I Can Give: Blogger Edition“.

In the first series, professional financial advisors were asked to give their advice, and there were some good tips. This time it’s the turn of the personal finance bloggers – the first article suggests that you should use financial software to track your finances. By doing this it will help you visualize what’s going on with your money and possibly add a little excitement to an often dull subject.

I think this is a reasonably useful tip – many of us have in-comings and out-goings to/from many different sources and at various points throughout a month. Financial software can help you keep track of these better by allowing you to view them all under one roof. And as time progresses they are becoming more automated and less labour intensive to keep them up-to-date with all your transactions.

I’ll hopefully be reviewing some personal finance software in the coming months (once I’ve had time to test a few!)

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