Brits Making Billions Online

Well, according to MyFinances, Brits are making billions of pounds online.

I’m yet to reach my first billion, but I was lucky enough to earn £360 by selling a car on eBay last week. The 10 year old Citroen AX had been sitting on my drive since November, when it had failed its M.O.T.. I had been planning to scrap it, as we now have a replacement car, but I decided to give eBay a go. With no tax and no valid M.O.T. (needing the exhaust replacing), I was expecting it to either fail to get any bids or be sold for a tenner.

But on the final day of the auction, I was amazed to see a bidding war break out, and the final price of £360 astounded me. The car has now passed its M.O.T. and is back on the road – far better than sitting in a scrapyard.

So it just shows, if you’re prepared to put in a little bit of time listing your item on eBay, you might just be surprised what somebody will pay for something that you think is worthless.

One thought on “Brits Making Billions Online

  1. I have made my first £2000 from the payday loan website I am currently working on but have made a tidy profit from ebay in the past.

    As you mentioned in your post, if you spend a bit of time on the listing there is always a BUYER.

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