Mastercard Promotes Apple Pay With Free London Transport

Mastercard is promoting the adoption of Apple Pay by offering free journeys on London transport networks on the next few Mondays.

MasterCard credit card

On 30th November, 7th & 14th December, if you’re an Apple Pay user with a Mastercard attached, you can tap in and out for free on London buses, the Underground, trams, Docklands Light Railway and other services, up to the value of £27.90 for each day’s travel.

Mastercard are taking advantage of TfL’s move to contactless payments which began with Oyster cards, and has more recently started to support contactless debit cards, before Apple Pay and its ilk came on the scene.

President of Mastercard UK and Ireland, Mark Barnett, said:

Now that Apple Pay has arrived, we want to encourage travellers on London’s transport network to try it out and give them another convenient option to pay for their travel. What better way to do this than to offer Mastercard customers using Apple Pay the chance to travel for free over the next four consecutive Mondays.

Whilst this will help adoption in the capital, for those of us elsewhere in the UK, we’ll just have to watch in awe as Apple Pay takes off without us.

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