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Comparison site has recently released a new iPhone app featuring all of the money saving vouchers featured on its site, as well as their exclusive deals which aren’t available elsewhere.

The free app aims to deliver real-time deals and discount vouchers for iPhone owners who are out and about, using the built-in geolocation features in the iPhone to deliver local deals.

Moneysupermarket iphone app

Vouchers can be filtered by category, so that you can, for example, show local restaurant deals, or you can search for specific deals by keyword. iphone app

On first look, this app reminded me very much of the Vouchercloud iPhone app, as the features and look and feel are very similar.

This isn’t a bad thing; Vouchercloud have done a good job developing a pretty comprehensive app with a decent amount of deals, so it will be good to see how the app compares – these tools pretty much live and die by the amount of voucher “inventory” they have, and that’s not always easy outside the big cities.

Where the iPhone app does has an advantage is that all the vouchers are free – you have to pay a small fee to redeem some of the Vouchercloud vouchers.

We’ll try to give it a few days worth of testing before posting a final judgment.

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