Santander Denies Alliance & Leicester Website Hacked

Alliance & Leicester website

Santander has been busy denying that its Alliance & Leicester online banking site has been the victim of a hack attack.

Following several reports posted on forums, Santander confirmed that they’d experienced a technical failure with one of their partners, but there had been no leak of client data, and this problem hadn’t been caused by a malicious attack.

According to MoneySavingExpert, a Santander spokesman said:

“Santander’s internet banking systems utilise a number of third parties and one of these appears to have had a technical failure. It is being corrected by a third party and this is not an online banking security issue.”

6 thoughts on “Santander Denies Alliance & Leicester Website Hacked

  1. I cannot access my online account with alliance & leicester. I am very unhappy since Santander have taken over, have had several problems. Never had any problems whatsoever with Alliance & Leicester. Seriously considering moving my account now

  2. Similar experiences here. A&L used to be OK. They always had a stupidly short auto-signout period, an odd security mechanism which I don’t really understand (association of an image with a name), but the site sort-of worked. Now every time I switch to my messages, I get one of them displayed, then if I keep refreshing the page eventually all the others appear in the in-box. The online help system gives you a stupidly tiny window into which to type your message, and I have to copy-paste my message into it because the site often times out by the time I’ve typed it. They take days to respond to messages. I just cancelled a debit card and they took 1 month (yes!) to issue the replacement card and pin, this was the last straw so I transfered. The icing on the cake was that they refused the CATS request from Nationwide so I have to transfer my DDs manually. Oddly enough I’m just trying to transfer over the last money tonight and hey ho the site has crapped out on me again, with error 80004005. Well, I suppose that must be running on some pile of crap Micro$haft system, I know that error well from work :). It really doesn’t inspire confidence.

    Just switched to Nationwide – their card-reader sign-on seems quite good, their site is uncluttered and does what it’s supposed to, and they seem to reply next day to any queries.
    Of course, there’s still some stupidity from them as well, as they force you to have totally different sign-on details for their savings account compared to the current account, but whatever.

  3. I’ve just had my current account with Santander (previously A&L) hacked into and cleared, although I have up-to-date anti-virus software on my computer and have downloaded Santander’s own Rapport security software. Santander have re-credited my account but I can no longer access my account online and do not know how long that situation will continue.

  4. i have just had a santander internet account blocked for the second time due to hackers, we have anti virus software that scans every evening and i have santanders own software downloaded, i dont know that i can trust internet banking after this

  5. My account was definitely hacked! Someone set up a Direct Debit via Paypal using my Bank Account Details?!?! Alliance and Leicester contacted me a few times in the past regarding suspicious activity. Don’t know why Santander can’t do the same. Very unhappy customer!!

  6. My daughter has had her account cleared out this Friday, she does not bank online nor use her card online. She is a single mum with no money, Santander said it was an error with a number entered wrongly and all her money was transfered to another account with HALIFAX!!!!!! She has to wait 8 days to sort it out. She had her card cloned only 2 weeks ago as well. I have banked with Barclays for 30 years and never had an issue. I feel Santander has issues they are not telling. A work mate told me on Friday that his partner has had her account cleared out at 6:00am in the morning, by different cash machines!!! I am very concerned.

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