Halifax Revamping Their Online Banking Service

Halifax Online Banking

Halifax have emailed their customers to let them know of some changes they’re making to their online banking services.

It looks as if there could be a fair bit of change over the next 18 months:

The changes are part of a major investment we’re making in our online banking service, to build a new site that will be easier to use and even more secure. The new site launches early next year with a fresh new look. The vast majority of the day-to-day services you’re used to will remain – and as our new site develops, we’ll bring in a number of new features and services, such as mobile banking.

However, some existing online services will change or won’t be available on the new site when it first launches. We plan to reintroduce many of these over the next 18 months. Please read on to find out how the key changes may affect you. For more details on the changes, please visit our what’s changing page.

One point in particular stands out from the list of changes:

  • You can no longer make an online payment to your credit card using your debit card.  However, if you have a Halifax or Bank of Scotland bank account, you’ll be able to make an online payment by setting up a payment from your bank account. Information on alternative ways to pay can be found on the back of your credit card statement and also under the ‘Manage account’ tab on the new site.

This seems a strange move by Halifax, removing one of the easiest ways of paying off your credit card each month. Definitely worth keeping your eye on if you do not have a Halifax or Bank if Scotland bank account.

You can read more about the changes here, or view a demo video of the changes.

5 thoughts on “Halifax Revamping Their Online Banking Service

  1. The new system is a major step backwards and basically just amounts to HBOS customers being migrated onto the (inferior) Lloyds online system. As a customer of Bank of Scotland I think it is a disgrace, but I guess that’s what happens if your bank goes bust and has to be rescued by another one.

  2. I am still waiting for an email from Halifax warning me of the change to paying my account online.

    I am very upset about the change, why fix something if it aint broke. As I am unable to leave my house and get to a bank. I will now have to think seriously of closing this account.

  3. As an easy method of checking my Halifax One Card balance, and to pay my credit card bill, I am annoyed that this has been put forward – as a backward step rather than a forwards step.

    As such, I will not have to wait for a statement to come in (and hope it isn’t delayed or lost by post) or telephone them up – on an 08457 number at my expense.

    I am very annoyed by this, but it’s not like my comments will be read by anyone at HBOS!

  4. Now they’ve inflicted the Lloyds system on Bank of Scotland business customers as well. I think this is the last straw; the system appears to have ground to a halt, like a multi-user system running on an Sinclair ZX80.

  5. When I miss a payment, within 2 days of the du date, I am getting letters saying that I have defaulted and my credit rating is at risk and that payment must be made immediately etc. and the letters are quite rude. So I finally get together enough cash to pay off the balance and I can’t actually hand it over. It is impossible to pay with a debit card or online through another bank account. It seems like they don’t want you to pay any extra off of your card…..

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