HSBC Fast Balance App For Blackberry

HSBC has just released its Fast Balance smartphone banking app for Blackberry phones.

HSBC has released versions of the app for both iPhone and Android in previous months, but now Blackberry users can also use an official HSBC app on their phones, having previously only be able to use the 3rd party apps to check their HSBC balance.

The free app can now be downloaded from the Blackberry App World, and allows users to:

  • Check their balance
  • See recent transactions
  • Top up their mobile phone

As we’ve said for the versions of the app on the other platforms, HSBC have kept things very simple with their app, such that it has very limited functionality.


The opening screen:

HSBC Fast Balance Blackberry App

The menu screen:

HSBC Fast Balance App

View your balance:

HSBC Fast Balance App

View a mini-statement showing your recent transactions:

HSBC Fast Balance App

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