Natwest & RBS Refunds

The Royal Bank of Scotland has announced its plans for refunding RBS, Natwest & Ulster Bank customers affected by its recent technical problems.


The details of the refund are available on the site, and RBS has stated that even customers of other banks who found they were caused problems by their technical fault could also be entitled to refunds.

We have started the first phase of refunds to customers affected by our technical incident. This is part of our promise to you that no customer would be left out of pocket. We will automatically reimburse all our customers’ fees and charges incorrectly made and credit interest either incurred or lost as a result of the incident.

If you’ve been affected by the RBS “incident”, whether you bank with the group (which includes NatWest, RBS and Ulster Bank) or not, see the relevant section of this guide for help.

The Natwest and RBS websites have also been updated with information on refunds.

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