Natwest Complaints Form

Natwest’s problems have been widely publicised this week, and customers are continuing to have problems accessing their accounts or making and recieving payments.

Natwest have stated that no customers will be left out of pocket by these events:

I also want to reassure customers that no one will be left permanently out of pocket as a result of this, and again, they should contact us directly about this.

One place you could begin to make a complaint (and hopefully reclaim any costs incurred) is through their website.

The following links will take you directly to Natwest’s complain forms:

Remember, if you’re using their published 0845 numbers, these will cost you money, so keep a record of the amount of time you spend on the phone using these numbers and charge them back to Natwest. Alternative, cheaper phone numbers can be found on; for calls regarding this week’s problems,  use 0800 6569639 or 0161 931 9959 to avoid 0845 call costs.

Hattip to Simon Gompertz for identifying and keeping track of these forms.

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