Beware Emails From Natwest & Stephen Hester

Action Fraud is warning Natwest customers to be wary of emails promising them access to their accounts, which turn out to be fraudsters “phishing” for account login details.


These emails are naturally attempting to gather data thanks to Natwest’s recent account problems. One of these emails even pretends to be from the head of RBS (of which Natwest is a part), Stephen Hester, who apologises for the recent problems but then asks recipients to “update their information” on a fake site.

If you do enter your details, the fraudsters will have access to your account and there’s a good chance they’ll relieve you of all of the money in your account.

If you do recieve any of these phishing emails, you should not click on any links or reply to the emails. If you do click on any links, do not enter your details anywhere

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