Tesco Shuts Used Car Website

Remember we told you last year that Tesco was kicking the tyres of a new business model and starting to sell used cars online? No, of course you don’t.

Tesco Cars shuts

Well, after just a year, Tesco has decided that it can no longer offer a decent service to its clients, and has shut down the site.

We started Tesco Cars in good faith and we always aim to do a good job for customers. However, following a review of the business model we and Carsite, our partner, have decided that we cannot offer customers a satisfactory range of vehicles and as a result, have decided it is right to close the business.

Tesco purchased Carsite and launched Tesco Cars last April, but according to the Telegraph, were selling just 150 cars per month towards the end of last year. They put their problems down to the lack of supply of cars, which they were originally getting from “banks, lease and fleet companies”.

For existing customers of Tesco Cars, there’s an FAQ on the site letting you know what to do if you’re yet to have your order fulfilled.

2 thoughts on “Tesco Shuts Used Car Website

  1. Hmmm ‘lack of supply of cars’ or ‘lack of supply of customers’, I wonder.

    This sounded like a crazy scheme at the time. Even with the full-weight of Tesco’s might behind it, I’m not surprised at all that it’s come to a close.

  2. Such a shame. I got my fiesta from tesco. Best car I bought and it was a right bargain too! Does anyone know if there are any other similar companies out there?

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