UK Bank Apps Reviewed

In its regular Apps Of The Week feature, the Guardian has taken a look at the apps currently on offer from UK banks, reviewing 5 apps (well, 4 and one imposter) from some of the biggest high street banks.

The apps reviewed are from Barclays, First Direct, Lloyds TSB, Natwest and HSBC. The imposter is actually HSBC, which currently offers a mobile version of its website, but will soon be offering its Fast Balance app. First Direct, Natwest and Lloyds all came top, with a score of 8/10, reflecting that there’s very little differentiation happening between the banks when it comes to developing apps.

There’s obviously also a few apps missing from that list, such as from Santander.For more banking apps, check out the top personal finance apps on iTunes in our charts.

The PayPal app is currently top of the free chart having recently gone through a redesign, in order to concentrate on the features that are most important to users; checking your balance and sending and receiving money.

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  1. I’m very shocked Santander have an iPhone app! I think they have their priorities wrong, as my Business account with them has yet the ability to send out Faster Payments!!! Come on Santander, get a grip and sort this mess out!

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