Whack A Banker!

Whack A Banker by Tim Hunkin with Joanna Lumley

If you’re not still in love with your bank (like most of us are apparently), you may want to take your frustrations out on a bank manager with this – Whack A Banker (demonstrated above by the absolutely fabulous Gurkha-loving Joanna Lumley):

You can even learn how to make your own Whack A Banker game for your living room, if you’re that way inclined. If I had the time, I’d make the “whackees” look like all of the staff from the Halifax ads. Yes, even Howard.

Creative Commons License photo credit: dullhunk

One thought on “Whack A Banker!

  1. hahaha this is so cool!! the thing is our media really do like to stire things up dont they, you watch the press in the coming weeks with the election its going to be a dirty one! good! ha

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