Help First Direct Design Their New Debit Card

first direct debit card

As part of their Labs website, First Direct are looking for customer feedback on a new design for their debit cards.

Whilst asking for thoughts on the design of something as simple as a debit card might sound a little “Blue Peter”, it’s actually a very useful exercise in finding out what really matters to your customers. And for a bank such as First Direct, which has no branches, that piece of plastic is actually a very important part of the brand, so it deserves a bit of thought and customer input.

Because of their current similar designs, First Direct have identified that their customers have been getting their credit and debit cards mixed up, causing some of them to put expensive transactions on the wrong card.

You’ve told us that you struggle to tell the difference between our debit and credit cards, so we thought we’d try and do something about this. We’ve got two potential new designs for the debit cards that you can choose from, let us know what you think!

The redesign is designed to make the different clearer, whether this is through amended wording or the use of a radically different colour.

What’s coming out in the customer comments (of which there have been over 1,000 already) is their love of the First Direct brand – many want them to stick with their iconic black branding for their cards, rather than moving to a sleek white/silver design (I personally really like the white/silver card, shown above).

Check out the new design ideas.

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