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Bitterwallet has posted a warning for Sky Broadband users to keep an eye on their forthcoming bills following that last couple of months which are likely to have seen an increase in broadband usage.

Apparently, if you exceed your usage allowance twice in a 6 month period, you’ll automatically be upgraded to a more expensive tariff with greater usage limits.

As many parts of the country have been under snow for the past couple of months (an exaggeration, but sometimes the news would make you think that was the case), and because of Christmas holidays, chances are you’ve been at home more than normal, and your broadband usage will probably be at its peak.

If December and January have seen you exceed your usage limit, then you can expect Sky to put you on the higher tariff. Of course, although the move to a higher tariff is automatic, if you stay below your allowance for a couple of months you won’t automatically return to the lower tariff – this has to be done manually, so you’ll have to give them a call.

You can monitor your broadband usage with this tool from Sky, although if you’re a Sky Broadband Connect customer, which is what you get if Sky don’t have their own kit in your phone exchange, and hence pay more than other Sky customers in the first place, the tool won’t work. As an alternative, you could try NetMeter to monitor your usage – this will also come in useful if you’re comparing broadband packages, as it will give you an idea of what download limits you’ll require.

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