Personal Finance “Dashboard” Spreadsheet


If you liked my post on personal finance spreadsheets hosted on Google Docs from a few weeks ago, then you’ll probably be interested in this personal finance dashboard spreadsheet from

The idea behind this spreadsheet is that it can give you a snapshot of where you are with your finances and accounts, as well as helping you keep track of any financial goals you may have, and giving you a way of keeping tab of all of your online banking usernames and passwords.

I use Egg’s Money Manager to show a very basic snapshot of my accounts, but of course you’re limited by Egg’s software for that, although the huge benefit of the Egg system is that it updates automatically, you’ll have to keep the spreadsheet updated manually, but you do have more flexibility about what you show.

As the spreadsheet holds such important, confidential data, it’s probably not something you’ll want to host online using something like Google Docs, and you’ll want to keep it password protected and encrypted on your local machine.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Arbron

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