Would You Eat This To Save Money?

OK, here’s my predicament: we’ve been really careful planning what we were going to eat this week, to prevent the usual thing that happens in the wind-down to the weekend – resorting to takeaway food.

However, I’ve just gone to start a spag bol, and have found the mince looking a little less than healthy:

Normally, it should be a nice pinky-red colour shouldn’t it, but I don’t know whether the brownness is something to worry about?

So the question is, should I ignore the way it looks and just cook it, or should I go on my instincts and resign myself to having to spend money on something else? What would you do? How far should we go to be frugal?

4 thoughts on “Would You Eat This To Save Money?

  1. Being frugal, I don’t tend to eat a lot of meat in the first place, but I would eat it. It is not past the expiry date. Color is not a good indicator of spoilage, nor does it affect the taste, merely that it has been exposed to oxygen over a time period (so color indicates age!). The thing that would worry me was if the package was ballooning/puffy, then I wouldn’t get it.

  2. I won’t

    Some say “you are what you eat” …

    I usually don’t try to save too much on food. You can save a lot by avoiding the takeaway but you don’t neccessary have to buy/eat bad quality thing

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