Confused.Com Quick Quote: Car Insurance By Text Message have launched a new service which allows customers to get a car insurance quote by text message.

The service, Quick Quote, promises to return the lowest car insurance quote from 130 insurance companies, if you’ve previously been registered on the website. If that’s the case, then you can text the number plate of the car you want to insure, to 66800. Beware though, each text costs £1 (plus your standard network rate).

Here’s’s breakdown of how it works, followed by a video of Quick Quote in action:

Confused Quick Quote

I’d expect that for those shopping for new cars, this could be a useful way of quickly checking whether the insurance on the car is within your budget, whilst out and about.

But we’d urge you to take care with the quotes provided. As is the case with any price comparison site quote, will have had to make some assumptions about the cover you require (such as the amount of excess you will pay on a claim), so before committing to the insurance, make sure it meets your requirements. Changing the features of the insurance will also change the premium you pay, and of course, some insurers do not appear on comparison sites, so in some cases it pays to go direct.

4 thoughts on “Confused.Com Quick Quote: Car Insurance By Text Message

  1. It’s an interesting idea but I don’t think it’s a good idea to rush to buy car insurance.

    I always think it’s best to try at least 3 comparison sites, it takes time but it’s usually worth it in the end.

  2. Comparison sites is they tend to offer the cheapest premium with high excess and basic cover first.Which is fine,but lowest premium does not equal best cover.It is only when you go to claim you find out how good the cover is.So yes use comparison sites as a starting point,but for your own sake dig deeper and clarify exactly what you are covered for.

  3. its more intelligent to try both the options and buy the best of all deals.
    1st checking comparison sites and second through the above comparison channel

  4. The man behind is truly praiseworthy! Helping others is the best way to succeed in any business. A dollar spent is worth the information one can get. But one should not be in haste when it comes to buying insurance. There can be price negotiations and discounts when transactions are done in person. So from 130 insurance companies, short list it to about 3 companies and then you do deeper research. In time, you’ll know which suits you best.

    Best regards,

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