10 Apps To Save You Money

TechRadar has posted a list of the 10 best iOS apps to save you money.

The list includes a lot of the usual suspects, such as voucher app VoucherCloud, Groupon‘s deal app and price comparison scanner RedLaser, but there are also a few less obvious apps on the list.

These include Supermarket, an app to help you work out whether it’s worth bulk buying whilst browsing the aisles, and MyGas, which helps you find the cheapest petrol in your area.

Read the full article at TechRadar. For more apps, view the top personal finance iPhone apps.


6 thoughts on “10 Apps To Save You Money

  1. I also use an App called Shop Savvy which you can scan the bar-codes of items to compare prices. It will not only tell you where you can find it online, but also what stores locally carry the item and what they sell it for!

  2. VoucherCloud has proved very useful, especially for eating out with a wide choice of restaurants, and very handy if you’re out and about and need to find somewhere to eat. However be careful when you see a deal you want to use, they aren’t available at every branch of every restaurant, so check on the built in map that the offer is available at your local branch.

  3. Nice tips. Groupon and Skype both work as a savior to me for calling people from different regions across the world. Specially Skype that I have using since last 8 months or so….Online shopping is a good idea for saving money. I have started doing it for almost every single thing that I would look for….

  4. MyGas is very useful. Although using the app is battery consuming it’s just fine. It’s good especially for people who love to travel. I’m also using Groupon’s deal pp. Technology is pretty cool it makes things easy!

  5. Technology is getting better and better. And with so much competitions, we have on our side the advantage of selecting the best.

    I have been using VoucherCloud and it’s very handy especially when I’m unable to plan where to eat out during emergency meetings.

    Best regards,
    Belinda | Nextpay.com

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