Where To Trade In Your Old iPhone

iPhone 4S

If you weren’t already aware, Apple have today announced the next generation iPhone, the iPhone 4S.

The general reaction has so far been pretty underwhelming. The new iPhone will be significantly more powerful than previous versions, the camera has been improved and the Siri assistant software looks pretty cool, but there’s no NFC capability, meaning that those types of contactless payments are probably not coming to the iPhone in the near future. The design of the phone also remains the same as the iPhone 4.

Regardless of the somewhat disappointing launch, there’s bound to be many current iPhone owners who will want to upgrade to the new phone that’s available on 12th October.

So if you want to trade your current iPhone in, where can you get the best price for it?

Thanks to comparison site SellMyMobile.com*, it’s pretty simple to find out the best price across a range of sites that promise to give you cash for your old mobile. The prices shown for the various iPhone models are for a working phone just with its battery (no charger or other accessories required):

iPhone 3G 8GB iPhone 3G 16GB iPhone 3GS 8GB iPhone 3GS 16GB iPhone 3GS 32GB iPhone 4 16GB iPhone 4 32GB
£80.50 £102 £125 £141.02 £144 £277.20 £290.01

The prices shown above are the best price available at the time of writing this post.

As this chart from Mashable shows, the price of old iPhone’s declines sharply after the new model is announced, so if you’re trading yours in, now is the time to do it:

iPhone Price Decline

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