mybarclaycard: Manage Your Barclaycard On Your Mobile

New Barclays Card are Carbon Neutral
Creative Commons License photo credit: sh1mmer

Barclaycard has launched a new mobile service to compliment its mybarclaycard account management tools.

Already available for PC users, most web-enabled mobile phones can now also access the service, so you don’t even need a flashy iPhone. With the normal website available on your computer you can:

  • Clearly see your balance and remaining credit
  • View your statements (and switch to paperless statements if you’d like)
  • Get personalised charts and graphs, so you can see what you’re spending and where you’re spending it
  • Make payments, and even set up direct debits
  • Request balance transfers, credit limit increases and more

The mobile version has a cut-down set of functions:

  • Track your balance and remaining credit
  • View your latest transactions
  • See when your next payment is due
  • Check your Barclaycard Freedom balance

Some of these features could be quite useful for those “on the go”, and it’s refreshing to see Barclaycard developing for a wide range of mobile phones, rather than just building the usual iPhone and Android apps.

Users can register for the service and then use their login details either on their computers or on their phone.


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