HailoPay Enables London Black Cabs To Accept Mobile Payments

All of London’s famous black taxis are now able to offer mobile payments to their passengers thanks to a new website from Hailo.


Hailo have developed HailoPay to enable black cabs to use payment technology similar to its big rival Uber, allowing users to pay securely online, rather than handing over cash or cards to the driver.

Taxi drivers are given a unique ID that users enter in to the site, confirm the payment details and receive receipts. The fares can also be split, to help several people pay for the cab, and you can also pay with a mixture of cash and mobile. To ensure you’re paying the right driver, once you enter the driver’s badge number, you will be shown the driver’s name and photo, so you can check you are paying the right person.

Because this is a website (Hailopay), there is no need for users to download an app, and there’s no extra charges for using Hailopay, reducing the friction for users to get started with the service.

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