iPhone Owners “Keenest On Mobile Banking”

Steve Jobs Showcasing the iPhone Bank of America ATM Branch Locator
Creative Commons License photo credit: tastybit

According to research, iPhone users are the most likely to embrace banking on their phones, with 46% willing to pay their bills on their mobile. This compares with 21% of UK adults who would pay bills on their mobiles if they could, according to research from Intelligent Environments.

62% of iPhone users would transfer funds on their phones, compared with 25% of all adults, and a massive 69% of iPhone users would be willing to check their balance compared with just 36%.

According to Finextra, “Android owners also demonstrate a strong interest in mobile banking and payment services, with BlackBerry users generally more circumspect. Non-smartphone owners are far less interested”.

Why this difference? Is it because these types of transaction are generally easier to complete on the iPhone, or perhaps the average iPhone user is just more confident about carrying out those types of transactions on their phones. What do you think?

There is also a marked difference between the attitudes of men and women to mobile banking, with men more likely to use it. Younger age groups are also more keen than those of more advanced years.

4 thoughts on “iPhone Owners “Keenest On Mobile Banking”

  1. Of course, its the internet in your palm. Access to a number of things immediately. I personally use internet banking on my I phone. Its fantastic.

    I hear you can now direct debit credit cards via the I Phone.

    I believe its taking over our lives.

  2. I think many people are still wary of using smart phones for their banking.I personally would still feel uncomfortable from a safety point of view using internet banking on my phone.How secure is it?and lets face it, you are more likely to lose your mobile phone than your pc. I might be wrong but until someone can tell me that I am just as safe on my phone as my pc,I will stick to my laptop.

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