Tesco Clubcard Online Account

Tesco has added a new section to their website to allow you to manage your Clubcard points and vouchers.

If you’re a regular shopper at Tesco then you’re no doubt used to receiving a lot of vouchers through the post. It’s often difficult to keep track of these, but this site will help you get the most out of the vouchers. You’ll probably be giving a load more valuable data back to Tesco too, so if you’re the sort of person that worries about Tesco’s domination of retail, then this probably isn’t for you.

With the site, you can check how many points you have, see whether you have any available vouchers to use on your next shopping trip (online or instore), and you can also access and update your personal details.

Tesco Clubcard

You can login to your Tesco Clubcard account using the details you for online shopping with them, or new users can also register.

iPhone users can also turn their phones into a Tesco Clubcard with their app.

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