Stephen Fry Backs Facebook Banking Fraud Campaign

A new campaign, backed by Stephen Fry, aims to get Facebook users to think about keeping their bank details secure, either online or offline.

Facebook Bank Fraud

According to The Devil Is In Your Details campaign, very few “young people” take any precautions to prevent themselves falling foul of a fraudster – I think that could probably be extended to most internet users.

The campaign connects with your Facebook account, and uses the names and pictures of you and your contacts within a pre-recorded video, which spoofs an undercover documentary about internet fraudsters. The effect is pretty strong, and it’s easy to share with your contacts on social networks, but the site itself doesn’t really do enough to educate how not to get caught, and the things to look out for.

As for Stephen Fry, well, he’s an interesting person to get involved in the campaign, as he spent a few months in prison when he was a teenager for… credit card fraud.

One thought on “Stephen Fry Backs Facebook Banking Fraud Campaign

  1. Good advice I point out to friends often. It may be nice to get lots of facebook birthday wishes, but putting your date of birth on the internet for everybody to see is a bad idea for financial security.

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