Was Your Card Double-Charged On New Year’s Eve?

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The BBC is reporting that Lloyds Banking Group had a problem with their payment processing on New Year’s Eve, causing thousands of credit and debit card users to be double charged.

Lloyds Banking Group apologised for the inconvenience caused and told BBC News the problem lay with a technical error affecting “certain payments from card holders to some merchants”. “Duplicated transactions have been reversed and card holders are being reimbursed,” it said.

To be clear, this isn’t just confined to those with cards issued by Lloyds, but many other banks and card issuers.

If you think you may be one of the estimated 200,000 people affected by this problem, from having a double transaction and possibly from getting charged, for going overdrawn for example, there is a helpline you can call (even if Lloyds isn’t your bank or the issuer of your card): 01268 567100, option 4

Lloyds have said they will consider “all reasonable and evidenced requests for reimbursement”.

If you’ve been double charged let us know how you get on getting your money back by leaving a comment below.

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