NatWest TouchPay

NatWest bank is looking for volunteersto help test its new contactless payment iPhone app.

NatWest TouchPay

NatWest TouchPay, which will only work on the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, and will allow you to pay for purchases of £20 or less direct from your NatWest current account. Throughout the trial, NatWest will be looking for feedback on the new service, which is expected to run for around four months.

If you’re selected for the trial, you’ll be sent a free “iCarte” cover to attach to your iPhone. Once attached, you will be prompted to download the NatWest TouchPay app.

Use can then use TouchPay wherever you see the contactless symbol. You can choose whether you want the automatic payment setting, which will ask for your PIN code ever so often, or the manual setting, where you’ll have to enter your PIN each time you use it.

Participating retailers include McDonald’s, Pret A Manger, Subway, and EAT. The purchases are debited straight from your current account.

TouchPay works directly with your NatWest current account, in the same way as your Visa Debit card. You can see all your TouchPay transactions instantly on the transaction overview in your TouchPay app.

The trial is limited to 1000 mobile banking customers, and you can signup on the NatWest website.

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