Control Your Heating From Your Smartphone

Fed up of the rain this summer? Well let’s move on to talking about central heating instead.

British Gas have launched a new system to allow you to alter your central heating thermostat via the web, your phone or even by text message.

British Gas Control Thermostat Remotely

By being able to lower the temperature whilst you’re out, British Gas estimate that you could save £140 per year on your heating bills.

With the system costing £149 to install with a new boiler, £199 for British Gas customers or £229 for brand new customers, it will take at at least a year or so to pay for itself, and you have to ask whether it’s a good idea in theory, but realistically how many people will actively use it once installed?

You’re probably better off saving your money but knocking the temperature down by a degree or two.

If you do fancy the idea of being able to change the temperature of your house whilst on holiday, you’ll also need a spare port on your internet router to plug in the hub which talks to your thermostat.

2 thoughts on “Control Your Heating From Your Smartphone

  1. This is exciting technology for sure, but the problem for me would be a constant battle with my wife on the way home from work, as she’s dialling the heat up to max while I’m trying to keep it on the lowest setting! “Just put a jumper on…”

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