How Parents Can Control Their Kids’ Phone Bills

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Tesco Mobile has offered a lifeline to parents across the UK who are footing a soaring bill for their chat-happy teenagers, who appear to remain blissfully unaware of the thousands of pounds their phone habit is costing.

One in three teens assumes their monthly phone bill is just a tenner or less, but 40% of parents are actually forking out up to six times more than that every month.

According to Tesco Mobile, the average British family could end up spending £8,000 in total taking care of their youngster’s phone bills until they leave Uni. This figure is based on their research showing that the average monthly bill paid by parents for their kids is £28.80, and that the “average” kid gets their first phone at an astonishing 8 years old.

This has driven Tesco Mobile to introduce a service that allows parents to cap the amount spent on a mobile contract each month but with the combined flexibility to top up if required.

The ‘capped tariff’ should help parents manage the monthly family spend and encourage shared responsibility with teens, giving them an early and much needed lesson in financial management.

The service is available on all handsets and tariffs available on Tesco Mobile, including the brand new iPhone 4S, which means that families can retain the same control even if their teenager has the very latest in smartphone technology.

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