Fuel Price Calculator: How Do You Compare?

The BBC has developed a calculator so that you see how the price you pay for petrol compares to other areas of the country, as well as other countries.

By entering a few details about the fuel you use, you’ll be shown how the price you pay compares to the national average, and to other countries, such as in this example, below:

Fuel price calculator

The calculator was published following the Office of Fair Trading’s (OFT) investigation into fuel prices. The OFT have stated that fuel prices are fair, and that the market is working well. Something that most drivers and businesses would disagree with.

Whilst the OFT ruling or the fuel price calculator might not give you much comfort when you next visit the petrol pump, the calculator does prove that we’re not the worst off in Europe.

If the price of petrol is worrying you, there are a few things you can do. Firstly, sign up to PetrolPrices.com, which will aleart you to the cheapest petrol and diesel in your area (but don’t waste too much petrol going out of your way to fill up for 1p less per litre). You could also try reading our various posts on fuel saving tips for a few more ideas.

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