Create A Home Insurance Inventory With Your Smartphone

We talked about creating a home inventory for insurance purposes in the past, and now a new iPhone/Android app has been launched to help homeowners record and value their assets.

The product, called readyclaim, has been developed as an affordable way to enable every household to have a virtual catalogue of their home contents, such as big-ticket electrical items, antiques, original paintings, clothing, furniture and jewellery, with the aid of icons.

Homeowners simply take digital images of their assets in each room, plus any relevant documents including invoices, valuations or receipts, and attach them to the asset icon which can then be uploaded to readyclaim’s secure server.

More than simply a contents calculator, the system has been launched to ensure that everyone insures the true value of their home in a bid to combat claims disputes.

Being underinsured is also an issue as, according to the Association of British Insurers, one in five home contents insurance policyholders are because they do not know how much their home contents are worth.

Tim Roots, founder of readyclaim said: “Research shows that over 90% of householders would not be able to make an accurate home contents insurance claim in the event of a major fire, theft or flood. On top of that, we are all under insured an average of 30% lower than the true value of our contents.

“Not being able to prove the value of your contents or being under insured can cause serious problems if you have to make an insurance claim, as your insurance company may not pay out the full cost to replace lost or damaged items.

“Not many of us realise that insurers will ask for proof of ownership in the event of a substantial claim, which can include purchasing documentation and photographs.”

“Filing invoices and photos in a cupboard can be useless in the event of a fire or flood,” he added.

This is where readyclaim comes in. By using the system, homeowners are given peace of mind, knowing that they have an accurate and real-time account of their assets stored on readyclaim’s secure server, thus minimising the chance of long, expensive and drawn out insurance disputes.

Homeowners can set up a readyclaim home account quickly and easily, which costs £11.99 a year or £23.99 for three years, which you can access by PC and/or an iPhone /Android app.

iPhone App Screenshots

Readyclaim iPhone App

Find assets by room:

Readyclaim iPhone App

Add another item by taking a photo:

Readyclaim iPhone App

One thought on “Create A Home Insurance Inventory With Your Smartphone

  1. Really good idea, I think I’d be a little bit too lazy to do it if I had a lot of stuff though! But then again, if I had to money to have a lot of valuables I’d just get my butler to do it ;)

    Also a bit of an issue if you’d like to insure your phone… Great post though mate.


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