Paypal Mobile App Redesign

The Paypal mobile app, which remains one of the most popular personal finance apps, has recently gone through a redesign, in an effort to make it simpler and more personal for users, wherever they may be.

Paypal Mobile App
The dashboard of the new-look Paypal mobile app.

In a blog on their website, Paypal explained the reasons for the changes to the mobile app:

We have redesigned the PayPal mobile app to make it simpler and more personal for you to move and manage your money no matter where you are. It puts the things you want to do most with the app at the forefront and gets rid of the clutter.

In fact, customer feedback drove much of the redesign.

So what has changed in the Paypal mobile app?

The app has been “modernised” in an attempt to make it easier for you to move and manage your money.

Sending and requesting money from friends and family is the most popular feature in the app. In fact, over the last two years, Paypal has seen over 100% growth in the number of peer-to-peer transactions happening in the app. There’s a new personalised feature so that users can find people they exchange money with most, and you can add people directly from your contact book, allowing for an easy way to request money from a group of friends.

The new home screen and activity page allow you to easily track all of the money you send, spend and receive through PayPal no matter how you pay or get paid. You can choose which types of transactions you’d like to be notified about, and view up to three years of your account history.

Customer feedback has also been used in the redesign, which has resulted in:

  • Fine-tuning Android fingerprint authentication for all the various devices
  • Separating account activity by pending and completed transactions
  • Letting you add credit cards issued from other countries

Paypal have also made it easier for you to use their app like a wallet when you’re out and about: order and settle the bill from your table in restaurants like Prezzo; and ‘Fill Up & Go’ with mobile payments at Shell service stations nationwide.

You can get the latest versions of the PayPal app now at the App Store and Google Play.

If you’ve tried out the new version of the Paypal app, let us know what you think of it in the comments, below.

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