Google Promotes Credit Card Comparison Tool

Google have been tinkering with a credit card comparison tool on their search results pages for a while, and they’ve now started to promote these “comparison ads” alongside their other sponsored links.

Do a search for credit cards or similar phrases on Google, and you’ll notice their fourth result is their own ad:

Compare credit cards on Google

Click on their ad, and they’ll take you through to their credit card comparison tool:

Google credit card comparison

As we mentioned back in February, compared with other comparison sites, it provides a very basic way of comparing credit card deals.

For Google, they’ll be finding it a balancing act of where they place their ads. Too high up the sponsored results and they risk annoying some of their highest spending advertisers, and they may potentially lose out on revenue (if they make more per click on the top ads than they do by getting traffic through to their comparison tool).

Show their comparison ads too low, and they’ll lack the traffic to make it worthwhile.

We’re expecting Google to roll this type of ad out for a few other products, such as loans and mortgages, but whilst it’s certain to generate quite a bit of traffic, it remains to be seen whether the results it gives will prove to be comprehensive enough to take on the big comparison sites.

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