Groupon iPhone App

Group buying website Groupon has launched its iPhone app in the UK, allowing you to stay up-to-date with their latest deals whilst on the move.

Groupon has built up a large following in the US, attracting interest from Google (but remaining unsold for the moment), and has managed to gain more than 2.5 million users in the UK with its localised deals-of-the-day offers.

(Update – looks like I was massively wrong about the number of subscribers – recent figures put the number at an amazing 8 million subscribers!)

The iPhone app acts as an extension to its website and alert emails, notifying you of the discounts available in your local area. Its map feature shows you the location of the retailer, restaurant etc offering the deal, and it also acts as an electronic voucher


The app uses your location and finds deals closest to you, or you can select your city from a list. Whilst there are quite a few towns and cities to choose from, you’ll struggle to find deals in smaller locations.

Groupon iPhone App

Also using the iPhone’s built-in GPS is the map tool, showing you the location of the deal.

Groupon iPhone App

Details of the deal are available, including whether there is a minimum number of people needed to trigger the deal.

Groupon iPhone App

When at the deal location, you can use your phone as an “electronic voucher” – the QR code shown below can be scanned by the retailer to verify the deal.

Groupon iPhone App

The Groupon iPhone app is available for free from iTunes.

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  1. Interesting this iOS application is now available in 44 countries international AppStore, covering all where Groupon operates. The new application makes it easier than ever for users to get the best deals in their own neighborhood!

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