Curve Wants To Replace All Your Credit & Debit Cards

Curve is a new app and payment card which aims to become an aggregator for your credit and debit cards, combining all of your existing cards on to a single physical card backed by an iOS app.


Once you’ve added your cards to the app, by taking a photo of them, you can leave your other cards at home. The Curve card, which is effectively a Mastercard pre-paid card, can then be used to pay for items wherever Mastercard is accepted. After they’re paid for on the Curve card (via contactless, Chip & PIN or swipe), you can then choose which card/account you actually wish to pay with.

Most major UK banks, including Natwest, Halifax, Lloyds and HSBC, are compatible.

Your original card details are never revealed to any merchant, online or in-store.

The Curve app on your iPhone helps you to keep track of all your payments, and each of the transactions can be tagged and categorised to keep track of what you’re spending your money on.

Watch Curve in action:

The first of 10,000 Curve cards are due to be released in March 2016, but if you’re interested, you’ll need to order one of the available cards, which are currently on sale for either £35 or £75, which is a one-off cost. Curve claim that their low fees will save the average user about £60 per year.

Via TheNextWeb.

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