Money Dashboard Adds Budget Tracking

As promised when they announced their last update, Money Dashboard has released a further update which adds budget tracking to the free tool.

Money Dashboard

Budget tracking has been added under the “Future” section of the web app, and allows you to set a budget against a transaction category or tag:

Take control of your monthly spending by selecting the categories and tags that are important to you. We’ll track your spend against your chosen budget so you can easily see if you are on track to achieve your goal.

As well as budget tracking, this new update also includes the following new features and usability improvements:

  • Auto-suggest budgets from last month’s spend and click to see transactions
  • Multiple tag filtering on Transactions screen (e.g. Mobile ; Broadband
  • New background options (under “Settings”)
  • Further styling and interface improvements
  • Other bug fixes and enhancements

Money Dashboard is available to use in your browser, or through an iOS or Android app.

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