Microsoft Excel Financial Templates

I just found these Excel Financial templates at the Microsoft site via a link at

I’ve only looked over them briefly, but there may be one or two that might be of use (some appear to be more for the U.S. market) – obviously, you won’t be able to replicate the sophistication of financial planning software such as Microsoft Money in Excel, but I find Excel useful for keeping track of earnings from affiliate schemes, especially when you’re having to do this across several sites and take into account exchange rates on some of them (such as with Google Adsense). These templates might be able to teach me better ways of doing this (through macros etc.)

A few example of the templates:

One thought on “Microsoft Excel Financial Templates

  1. I’ve used these templates in conjunction with Moneylink and Microsoft Money – getting ‘live’ data out of Money and then manipulating it directly in the loan calculator template is really useful. Especially if you then start putting in additional payments – you can get a decent view of when XYZ loan will be paid off (worked wonders for mine ;-))

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